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Obamination: Forgetting the Abomination-9-11

Obamination: Forgetting the Abomination-9-11 This is a campaign speech, not a proper remembrance of the victims of Accursed Abomination.  Obamination continues to lie about the identity & character of the enemy.  He continues to claim the enemy as an allie.  He continues to demand that we leave the enemy fifth column in our midst to attack and out breed us. He continues to depect abject defeat as victory.

    Obamination wants us to overlook, neglect & forget the fact that we were attacked by Muslims  motivated by the damnable doctrines, threats & promises of Allah.  He wants us to welcome their fifth columnists, retain them in our midst and ignore the fact that their presence is a clear, proximate and persistent danger. Two of the three terrorists now being sought are citizens. Obamination wants us to look the other way.

  This is altogether disgusting.  I express my disgust in 22 comments in an enumerated list  Each comment is linked to a superscript in the text. Click the superscripts to read the related comment, then use your back button to return to your place in the pile of feces.

    Several of my comments contain external links to Islam's canon of scripture, tradition, exegesis & jurisprudence. Those links will open in a new window.

Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
Saturday September 10, 2011

This weekend, we’re coming together, as one nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  We’re remembering the lives we lost—nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children.  We’re reaffirming our commitment to always keep faith with their families1

We’re honoring the heroism of first responders who risked their lives—and gave their lives—to save others.  And we’re giving thanks to all who serve on our behalf, especially our troops and military families—our extraordinary 9/11 Generation.

At the same time, even as we reflect on a difficult decade, we must look forward, to the future we will build together2.  That includes staying strong and confident in the face of any threat.  And thanks to the tireless efforts of our military personnel and our intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security professionals—there should be no doubt.  Today, America is stronger3 and al Qaeda4 is on the path to defeat5.

We’ve taken the fight to al Qaeda like never before6.  Over the past two and a half years, more senior al Qaeda leaders have been eliminated than at any time since 9/11.  And thanks to the remarkable courage and precision of our forces, we finally delivered justice to Osama bin Laden7.

We’ve strengthened the partnerships8 and tools we need to prevail in this war against al Qaeda—working closer with allies and partners; reforming intelligence to better detect and disrupt plots; investing in our Special Forces so terrorists have no safe haven.

We’re constantly working to improve the security of our homeland as well—at our airports, ports and borders; enhancing aviation security and screening9; increasing support for our first responders; and working closer than ever with states, cities and communities.

A decade after 9/11, it’s clear for all the world to see—the terrorists who attacked us that September morning are no match for the character of our people, the resilience of our nation, or the endurance of our values10.   

They wanted to terrorize us, but, as Americans, we refuse to live in fear11.  Yes we face a determined foe, and make no mistake—they will keep trying to hit us again.  But as we are showing again this weekend, we remain vigilant.  We’re doing everything in our power to protect our people.  And no matter what comes our way, as a resilient nation, we will carry on.

They wanted to draw us in to endless wars, sapping our strength and confidence as a nation12.  But even as we put relentless pressure on al Qaeda, we’re ending the war in Iraq and beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  Because after a hard decade of war13, it is time for nation building here at home14.

They wanted to deprive us of the unity that defines us as a people15.  But we will not succumb to division or suspicion16. We are Americans, and we are stronger and safer when we stay true to the values17, freedoms and diversity that make us unique18 among nations.

And they wanted to undermine our place in the world.  But a decade later, we’ve shown that America doesn’t hunker down and hide behind walls of mistrust.  We’ve forged new partnerships with nations around the world to meet the global challenges that no nation can face alone.  And across the Middle East and North Africa a new generation of citizens is showing that the future belongs to those that want to build19, not destroy.   

Ten years ago, ordinary Americans showed us the true meaning of courage when they rushed up those stairwells, into those flames, into that cockpit.  In the decade since, a new generation has stepped forward to serve and keep us safe.  In their memory, in their name, we will never waver.  We will protect the country20 we love and pass it safer, stronger21 and more prosperous22 to the next generation.

  1. What is the response of the administration when survivors of victims of terror sue sponsors & supporters of terrorism and attempt to collect damages? 
  2. To Barack Hussein Obama, every occasion is a political occasion, even the tenth anniversary of the Accursed Abomination is a campaign platform for this president.  Anyone who is aware of this and not deeply & intensely offended by it should burn his voter registration card.
  3. America is weaker because you and Shrub wasted lives, blood and treasure by launching and continuing invasions without first defining rational strategic & tactical objectives and by imposing suicidal rules of engagement.  You have shrunk and over extended our armed forces, an open invitation to adventurism & attack.
  4. Al-Qaeda is not the enemy. The enemy is Islam. Muhammad, claiming to speak for Allah, declared perpetual war against Jews & Christians. That jihad imperative is enshrined in the Noble Qur'an, Surah At-Taubah 9:29 and described by Tafsir Ibn Kathir as "The Order to fight People of the Scriptures until They give the Jizyah". That command to wage war against Jews & Christians is confirmed by ahadith including Sahih Bukhari 1.8.387 and Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2635. That imperative is codified in the most widely accepted handbook of Shari'ah: Reliance of the Traveller, Book O, Chapter 9.8.   When the Islam first attacked the young nation, Thomas Jefferson and John Q. Adams asked Tripoli's Ambassador by what right they attacked us. His answer speaks volumes, which President Obama seeks to ignore and silence. " The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet (Mohammed), that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman (or Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to heaven."[]
  5. When believers are threatened with eternal damnation if they do not go to war and promised admission to Paradise if they join the jhad they can not be defeated and their jihad permanently ended without either breaking their faith or exterminating them.  Shrub & Obamination have done neither and do not seek to do either. 
  6. Al-Qaeda, Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen & Islam are one and the same.  I direct doubters & dissenters to the Charter of HAMAS. "Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes." As a wise man wrote, "Its Islam, stupid!".
  7. Killing leaders neither wins nor ends the war. Generals can be replaced.  Islam will not be defeated short of total mass apostasy or extinction. 
  8. We do not have Muslim partners. Pakistan is playing a double game. You need to read the Qur'an to comprehend this fatal fact. 

    3:28. Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Auliyâ (supporters, helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allâh in any way, except if you indeed fear a danger from them. And Allâh warns you against Himself (His Punishment), and to Allâh is the final return.

  9. You frisk little girls & old ladies, letting Muslms pass through. If common sense prevailed, Muslims would be entirely excluded from all mass transit and terminals. How did the three terrorists currently being hunted enter the country? 
  10. Wars are not won with character, resillience or values, they are won with men and arms dedicated to the purpose of self-preservation. When Obamination says "values" he means multiculteuralism, meaning tolerance of the ultimate evil: intra-species predation.   The term also subsumes the Socialist agenda, after all, this is a campaign speech. 
  11. We can not have security and Muslims. Choose one. Vehicular assaults, stabbings, shootings and bombings generate fear and distrust. We waste millions of dollars on airport security because our leaders are not honest and patriotic enough to carryout their Constitutional oaths of office by expelling and excluding the enemy's fifth column.  They need only increase their internet chatter to elevate the fear level. Threats do not need to be real to be effective. 
  12. They succeeded. Elleven years without victory is a long time. The public is impatient. Impatience cost us in Korea & Vietnam. Weakness and lack of resolve displayed in Beirut & Somalia showed the enemy that they can attack us without fear of effective retaliation.  So long as there is Islam, there is war, because Islam is perpetual war.  What part of "Fight them until...only Allah is worshiped..." do you not comprehend? While the population of Afghanistan is Muslim and their government is founded on the Qur'an, we are losing, not winning; wasting every drop of blood and dollar we expend in that fruitless invasion. Shrub needed to nuke Afghanistan & Pakistan off the face of the earth. We are paying dearly for his failure to do the right thing.
  13. 206 years of war, traitor. The First Barbary War was our initial response to Islamic aggression. We had neither the power nor the resolve to exterminate Islam, so the war continues. Now we have the power but not the will. Failure to make the predator extinct is suicidal stupidity!
  14. The anal orifice in the Oval Office will not cease from pushing his Socialist agenda in the most inappropriate circumstances. 3000 people were murdered in cold blood ten years ago and all this traitor can think about on the anniversary of the Accursed Abomination  is advancing Socialism. This day, of all days, is no time for a re-ellection speech.  
  15. America is defined by its founding documents: the Declaration of Independence & Constitution. By "unity" he means two things: multiculturalism & voting for him.
  16. This phrase qualifies the "unity" in the previous sentence. Several of the recent plotters are either native born or naturalized citizens. One of them told the judge "I lied", regarding his oath of citizenship.  If you are a hypenated American, you ain't an American. American and Muslim are exclusive terms because American denotes fidelity to the God given, inalienable rights of man. Islam means that only Muslims have rights. What part of "O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you,..." do you not comprehend?  What part of "then their blood and property will be sacred to us " do you not understand? Obamination told us to ignore the presence of enemy agence in our midst. While he should be expelling and excluding them, he is telling us to accept them without question.
  17. Life! Liberty! Pursuit of happiness!  Those are our values, not multiculturalism & Socialism.
  18. The thing that makes America unique is not diversity, by which Obamination means allowing the enemy to dwell among us and attack us by stealth & demographics from within. America is unique because it is founded on the principle that governments are instituted among men to preserve and protect their God given rights. Government is the protector, not the source of our rights, liberty and prosperity.
  19. The "new generation" of the "Arab spring" do not want to build. They are Muslims, adherents of Islam. Islam is a way of life: intra-species predation. Its economic basis is pillage, plunder & extortion, not productivity.  One hadith in the collection of Abu Dawud brings out this fact with extreme clarity.  "When you enter into the inah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are pleased with agriculture, and give up conducting jihad (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion."
  20. Not without expelling & excluding Muslims from its soil and from all mass transit. Not without inducing mass apostasy or nuking them off the face of the earth. American will not be protected by any lesser measures.
  21. When you cut the defense budget and waste resources aiding our enemies as you are doing in Libya and as Slick Willy6 did in Serbia, you are weakening, not strengthening this nation.
  22.  Our prosperity is reduced, not increased by mounting debt, escalating defecits and a plethora of new & wasteful programs we can not afford. Prosperity requires eliminating the artificial barriers to productivity and production which your administration has erected.  We need creation of wealth, not redistribution of wealth "spread it around".


Anonymous said...

If the American know about the suffering of the Palestinian refugees in their daily life , which all originates from their exodus since 1948 and replacing the Jewish settlers instead.When we revise the US successful administrations' attitudes to the side of Israel one can easily detect the reasons of Palestinians' anguish which will reasonably lead to some wrong judgements towards America among masses , but educated people know very well that this is wrong ,we know that those who helped every nation when a natural disaster happens wouldn't accept this enormous burden of oppression upon our people .We know very well too, that Israel and Zionism could benefit cunningly from the aftermath of the 9/11 disaster .So while their powerful media ignore those muslims who died in that tragic incident, they insist to refer to any criminal all over the world with "A MUSLIM" if his religion was Islam and forge in the American mind that Islam, it's God it's prophet and it's holy book all call for violence, thus the image of 1.5 billion Muslims becomes a criminal prototype one.Isn't it more than enough ,when the death toll is more than 2 million Iraqis, around one million Afghans ,about 8 thousand US troops and the triple of wounded and dis tarted. ,THE MAIN CAUSES OF THESE WARS COME FROM THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE , Just once let the US govt try to give the rights to Palestinians, to stop the vito in the security council .See how the response is different,the Libyan example is still fresh!!!

Ben said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comment deserves a detailed response, for which the comment function is insufficient. I will therefore blog it in a new post.