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How Not to Defeat Jihad

How Not To Defeat Jihad D.L Brand sent this to me, she got it here: Jihad Watch. She likes to add emphasis to important content, so you will find some red text outside of original links in the text.

I respect Jamie Glazov & Dr. Gorka, but their kowtowing to PC pisses me off. My ascerbic & offensive responses are intersperced within curly brackets {}

English-speaking_Islamic State jihadi
While the Obama administration continues to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to direct American foreign policy and, therefore, to implement “strategies” that render America defenseless in the face of Jihad and stealth Jihad, there are some alternative strategies that have the potential to turn this catastrophic situation around completely in America’s favor.
Below are 9 concrete steps that, if implemented by a future American administration, would make a big difference in preserving our civilization and in defending Americans from terrorism:
1. Label the Enemy and Make a Threat Assessment.
The Obama administration continues to refuse to label our enemy and, therefore, it continues to enable our defeat in the terror war. It is urgent that we name our enemy (i.e. Islamic Jihad) and definitively identify what ideology inspires our enemy (i.e. Islamic law).
{Enemy: Muslims; Threat Doctrine: Islam; Codification of Threat Doctrine: Shari'ah. }
2. Scrap “Countering Violent Extremism.”
“Countering Violent Extremism” is the pathetic and destructive focus of the Obama administration in allegedly fighting the terror war. On the one hand, this “focus” is vague to the point of being meaningless and completely incapacitates us. On the other hand, this focus allows the administration to perpetuate the destructive fantasy that there are other types of “extremists” — who just happen to be the Left’s political opponents — that pose a great threat to the country.
For example, as Stephen Coughlin has revealed, the “violent extremists” the administration is clearly worried about are the “right-wing Islamophobes” whom the administration obviously considers to be the real threat to American security.
The “Countering Violent Extremism” is trash and needs to be thrown in the garbage.
{"Violent Extremism" is CamelShit!  What Moe preached & practiced 1400 years ago is normative, not extreme!  It's Islam, Stupid!!!  The thing to be countered is Belief in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise.  The outcome of countering Iman must be apostasy.}
3. Stop “Partnering” With Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.
The government needs to stop cooperating with, and listening to, Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR and ISNA immediately. The Muslim Brotherhood document, the Explanatory Memorandum, has made it clear that the Brotherhood’s objective is to destroy our civilization from within by our own hands with the influence of these groups. Moreover, as Robert Spencer advises, there needs to be legislation that will bar all such groups and affiliated individuals from advising the government or receiving any grants from it.
{Groups my ass!  Muslims! Get Allah's slaves outta here: alla them!!! No Muslims: no Islamic terrorism.}
4. Implement a Concrete “Countering-Jihad” Strategy.
After discarding the “Countering Violent Extremism” absurdity, a concrete Counter-Jihad strategy must become an official policy. It must specifically register that Jihadists are the enemies and that Islamic law (Sharia) is what specifically motivates them.
{Is Jamie PC or does he just not get it??? Muslims are the enemy! Islam is the enemy threat doctrine. Allah commands world conquest. Allah promises eternity in his celestial orgy for Jihad and threatens eternity in his fire pit for shirking. While 'slimes continue to have Iman, they will never cease from attacking. }

Most importantly, as Sebastian Gorka urges in Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, the government needs to lay down a vision, an actual “threat doctrine analysis” in a thorough document, just like George Kennan’s Long Telegram and NSC-68 did in laying out the strategic foundation to fighting communism in the Cold War. It is absolutely mind-boggling that nothing of this sort exists today in our terror war — and it is a reflection of the Left being in charge and of the destructive defeat that it is sowing.
{Dr. Gorka ate the CamelShit and drank the CamelPiss. The war is not winnable unless we are willing to exterminate Islam.
While one Muslim Believer lives, he will breed or recruit more and the Jihad will resume. While one MINO lives, he or his descendants will become Believers and the blood will spurt again.

HellFire Baghdadi. Drop a Daisy Cutter on his funeral procession. Strafe any survivors with a WartHog or Apache.
Follow suit on each of the resulting funeral processions. Loop until they run outta Muslims willing to shaheed.

Carpet bomb every training camp with Daisy Cutters. Strafe any survivors., Likewise their funeral processions. Likewise every assembly area, leadership meeting and moving armored/mechanical column.
4. Launch Our Own Counter-propaganda Campaign.
The Left and Islamists engage in propaganda 24/7. What does our propaganda war entail? Zilch.
Sebastian Gorka is crucially correct, therefore, when he recommends a national counter-propaganda campaign that involves a two-part approach: the first being the bolstering of efforts to define our enemy (Steps #1 and #4 above) and, second, the strengthening of our allies and partners in their own counter-propaganda efforts – which must include our empowering of Muslims who are trying to form an anti-Jihadist version of Islam.
{"empowering of Muslims who are trying to form an anti-Jihadist version of Islam."
hit!!!  Only damned fools believe Islam can be reformed!!! Perfection can not be improved; only degraded!!! 5.3, damnit!!!  None can change his words!!! 6.115, 18.27 No change can there be!!! 10.64, 30.30  What G'd part of the Unholy Koranus do these damned fools not comprehend!!!???!!! Has any of these high functioning Morons bothered to read 2.85??? Islam is an all or nothing bundled package deal: accept all of it or go to Hell.  Dr. Jasser, Raheel Raza & Tarik Fatah suffer from the worst form and degree of cognitive dissonance. }

Consequently, educational programs have to be set up everywhere, from public schools to universities to workplaces, in businesses and numerous other institutions. These programs must crystallize what exactly Islamic Law is and how it inspires and sanctions violence against unbelievers. This has to also involve, as Gorka urges, “a nationwide program of education that includes the armed services as well as federal, state, and local police forces and the intelligence community.”
The education campaign must also focus on the second part of Gorka’s counter-propaganda campaign, which is to help strengthen Muslims who seek to seize Islam from the jihadists’ hands.
{"help strengthen Muslims who seek to seize Islam from the jihadists’ hands."
 This is redundant idiocy.
See above cmnt.}
6. Affirm Sharia’s Assault on the U.S. Constitution as Seditious.
Once the truth is accepted that jihadis are inspired and sanctioned by their Islamic texts, it must logically become required that mosques, Islamic schools and groups have to immediately curtail any teaching that motivates sedition, violence, and hatred of unbelievers (i.e. remember how CAIR advised Muslims not to talk to the FBI). Indeed, once the government discerns and labels the elements of Islamic law that threaten the American Constitution, any preaching and spreading of those elements in America must be labelled as seditious.
{Mucking Foron!!! :(  Muslims must be expelled and excluded from Dar al-Harb and all Islamic institutions closed once they are gone. It is not possible to render Islam.Muslims anodyne while they Believe. 9.111, 49.15}
7. Put Pressure on Mosques, Islamic Groups and Schools.
Authorities have to start subjecting mosques and other Islamic institutions to surveillance — and discard the suicidal leftist notion that it is “racist” and Islamophobic to do so. Islamic institutions have to be made to buffer their lip-service against terror with actually doing something about it. As Robert Spencer counsels, this has to involve introducing programs that teach against jihadists’ understanding of Islam — and these programs have to be regularly monitored by the government. (This will be a part of Gorka’s suggested counter-propaganda campaign discussed in Step #5).
{Redundant idiocy; see previous cmnt.}
Spencer rightly stresses that the paradigm has to become that Muslim communities have to win the “trust” of intelligence and law enforcement agents, rather than the other way around, which is, absurdly and tragically, the case right now.
{Any officer who trusts 'slimes must be cashiered immediately and removed to an insane asylum for permanent confinement.}
8. Bring Counter-Jihadists into the Government.
Instead of having Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers like Mohamed Elibiary serving on the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council (he “resigned” in Sept. 2014 under mysterious circumstances), and Muslim Brotherhood-linked individuals like Huma Abedin serving as the right-hand woman of Hillary Clinton, we need to bring in people who actually love America and want to protect it. We all know who these noble and courageous individuals are – and some of them are referenced in this article. The government must also bring in brave Muslim individuals who genuinely reject Jihad and empower them in propagating their anti-jihadist vision for Islam.
{No G'd'd Muslim genuinely rejects Jihad!!! None of them should hold any government office whatsoever in Dar al-harb!!! None of them should reside in Dar al-Harb!!! }
(P.S. Yes, there is an argument to be made that Islam cannot be Islam without Jihad. But the debate over this belongs in another forum. And whatever the answer, it does not mean that the effort to empower Muslims who want to make the anti-jihadist Islamic vision possible should not be made.)
{Redundant idiocy: see previous cmnt.}
9. Ridicule the Enemy.
Ridicule is a vicious and potent weapon. There is a baffling and shameful silence in our culture’s sphere of comedy, especially in Hollywood and our media, with regard to the myriad ingredients of Sharia and Jihad that merit at least a million hilarious satirical sketches.
Bill Maher, for whatever unappealing drawbacks he has in conservatives’ eyes, has set a bold standard in this respect in his Burka Fashion Show skit. American comedians need to start writing scripts that follow in Maher’s footsteps and Americans need to encourage and equip them to do so – and to also vigorously defend them from the attacks and slanders they will inevitably receive from totalitarian leftist and Islamic forces.
We must never underestimate the crippling effect of comedy on the totalitarian Mullahs of the world. Indeed, the contemptuous, snickering and roaring laughter of people, as they gaze at the pathetic rules and lives of Sharia’s gatekeepers, poses a danger to tyrants like no other.
Jamie Glazov is the editor of He holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Russian, U.S. and Canadian foreign policy. He is the author of United in Hate, the host of the web-TV showThe Glazov Gangand he can be reached at
{Three full length feature screen plays based on Ishaq's Sira sit on the shelf for lack of $$$ and courage. Get one of them produced and dubbed into Arabic, Parsi, Urdu, German & French and distributed globally.

Follow up with dramatizations of the most embarrassing scenes from the two sahihs and the Sira. Distribute them by satellite and DVD. Upload them to the internet. Bring back the Passion Plays. Show Muslimas what the hijab is really about: open defecation in the desert & sexual harassment by Umar of Sauda. }
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Debi Brand said...

Part I of post here:

In an e-mail to Ben on this article I said, "I understand how some wish to make it possible for 'God-fearing' so-called Muslims, who reject a large swath of the teachings of Islam to be the true representatives of that faith, unfortunately, the authoritative texts of Islam call such a one an apostate, and no Muslim."

To that Ben, you answered, "Too many have difficulty absorbing the fact that Muslims do not define Islam; Islam defines Muslims. :-("

Indeed, well and simply stated.

As was so with my Saudi friend, "Kaled," he is apostate. But of course, given the “kill those who change their religion” injunction, unable, living in KSA, to show and "where on his sleeve," if you will, his apostasy.

Same with my mentor in my study of Islam, former Bangladesh, born and raised Muslim, “Abul."

But Kaled's sisters, they are individuals who--as are millions in Islam-- born into its "prison," and in themselves, resides the yearning, the desire, to honor and serve their Creator. And the only "way" they know to do that is within the framework of Islam. To leave that framework is to incur the death sentence.

To even show tendencies leaning in that direction is to easily incur maiming,speakable and unspeakable "hardships," disfigurement, or possibly death.

They like to be charitable, caring, compassionate to their neighbors, modest; they like the discipline of fasting—exercising desire, investment, and discipline in their effort to know and honor their Creator.

Thus, they appreciate the discipline and practice of pray, they find strength and comfort in the thought of bowing before their Creator, talking to Him, have Him thus active in their lives, and again, the only "way" they know to do that is within the framework of Islam.

I understand such desires. I respect such.

But because of what I know the "Sacred texts" of Islam state concerning following the "prophet," in all things, taking what he gives, leaving what he forbid, I know, the above "ordinary Muslims" are, because they reject a large swath of the teaching and practices of Muhammad, they are apostates, no more Muslims.

As stated above, because of the command to kill the apostates, many have to remain "Muslims" though they are clearly, in their hearts, minds, and souls, non-Muslims.

It is a glaring flaw, that, in all our efforts to address the "Islam problem," which, by no stretch of the imagination is a problem belonging to the Ummah; in all we do to address that problem, we fail to declare we will fight to defend and give safe harbor to former Muslims.

Those who wish to publically declare their rejection of the way of “the prophet.” In brief.

As my friend Abul states, we need to declare, we will “Provide special protection for the ex-Muslims who risk their lives to expose real Islam. Reward those who want to leave Islam and contribute to the American or Western way of life.”

Part II following:(restricted size of post here in the comment box forcing this):

Debi Brand said...

Part II:

As he stated to me just yesterday, “ex-Muslims are being targeted and killed--that is why they need protection.”

They are being targeted and killed because they, who know Islam inside and out, are trying to, in his words, “expose the reality of Islam.”

He said, “As you know a few of them in BD have already been killed by the 'real Islam'. The world must know that the ex-Muslims are the most trusty ally.”

“Ex-Muslims” are those “most trusty ally.”

It is not the fictional “Moderate Muslim” who is our supposed "trusty ally," it is only “Muslims” who in their hearts are “No-Muslim” who are the allies we ought to have the courage to call them by name, and claim them and defend them for precisely what they are.

Again, in the words of Abul: “ they [Ex-Muslims] know Islam inside out or outside in They know how Islam should be exposed.”

Perhaps that is precisely why our leaders, and our would-be Islam-problem-solvers seem to run from any open alliance with these openly or would-be open Ex-Muslims—exposing Islam is nothing they want anything to do with.

Like Abul states, “I am not against the ordinary Muslims who just follow rituals of Islam, like prayer, fasting, Zakat, hajj....These Muslims are not the problem. The problem arises when a few of these ritualistic Muslims take their Islam seriously and want to implement the letters of the Quran, hadis and sunna.”

Indeed, in other words, we have no problem with “Muslims” who reject the tenets of their faith, it is the ones who follow the doctrine of Qur’an, hadis, and sunna, that is where our Muslim problem comes from.