Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Exposing Islam With Billboards

Exposing Islam With Billboards Exposing Islam With Billboards

    A well designed billboard in a high traffic location can attract a great deal of attention. This one in Indianapolis  made Muslim heads explode without explicitly naming its subject.

Muslims & Dhimmis, aware of the charges against the false prophet, over reacted, multiplying the effect of the billboard.

    The beauty of that billboard is its veracity. I documented it here. Imam Bukhari is said to have winnowed down 300,000 hadith to 7275, of which 2,230 are unique. His hadith collection is said to be second only to the Qur'an in authenticity.  All of his ahadith are supposed to be authentic. How can Muslims disclaim them?  Without  hadith, they do not know what to do in emulating the Profit.

    Besides verifying the truth about Moe, Bukhari's hadith can be used to expose Islam. The current  billboard should be reproduced in other cities where courage and financing can be found.  The following samples, while not copy ready, illustrate how smoking gun hadith can be used to expose the world's worst evil.

    If you have the $ and the courage, get these up all over the country. In the mean time, share them with social media posts. And when Muslims & Dhimmis kvetch, direct them to this post for the fatal facts.  [Bold blue underlined text is hyperlinked to authentic Islamic source texts.]


Open Sahih Bukhari Vol. 4 to page 108 and verify this saying. I edited the second footnote, which referenced the glossary1.  My citation is to the ayat which establishes Jizya as one terminal condition of a fight Jews & Christians Until... loop.  Moe got his income by plunder! Read the Book of Khumus in vol. 4!



    Terror is the condition they wish to impose, both ends and means, but not the real issue. The real issue is Jihad. But Terror gets public attention, so let us exploit it to the hilt.


    This one might be more effective with the reference to the Profit deleted. That would force the Muslims to expose themselves by objecting to it. 

    This pithy saying is found on page 140 of volume 4 of Sahih Bukhari. 

    Who will argue with the  Profit and the great muhadithin who authenticated his saying? That is hadith #2977 on page 140, linked above.

Object of fear

    Using this one will require a spokesman well versed in Islamic texts.  Supporting it will not be easy, but it is vital.

    This proof of concept sample is not made from the actual text 'cuz the original is damn near illegible. It is poorly printed in an archaic font and poorly scanned from a drenched copy. There is excessive bleed through on the lower half of the page.

    The source is the second volume of Hedaya, the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab, used in colonial India and the Ottoman Empire. Page 154 contains a discussion of the granting of protection, by Muslims, to infidels passing through.   The grant of protection is only valid if issued by a  Muslim who is able to attack the infidel, and is therefore an object of terror to him. 
If a free person grant protection to an infidel, or to a body of infidels, or to the people of a fort or city, the protection is valid, whether the person granting it be a man or a woman; and no person of the Muslims is afterwards at liberty to molest them; because the prophet has said "If the least among the Muslims grant protection to an infidel, and make a compact with him, it behooves the whole to observe such protection and compact, and not to break it;" and the learned agree that the word  [illegible]  [the least,] in this saying means a single person---and also, because any single Muslim is empowered to make war upon the infidels, wherefore they fear him, since he is competent to oppose them; by his granting protection, therefore, protection is established from him, since he is one of whom protection may be asked, because the object of fear is the object from which to look for protection; and a single Muslim is the object of fear, (according to  according to what we have before asserted, that the infidels fear him")"

In the excerpt above, I have cleaned up one anachronism: substituting Muslim for Mussleman. I added bold font emphasis to the crucial clauses.

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