Sunday, September 18, 2016

U.S. based “soldier of the Islamic State” is Minnesota mall stabber

Islamic State says Minnesota mall stabber was a “soldier of the Islamic State” (article posted at Jihad Watch)

As spoken to in the above article posted today at Jihad Watch and elsewhere, as well as spoken to in other news there and elsewhere, anyone with hearing that has been within earshot of the news this weekend knows, this weekend has been a busy weekend for U.S. based soldiers of the Caliphate.

These soldiers simply doing what all Muslims are "Allah" charged to do:  practicing the basic tenets of their faith.

Thus, on account of such obedience, to our bloodstained collection of reasons of why we must welcome Islam and adherents to it in our nation, we add this weekend’s like-kind examples. 

Examples that are just a few more examples of the clear reasons of why, as mentioned above, we must insure in our nation we welcome those who cherish and hold sacred the faith system of the so-called prophet of Islam.

Hand in hand with that, when we do so, true to the dictates of our Constitution, we likewise must fight to ensure, here in our nation, the Muslim is free to enjoy full freedom to practice the tenets of his/her Islamic faith. 

As clearly did the good Muslim featured in the report at the above Jihad Watch provided link. As did other U.S. based soldiers of the Caliphate.

As for a final word of advice to you regarding your operation, do not make intricate plans, but instead, keep it simple and effective. If you can obtain a weapon, do so and use it, as soon as possible and in a place that will cause the most damage and panic, bringing death and injury to the enemy of Allah, the disbelievers. Just as they terrify the Muslims in the lands of Islam, so should you terrify the disbelievers in their homelands. But unlike them, your terror shall be just, an equitable response to their crimes against Islam and the Muslim nation.

(Dabiq, Issue 15, P. 29.)

 The blood of the disbelievers is obligatory to spill by default. The command is clear. Kill the disbelievers, as Allah said, “Then kill the polytheists wherever you find them” (At-Tawbah 5). How much more obligatory is doing so after the disbelievers have massacred Muslims everywhere throughout the ongoing crusade against Islam?

In this regards, the Caliph’s spokesman Abu Muhammad al-‘Adnani … said, “If the tawaghit have shut the door of hijrah in your faces, then open the door of jihad in theirs … If one of you wishes and strives to reach the lands of the Islamic State, then each of us wishes to be in your place to make examples of the Crusaders, day and night, scaring them and terrorizing them, until every neighbor fears his neighbor” (That They Live by Proof). And make no mistake, for “verily the disbelievers are a clear enemy to you” (An-Nisa 101).

(Ibid, P. 28.)

Once more this weekend, the Grace of God covers, in part, for our seemingly incorrigible foolishness on Islam and adherents to that belief system. Thus, the desired death and bloodletting of the devotees to Muhammad and his “Allah” was, this weekend, held at bay. Death averted, bloodletting at least corseted--as stated, by the Grace of God.

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