Monday, January 18, 2016

Fools standing in defense of Islam

In fear of the mountains of evidence of True Islam, in total disregard of the rivers of blood that flow, the piles of ashes from the dead by burning, the lineup of the disfigured--all these aforementioned, arrived at secondary to acts of the Allah-obedient--the lion’s share of our elected officials, and the same of our “Candidates,” defend Islam.

As do no shortage of fools elsewhere; one among the most recent: gold-plated crowned fool for Islam, Philadelphia Mayor, Jim Kenney.

Who, earlier this year--in the wake of yet another Allah-and-Muhammad-obeying-Muslims; thus, one more “believer” who,  as all Muslims are commanded to do, pledged his loyalty to the Caliph of the community of Muhammad; went out seeking his prey; laid in wait, in ambush for it, and attacked, with aim to kill, the “unbeliever” where he found him—defended Islam.

In the revered work and tafsir of the highly regarded scholar, Ibn Kathir, and elsewhere, we read:

This is the Ayah of the Sword

(So when the Sacred Months have passed, then fight the Mushrikin wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform the Salah, and give the Zakah, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. [9:5)



(then fight the Mushrikin wherever you find them), means, on the earth in general, except for the Sacred Area, for Allah said,


(and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush), do not wait until you find them. Rather, seek and besiege them in their areas and forts, gather intelligence about them in the various roads and fairways so that what is made wide looks ever smaller to them. This way, they will have no choice, but to die or embrace Islam, (ibid, P. 376.)


Abu Bakr As-Siddiq used this and other honorable Ayat as proof for fighting those who refrained from paying the Zakah. These Ayat allowed fighting people unless, and until, they embrace Islam and implement its rulings and obligations…. (ibid, P. 377.)

(I have been commanded to fight the people until they testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establish the prayer and pay the Zakah.)

This honorable Ayah (9:5) was called the Ayah of the Sword, about which Ad-Dahhak bin Muzahim said, "It abrogated every agreement of peace between the Prophet and any idolator, every treaty, and every term.'' Al-`Awfi said that Ibn `Abbas commented: "No idolator [sic]had any more treaty or promise of safety ever since Surah Bara'ah was revealed. (ibid.)

Those are basic pure Islamic tenets.

Tenets of not “radical” not “extremist” not “moderate” Islam just the only Islam there is: the one spelled out in the endless volumes of “sacred texts,” the one substantiated and corroborated by the same, the one lived and defined by the so-called prophet of Islam, the only Islam there is.

Yet again, and again, our elected “Representatives” argue in defense of Islam and in defense of those who wish to live in our nation and practice the tenets of that faith system.

Paul Ryan, you fool! Nikki Haley: you fool, you coward of facts and reality. Mr. Obama: you traitor.

You, and others who share your beliefs and actions with respect to Islam and the followers of that faith system, in face of Islam and its adherents, you are gutless; in earshot of the cries from the dead secondary to obedience to “Allah,” you are gutless but by no stretch of the imagination are you guiltless.

You, slap happy in either your elected “ignorance” on Islam or your deception in play for it, propagate a lie of Islam being a noble peaceful religion, worthy of full acceptance here in our nation and elsewhere, worthy of our honor and embrace.

You fools.

You Fools! You shameless idiots.

You call noble a religion that, by that in its “sacred writ,” enslaves its women. By the same calls for the subjugation or the slaying of those who refuse to accept the supremacy of that “religion.” You call noble a doctrine that commands full obedience to and emulation of a man that, at approximately age 50 had dreams of the six-year-old young daughter of his brother in Islam, Abu Bakr. Dreams, that included the alleged founder of Islam uncovering that child and in his bed, or her bed, any bed, making that child his wife.

Therefore, showcase--parade on your square shoulders, you pack of fools--this Islam the so-called “prophet” of Islam brought, defined, and lived, because it and it alone is the only Islam there is. Therefore, show your neighbors, your children, your co-workers the deeds you sanction, the acts your press we too sanction and the practice of the traditions and methodology of the Qur’an and sunnah this man brought that you beg we accept.

“ ‘Aishah,” at-Tirmidi provides, “ narrated that Jibril came to the Prophet with her image upon a piece of green silk cloth, and he said: ‘This is your wife in the world, and in the Hereafter.’” (Sahih)”

(Jami At-Tirmidhi, Compiled by: Imam Hafiz Abu ‘Eisa Mohammad Ibn ‘Eisa At-Tirmidhi, Translated by: Abu Khaliyl (USA), Ahadith edited and referenced by” Hafiz Abu Tahir Zubair ‘Ali Za’i, Final Review by: Islamic Research Section, Darussalam, First Edition, 2007; Vol. 6, Chapters On Al-Manaqib, P. 494, # 3880.)

Speaking to the same, from the pages of al-Sira al-Nabawwiyya, this:

“Al-BuKhari stated in his chapter on his marriage to ‘A’ isha as follows, ‘Mu ‘alla b. Asad related to us, quoting Wuhayb, from Hisham b. ‘Urwa, from his father, from ‘A’ isha, that the Prophet (SAAS) told her, “You have twice been shown to me in my sleep dressed in a silk cloth. And he (Gabriel) says, ‘This is your wife.’ And when I uncover her, it is you! And so I say that if this be God’s will, then may He bring it about!””

(The Life of the Prophet Muhammad, Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya, Ibn Kathir, Translated by Professor Trevor Le Gassick, Reviewed by Dr. Muneer Fareed, Garnet Publishing, 1998, Reprinted 2002,2004,2006, Lebanon. Vol. 2. P. 92.)

Same source: “In one account the wording is, “You were shown to me three nights in my sleep.” (Ibid. P. 93.)

So too, the following:

Al-Bukhari’s text reads, “Chapters on Marriage between the Young and the Old.  ‘Abd Allah b. Yusuf related to us, as did al-Layth, from Yazid, from ‘Irak, from ‘Urwa, that the Messenger of God (SAAS) asked Abu Bakr for ‘A’isha’s hand in marriage. Abu Bakr replied, ‘But I’m your brother!’ (the Prophet (SAAS)) responded, “You are my brother in God’s religion and His Book, and she is permitted to me.’” (Ibid.)

Therefore, Islamic history and established texts provide, the alleged “Messenger of God was called to his mission when he was forty. He stayed in Mecca for thirteen years,” allegedly, receiving revelation, before emigrating to Medinah. It provides, Al-Bukhari related, first wife of the “prophet,” “Khadija  died three years before the emigration of the Prophet.” It tells us “Yunus b. Bukayr stated, from his father ‘Ubayd b. Isma’il, from his father … ‘The Messenger of God (SAAS) married ‘As’sha three years after (the death of) Khadija.’” It relates, “At that time (of the contract) ‘Aisha had been a girl of six.” (at-Tabari, Vol. IX, The Last Years of the Prophet, P.207. Ibn Kathir, al-Nabawiyya, Ibid, P. 93 respectively)

The narrative further relates, “He contracted marriage with ‘Aisha when she was six, thereafter consummated marriage with her when she was nine,” adding, that that assertion “is not disputed by anyone, and is well established in the sahih collections of traditions and elsewhere.” (ibid, and elsewhere.)

Those actions are among the actions, practices, and traditions all Muslims are “Allah”-commanded to emulate. And because our leaders are too cowardly to do otherwise, they call noble the “religion of Muhammad.”

You are fools--hard at your laboring to shape today’s children into “tomorrow's” tailor-made Muslims or subjects of the same.

Shame on you--you, in the face of Islam, all it is, all it teaches, all it stands for--pathetic line-up of fools and gutless wonders. You are guilty as charged because you are too damn cowardly to face and deal with that written in the endless pages that spell out in indisputable clarity the precepts borne out in the established doctrine of Qur’an and Sunnah.

If you had an ounce of courage, you would be out on the highways and byways of life, waving every yellow or red flag you could get hands to. Instead, obedient to the wishes and dictates of your Islamic masters; with stupefied grins, with whipping-in-the-wind white flag held high by your raised arm, you stand there and, hastily, wave the procession forward.

The fires of Islam, some literally others figuratively, are burning across our world and our nation, reminiscent of “The ‘terrible Burning of Al-Buwaira.’” (Al-Bukhari, Vol. 5, The Book of Al-Maghazi, P. 217, #4032.) 

Fires, set by the hands of the believers—as was so with “The ‘terrible Burning of Al-Buwaira’”--fires set in obedience to the orders of Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad. Destructive fires. Terror inciting raging fires. Marring, death-dealing, life-robbing fires.

And to keep those fires burning, “sharpshooters”—one in the Oval Office, others in Obama’s cabinet, still numerous others in the line-up of our “Representatives,” to say little of others yet in the ranks of the Media—at first-sight of the first-responders who rush in to sound the alarm, extinguish the flames; on those they take aim, inhale, and fire.

Say all you want about Islam’s greatness, its nobility, its peacefulness; this is Islam, Islamic State is Islam enacted, the only Islam the “sacred texts” thereof corroborate and substantiate.

You want Islam in your nation, in your neighborhoods, in the psyche of your children? You will have just that—that spelled out above and more.

Be assured, wet with ink is History’s quill-pen, scratching out, day by day, the narrative, the telling of this sad betrayal and incremental submission to the Authoritative claim of Islam and adherents of that doctrine.

So teach your children well the ways of Islam, the traditions of Muhammad, because those traditions are the halves and the whole of the Islam you press we welcome here in our nation. To that end, this nice bed time story-- for the children:

The hafiz Ya’qub b. Sufyan stated, “Al-Hajjaj related to us, that Hammad related to him, from Hisham b. ‘Urwa, from his father, from ‘Aisha, who said, ‘The Messenger of God (SAAS) contracted marriage with me (after) Khadija’s death and before his emigration from Mecca, when I was six or seven years old. After we arrived in Medina some women came to me while I was playing on a swing; my hair was like that of a boy. They dressed me up and put make-up on me then took me to the Messenger of God (SAAS), and he consummated our marriage. I was a girl of nine.’” (Al-Nabawiyya, Ibn Kathir, ibid. P. 94.)


Al-Bukhari stated, “Farwa b. Abu al-Maghra’ related to us, that ‘Ali b. Mushir related to him, from Hisham b. ‘Urwa, from his father, that ‘A’isha said, ‘The Prophet (SAAS) contracted marriage with me when I was six. We went to Medina and took up residence with the Banu al-Harith b. al-Khazraj. I fell ill and my hair was cut short so that all I had was a head of hair like a boy’s. My mother, Umm Ruman, came to me when I was on a swing in the company of my friends. She shouted to me and so I went to her not knowing what she wanted. She took me by the hand and sat me down at the door of the house; I was panting, but settled down somewhat. Then she took some water and, having wiped my face and head, led me into the house. There I found a number of wives of the Companions of the Prophet (SAAS), and they addressed me with the words, “Blessings, good health and happy news!” Then she delivered me to them and they tidied me up. To my surprise it was the Messenger of God (SAAS) who came to me that morning. They gave me over to him; at that time I was nine.’”


“ ‘ ‘A’isha stated, “We moved to Medina and took up residence among the Banu al-Harith b. Khazraj in al-Sunh. The Messenger of God (SAAS) came into our house where he had a meeting with some of the men and women of the ansar, ‘the Helper’. My mother came to me while I was on a swing, going to and fro between two date-palms. She took me down from the swing; my hair was short like a boy’s and she parted it, washed my face with some water and then led me over to the door. I was out of breath and (stopped) there until I became calmer. Then she took me in and there was the Messenger of God (SAAS) seated on a bed inside our house, in the company of a group of the ansar, both men and women. She sat me down in his lap and said, ‘These are your family; may god bless you by them and they by you.’ The men and women then jumped up and left. The Messenger of God (SAAS) consummated our marriage there in our house; no camels or sheep were slaughtered for me. Eventually Sa ‘d b. ‘Ubada sent us a bowl of food such as he would provide whenever the Messenger of God (SAAS) was visiting his wives. At that time, I was nine.”’” (Ibid, pp. 94, 96 respectively.)

“You have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allah [--with regard to imitating him….]” (Al-Jalalayn, Surah al-Ahzab: 23.)

In concluding, regarding all the above, and more, the Qur’an, hadith, and tafsir teaches Muhammad was a sinless man, blest with isman—kept from wrong actions. It further teaches nothing impure or offensive came from him--not his spittle, his urine, his blood, nor his feces. Qadi Iyad, in covering this topic informs us that the hadith that testifies to the “purity of his [Muhammad’s] faeces [sic] and urine,” though it is not a famous tradition, it is, nonetheless, one which “the people of knowledge still mention.”

In his mentioning it, Iyad states “one of the companions of ash-Shafi stated that.” He further states the ‘ulama’ relate the statement. Iyad adds, Iman Abu Nasr in his as-Sabbagh’s Collection also relates it. So too, Abu Bakr ibn Sabiq al-Makki in his book, Al-Badi.

Qadi Iyad then sums up why the focus and time spent on the multiple sources that cite this, as stated above, “not a famous tradition,” yet, “ nonetheless, one which ‘the people of knowledge still mention,’”   stating, “The point is that nothing objectionable or unpleasant came from the Prophet, may Allah bless and grant him peace.”

(Muhammad Messenger of Allah, Ash-Shifa of  Qadi ‘Iyad Ibn Musa al-Yasubi, , Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley translation, Medinah Press, Cape Town, South Africa, Seventh print, 2008, 1429H, P. 36.)

Indeed. Therefore, as stated, teach your children well, the Islam you cherish, defend, and regard. Teach them the Islam shown above, which is the only Islam there is. What’s more, stand, erect and proud, in defense of the above acts; you fools standing in defense of Islam.


Ben said...

Reader, understand this: D.L. Brand has well and truly read the works she cites, most of which are available from, the rest from

They tell us that Moe was perfect, even his shit did not stink. Drinking his urine and blood confered immunity to gutache and the fire, respecpectively. On and about page 717 of Ash-Shifa you can read about the numerous murders commissioned or sanctioned by Moe. its about the necessity of killing anyone who disses him.

Quotes from and links to the ayat most relevant to conquest, genocide, & terrorism can be found here:

Read them and curse Islam. Send that link to your congressman & senators. Send it to everyone you can hope to influence.

Let the whole world learn the truth about Islam: it ain't a religion and it ain't passive; its the closest analog to vampirism. Its predatory!

Narrations of hijacking, perverting, radicalism and radicalization are malignant malarkey. Its what Moe said and did as recorded in the Qur'an & hadith.

Rerad this post again; share it to your social networks. Think about it. Demand the truth from elected officials. Condemn the liars and vote them out of office.

Debi Brand said...

Amen, Ben. And Thank you.

Asad Mahmud said...

God bless you people for doing the right is some angry msg by me to the rapist might find it interesting....

Uncle Vladdi said...

What does islam "teach?" That "god" wants them to kill and enslave all "unbelievers!"
Is endorsing murder and slavery "protected religious speech" under the Constitution?

Ben said...

Indeed it is, Unk. So long as one steers clear of incitement to immediate violence, keeping it abstract, the courts say it is permissible.

The Imam can remind his herd of the forgotten obligation, but he can not draw his sword and lead them out to pillage.

Yeah,m its suicidal, but the founders could not forsee the likes of Awlaki, Siraj Wahaj & Nihad Awad.

Debi Brand said...

Thank you, Asad.

God also bless you in your efforts in teaching and showing true Islam.