Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Islam Condemns Violence Zgainst Innocent Lives: In A Pig's Anus!

 In their urge to condemn and counter attack against "Islamophobia", CAIR and their self-righteous, AssBholy Dhimmis in the Interfaith Alliance exemplify Kitman in their screed when they assert that "Islam condemns violence against Innocent lives."

    They want us to assume that Islam condemns terrorist acts including Beslan, London, Mumbai, Madrid and New York suffered.  We assume that passive civilians, in their own countries, inoffensively mining their own domestic affairs are innocent.  Islam defines innocent as Muslim.  If you ain't Muslim, you are guilty of Kufr: rebellion against Allah and you are subject to the death penalty for that status offense. 

    Proof of this fatal fact, which exposes Muslims and their Dhimmis as egregious liars, is contained in the Qur'an, Tafsir, hadith & Shari'ah, all of which are cited, quoted, linked to and displayed  for the whole world to view in the pdf file embedded below.  Use Adobe's magnifier to enlarge the images to make them legible. 

Islam Condemns Violence Against Innocent Lives!

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