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“Except for their different religions,” asserts a fool, the killers were not that different from Geller and those they killed; that “except,” Ms. Stasi, is gargantuan.

Therefore, following here, I answer to it:

Not all that much difference between the SB Allah-obeying Murdering Muslim couple and Christian Farook-murdered, Nicholas Thalasinos, and Thank God, still fighting, Pamela Geller, says this blue-ribbon gold-plated fool?

“Except for their different religions they were in many ways similar,” states Stasi. That “except,” Ms. Stasi, is a huge one. 

Said another way, not much difference between the above mentioned, that is,  beyond, as you touch on, the religion each holds, the faith each practiced, the books each one lived, and lives by.

Why did Farook, as spoken to in another post at Jihad Watch, state what he stated to his Christian and Jewish coworkers?

Because it is what “the Book” he lived by told him.

Why did he and his wife do what they did last Wednesday morning? Because it is what “the Book” they lived by instructs them to do.

As follows:

You who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you [--fight the nearest and then the next nearest--] and let them find you implacable [and severe towards them]. Know that Allah is with those who are fearful of Him [with help and victory].

(Surah at-Tawba: 123; Tafsir Al-Jalalayn [as are all Qur’anic citations herein, unless indicated otherwise] Jalalu’ D-Din Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Mahalli and Jalalu’ D-Din as-Suyuti, Aisha Bewley’s Translation , Dar Al Taqwa Ltd. London, 2007. [Exegesis of text is that within brackets].)

Fight them until there is no more fitna (shirk) [worshiping someone other than Allah] and the din is Allah’s alone [--meaning that only He is worshipped]. (Suran al-Anfal :39)

Thus commands Allah’s “meaningless, comic-stricken” word.

And Sahih Muslim, it too, full of joviality, fluff, and humor:


[1852] It has been reported on the authority of ‘Arfaja who said: I have heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) saying: Different evils will make their appearances in the near future. Anyone who tries to disrupt the affairs of this nation while they are united you should strike him with the sword whoever he is. (If remonstration does not prevail with him and he does not desist from his disruptive activities, he should be killed.)

[1852R1] In another version of the tradition narrated on the same authority through a different chains [sic] of transmitters we have the words: “Kill him.”

[1852R] It has been narrated (through a still different chain of transmitters) on the same authority (i.e. “Arfaja) who said similarly – but adding; “Killing them all.” I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) saying: When you are holding one single man as your leader, you should kill who seeks to undermine your solidarity or disrupt your unity.

(Sahih Muslim, By Imam Muslim, Rendered in English by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqi, Islamic Book Service, Fourth Edition, 2005, Vol. III, Book of Ermitage [sic], ahadith #, as indicated above, P. 278, 279.)

Add to that, this:

They would like [and wish] you to disbelieve as they have disbelieved so that you [and them] would all be the same [in respect of unbelief]. Do not take any of them as friends [even if they display belief] until they have emigrated in the Way of Allah [with a genuine emigration which verifies their faith]. But if they run away [and stay as they are], then seize them [as captives] and kill them wherever you find them. Do not take any of them either as a friend or as a helper…. 
(Surah an-Nisa: 89.)

….If they keep away from you and do not fight you, [offering a truce,] and submit to you, Allah has not given you any way against such people [to seize and kill them]. (ibid, Vs.:90)

….If they do not keep away from you [by not fighting you] or submit to you or refrain from fighting [you], seize them [by taking them into captivity] and kill them wherever you find them. Over such people We have given you clear authority, [clear evidence to kill them because of their treachery]. (vs. 91.)

….The unbelievers are your manifest enemies…. (vs.101.)

“Kill them wherever you come across them and expel them from where they expelled you ….That is how [(by killing and expelling them)] the unbelievers should be repaid.” (2: 191. Ibid.)

“Fight them until there is no more fitna [(shirk) in existence] and the din [(worship]) belongs to Allah alone [and none but Him is worshipped]. (vs. 193.)

O you who believe! Be steadfast [in acts of obedience, hardship and not disobeying]. Be supreme in steadfastness [against the unbelievers so that they do not have more steadfastness than you]. Be firm on the battlefield [in jihad]. And show fear of Allah [in all your states]…. (Surah Al-‘Imran: 200.)

Additional Exegesis on this verse reads this way:

There are three things in the verse Muslims have been charged with. These are Sabr, Musabarah and Murabatah. The fourth element is Taqwa which is a necessary ingredient of all three. Their meanings are being given below.

Literally, the Arabic word ‘Sabr’ means ‘to hold’ or ‘to tie’. In the terminology of the Qur’an and Sunnah, Sabr’ is the effort made to control and defend one’s slippery self against what is temperamentally unpleasing. This ‘Sabr’ (roughly translated as ‘patience’ for want of an exact equivalent) takes three forms:

(Our focus here, will be centered on the first of the meanings, as well as the meanings of the words Musabarah and ‘Murabatah):

1.       Patience with Duties: It means that everything commanded by Almighty Allah and His Messenger must be obediently pursued, no matter how burdensome the adherence to them may appear to be. The aim is to keep one’s self almost riveted to carry out injunctions despite hindrances.

The word, ‘Musabarah’ is a derivation from Sabr. It means staying firm and steadfast against the enemy.

The word, ‘Murabatah’ comes from ‘Rabt’. Root-wise, it means ‘to tie’ and it s for this reason that ‘Ribat’ and ‘Murabatah’ are taken to mean ‘to tie horses’ and ‘get ready for war’.

(Ma’ariful Qur’an, A Comprehensive commentary on the Holy Qur’an, By Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi, translated by, Muhammad Shamim and Muhammad Wali Raazi, Revised by Maulana Muhammad Taqi ‘Usmani, Fourth Edition, 2007, Maktaba-e-Darul- ‘Uloom, Karachi, 14 Pakistan. Vol. 2, P. 283, 284.)

(....These [rulings] are the rulings of Allah's limits. The unbelievers will have a painful punishment. (al-Mujadila [58]: 4.)

Those who [disagree and] oppose Allah and His Messenger will be subdued and overcome as those before them were also subdued and overcome [when they opposed their Messengers before].... The unbelievers will have a humiliating punishment.(vs.:5)

You who believe, when you confer together secretly, do not do so in wrongdoing and enmity and disobedience to the Messenger; rather confer together in goodness and fearfulness of Allah…. (vs. 9.)

You will not find people who believe in Allah and the Last Day having love for anyone who opposes Allah and His Messenger, though they be their fathers, their sons, their brothers or their clan. [If they oppose Allah and His Messenger, the believers should oppose and fight them]… (vs. 22.)

Returning once again to the revered exegesis of Ma’ariful Qur’an, there on the text we read as follows:

….The preceding verses showed that those [hypocrites] who are in intimate friendship with unbelievers and pagans shall incur Allah’s wrath, indignation and severe torment. This verse describes the condition of sincere believers who would not take an enemy of Faith, the opponents of Allah, for intimacy and friendship, even though such people are their own fathers, children, brothers or any other blood relatives. The bond of belief transcends all other bonds, even the close ties of blood. This description fits all noble Companions. Commentators on this occasion have cited a number of incidents of the blessed Companions which describe how, when they heard their fathers, sons and brothers or other blood relations utter blasphemy against Islam or the Messenger of Allah, they left all ties aside and punished them or even killed them.

….The biography of the blessed Companions is replete with similar incidents. The present set of verses was revealed to laud them. [Qurtubi]. (Mariful Qur’an Vol.8, P.363, 364.)

If lauded for killing their family members for their resistance and rejection of Islam and its “prophet,” so too, will the believer be Allah-lauded for doing the same to his co-workers, and others. It is simply the Qur’an and Sunnah way.

Summed up in the following well-known verse:

“Indeed, there is an excellent example for you in Ibrahim and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘We disown you and what you worship instead of Allah. We disbelieve in you. Enmity and hatred has arisen between us and you forever, unless you believe in Allah alone.’”
(Surah  Al-Mumtahinah [the Examiner] 60:4.)

Hence this Qur’anic command and Islamic precept: “Fight them! Allah will punish them [by killing them] at your hands, and disgrace them [by capture and defeat] and help you against them, and heal the hearts of those who believe.” (9:14.)

Hence, this guidance:

“…the People of the Book …. They thought that their fortresses would protect them from [the punishment of] Allah. Then [the command and punishment of] Allah came upon them from whence they least expected it [–from the believers, which possibility had not occurred to them–] and cast terror into their hearts [by killing …]….by the hands of the believers. People of insight, take note!” (Ibid, al-Hashr: 2. )

That stated, regarding all the above, our “leaders,” pretending such facts are not, assert, nothing that indicated the killers operative in the 3 December 2015 San Bernardino hit were potential killers.

Nothing, that should state, expect for the fact that they were know devout followers of the Islamic Faith.

Therefore, as is also part of the central tenets of that faith, the job now of the “Moderates” is to get out and deceive the gullible.  Thereby, protect the allowance of Muslim communities in our nation—the communities, it begs we note, in which killers like the San Bernardino killers are conceived in, reared in, comforted in, incubated in, safe-harbored in.

Until--when the time is ripe for “Allah’s painful punishment” to be executed, from “whence they [nonbelievers] lease expect it” (as in, from their “Moderate” Devout Muslim co-worker, Doctor, baker, etc.) —the communities from which, armed, trained, and ready for the killings, the soldiers of Allah step forward, march, and execute.

In other words, the duty of the “Moderates” is to protect the Muslims inclined to execute the armed jihad the Qur’an and sunnah mandates; do so, overtly or covertly, knowingly or unknowingly, with support, insulating, and funding.

Do so, by following the “prophet’s” order to war against unbelievers until the religion, all of it, is for Allah only. Do so employing the preached doctrine of “the Messenger” of Allah, “War is deceit.”

The job of the “Moderates” is thus to pour on the deception. The job of fools is to promote and swallow the deception.

Deception that includes, with guile, dumbing-down the willingly deaf and blind on the realities of Islam and the adherents to that belief system.

As in rocking to sleep unbelievers of the Islamic way, to the fact, a central part of that faith’s teaching is, when needed, Allah will blind the believers to the actions of the believers among them. Thereby bringing “Those who [disagree and] oppose Allah and His Messenger” to be unaware of the soon- coming-to-them punishment from Allah, to be delivered by the hands of “believers.”

Catching unbelievers unaware--which is simply sunnah.

As Ibn Ishaq provides in his sira rendition of the narrative of the deceiving and subsequent murder of Jewish warrior and leader Kab ibn Ashraf: Kab “suspected no evil.” (P. 368.)

As this verse, and many others like it, speaks to: “Those before them also denied the truth – by denying their Messenger’s warnings about Divine punishment—and the punishment came upon them from whence they did not expect it –in a manner which had not occurred to them]. (39:25.)

As this Waqidi provided narrative, and others, speaks to:

Muhammad b. ‘Abdullah related to me from al-Zuhri from Muhammad b. Jubayr b. Mut’im, who said: When Abu Sufyan turned to return, the Messenger of God said to ‘A’isha, “Prepare us and hide your affair!” the Messenger of god said, “O God, seal the information from the Quraysh and their spies until we come to them as a surprise.” Some said that he said, “O God, take from the Quraysh their sight and do not let them see me except all of a sudden, nor hear of me except unexpectedly.”

(The Life of Muhammad, Al-Waqidi’s Kitab al-Maghazi, Translated by Rizwi Faizer, Amal Ismail, and AbdulKader Tayob, Routledge; New York, NY, 1st Publication, 2011. P. 392.)

Commands to all Muslim: “Obey Allah and the Messenger.”(Surah Al ‘Imran: 32.)

Admonition to all Muslims: “”You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah.” (al-Ahzab 21.)

Qur’anic commands allegedly from “Allah” to all Muslims: “Say [to them, O Muhammad], “If you love Allah, then follow me.” (Al ‘Imran: 31.)

 “Follow,” commands the book Farook and all Muslims live by; the man who--once his way became strong and established--whose practice was, as revered Islam-provided record provides, to silence by subjugation, fear, or death those who offended him, or rejected his doctrine, or repudiated his traditions.

 “Obey,” commands “the Book” Farook and all Muslims live by, the man who commands and advocates, as noted in the opening paragraphs of this post with respect to Muhammad’s commands to his community concerning those who seek  “to undermine your solidarity or disrupt your unity, “Killing them all.”

These SB devout Muslims fed on these “sacred texts” and numerous others similar to them. Thus, to the best of their ability, they lived according to them. Yet the fools among us assert there was nothing that indicated this couple could be potential killers.

“Except for their different religions,” asserts yet another fool, the killers were not that different from Geller and those they killed, said Stasi. 

As stated above, that “except,” Ms. Stasi, is gargantuan. 


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So to leftards, people who make note of, call out and mock, or simply warn other people about murderers, are no better than the murderers themselves?! "Noticing a crime is as bad as committing it! Whee!" Funny thing: I'm pretty sure the only people who pretend to "think" like that, MUST be criminals them selves!

Debi Brand said...

Indeed, Uncle V.

Cowards with blood-stained hands.

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