Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An Open Letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

An Open Letter to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
cc the President of the United States of America

The United Nations: Investigate the Koran petition lists several Islamic doctrines which directly conflict with the UDHR. It further requests televised, public hearings into Islam's canonical texts with a view toward deligitimatization of Islam, which is a conquest cult, not a religion.

I disrespectfully demand the perfect preservation of my right of free speech as guaranteed by the first amendment to the United States Constitution! My right of free speech includes the unlimited right to truthful analysis and criticism of Islam.

In view of the O.I.C.'s demand for legislation to stifle criticism of their curseworthy cult which inculcates hatred and incites violence with its damnable sanctification of conquest, genocide & terrorism, I am motivated to bring this petition forward at this time.

The petition includes numerous quotations from Islam's canonical texts, hyperlinked to named anchors at the U.S.C. Muslim Student Association for easy verification and contextual examination.

I will not, at this time or any future period, accept the jurisdiction of the United Nations nor any agency nor bureau thereof to limit in any manner or form my right to speak, write and publish the truth. As a citizen of the soverign United States of America, and as a free man, I stand on my rights under the Constitution of the United States as amended.

By God, I will not submit to Islam!!!
Benjamin C. Powell, Jr.

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Steven said...

This was a good read, thanks for the post. It is quite frightening really. Keep your eye on CAIR, and now the ACLU too.

Eg. see here