Sunday, July 31, 2011

Islam: No Right to Practice!

For more than a decade, the OIC and their allies have been demanding national & international legislation to enforce Islam's blasphemy laws on us; to squelch, silence, censor & censure their critics. In the face of a growing backlash, they changed their words this spring, but not their strategic objective.

    The OIC, Ban Ki-Moon, the HRC, EU, Secretary of State & President demand that we "respect" that which is unworthy of respect, "tolerate" the intolerable and "dialog" with it instead of exposing absolute evil.

    In the wake of the horrific & despicable bombing and shooting attack in Oslo, Islam's exposers & critics are being unjustly accused of "hate speech"., "inciting violence" & "inspiring" the lunatic who perpetrated the massacre. 

    There is only one rational way to respond to the bitter bitching & caterwauling: by throwing it back in their face with redoubled efforts to expose the rotten core of Islam.  That is the reason for  the series of blog posts culminating in this post which flatly declares that there is and can be no right to practice or propagate Islam.

    This series began with Right: Peaceful Practice of Islam, with more than three thousand words from and about Islam's canon of scripture, tradition & jurisprudence, it established the fact that the practice of Islam is not and can never be peaceful.  Islam is permanent war.  That fact should be fatal to Islam, instead, Islam is fatal to those deluded fools who ignore it. Over the last 14 centuries,  270*106  people have lost their lives to Islam.

  • Islam is inseverable: all or nothing.
  • Jihad is warfare against disbelievers.
  • Jihad continues until the last day.
  • Jihad is a "religious obligation": fard al kifaya.
  • Allah said "fight them until...:".
  • Allah said "fight those who... until...".
  • Moe said "I am commanded to fight...".
  • Allah must be obeyed.
  • Moe must be emulated.
  • Moe waged war.
  • The caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians.
  • The caliph fights all other peoples until... .
    The series continued with Islamic Right to Rape,  establishing with reference to  the Qur'an, hadith & Shari'ah, the fact that Allah sanctified and Moe exemplified enslaving & raping female captives.
  • Captive women and children are enslaved, marriages are dissolved.
  • A group of them you killed, and a group of them you took captives.
  • Moe permitted the practice of azl on captive women.
  • Moe took sex slaves from the captives for his own harem.
    The series continued with Islam: the Right to Terrorize, establishing with reference to the Qur'an & hadith, the status of terrorism as an intrinsic sacrament of Islam and its practice by Allah & Moe.
  • "I will cast terror...".
  • "Allah cast terror...".
  • "I have been made victorious with terror...".
  • "To strike terror..."
    The series continued with Islam: the Right to Plunder, establishing, with reference to the Qur;an & hadith,  the fact that the mission of Islam is mercenary and its method is martial.
  • "The spoils belong to Allah and his Messenger...".
  • "You desire the good of this world...".
  • "the keys to the treasures of the world were given to me"
  • Allah made spoils lawful for us.

    The supposed right to practice Islam is not compatible with the rights given by God, ratified by the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Bill of Rights. If there is a right to practice Islam, there can be no right to life because the duty to kill & conquer is established by Moe's recitation & sunnah. Jihad is not only a "religious obligation" it is their "original religion", the abandonment of which subjects them to Allah's curse of disgrace.

    The supposed right to practice Islam is not compatible with the right to personal security because Muslims are entitled to enslave and sexually exploit the widows & orphans of conquered people.

    The supposed right to practice Islam is not compatible with the right to be secure in our property because Muslims are entitled to plunder our real and personal property and subject us to extortion. 

    Did I just write that there is no right to practice Islam?  God blessed right I did!  No right to practice Islam peacefully?  Islam can not be practiced peacefully.  Islam entails jihad, which is aggressive warfare against disbelievers. Muslims are threatened with Hellfire for shirking jihad and promised admission to Paradise if they participate.  Believers are defined as those who "fight in Allah's cause, killing others and being killed".  That is not peaceful and can not be pacified. 

    Dialog?  Yeah, right; lets dialog about the points outlined above. Lets sit down with some Muslims and get into the gritty details of the Noble Qur'an, Sahih Bukhari, Reliance of the Traveller, Hedaya & Tafsir Ibn Kathir.  Fat chance.


Anonymous said...

islam is so peaceul religious not only only for people but always for a animals.please first you need to stury islam in true sense then implement your suggestion.and shame its realy shame your destroyed 2.5 billions people heart your are the sinner and pardan to your God for this act

Ben said...

Islam is pieceful: a hand over here, a leg over there, a head in the other corner and blood all over; guts in the doorway.

we are not deceived.

Anonymous said...

LOL! So from May 2011 to August 2011 the number of muslims went from 1.8 billion to 2.5 billion? FTHO!!!!!! Muslims lies & deception told by muslims and their dhimmi's are like a malignant tumor.

Back on topic, thanks again for exposing the covert agenda of Islamist here in America @ the OIC trying to censor, censure, and block all anti-Islamic opposition to Islam. I look forward to spreading the word to the other blogs I participate in to help people become aware of muslims in America covert agenda of censorship. It's already happened in the mainstream media where muslims are given a platform to promote their agenda of "victimhood", yet censor the opposition that exposes their deceptive lies.

Ben said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. This blog exists to lift the lid from the septic tank and let see the world see and smell Islam.

dar alharb said...

Love the septic tank comment, be sure to "stury" islam now. LOL!!!!!