Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jihad in the Way of Allah

Jihad in the Way of Allah

This Facebook page was linked on the wall of the Ban Islam!! Group. The image above is an actual, unedited clip from a screen shot of the Wall of
Jihad in the way of Allah is best way which boasts 76 fans.

That constitutes advocacy of waging war against anyone who rejects Islam and refuses to submit to extortion. This exposes Islam for exactly what it is: a piratical predator.

Jihad is defined in Islamic law as war against non-Muslims. Jizya is a humiliating extortion demanded from conquered "people of the book". The subject is introduced in Surah at-Taubah 29.

Now there is another boycott movement, calling for a boycott of Facebook from June 9-11 if they do not remove all of the anti-Islamic groups. The group boasts 10,855 members. Meanwhile, a five month old post about a boycott protesting the Qur'an Toilet Paper Group is still getting hits.

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