Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Loui Gohmert Exposes Mueller & Co

Loui Gohmert Exposes Mueller & Co. Loui Gohmert shines the light of truth on a nest of unmitigated AssWholes and their AssWhollery. I was not paying attention when I heard about this from Sean Hannity's radio show. But when I read this post at, I found a link to the congressman's 48 page expose. I am embedding it below because I want you to read it.

    I want you to read it so that you will understand why Mueller should never have been appointed and why he should be fired and the investigation of the Trump campaign terminated.  At minimum, purging FBI training materials of the truth about Islam & terrorism is treason, disqualifying Mueller.

    If there is any justice, the congressional AssWholes who want Mueller 'protected'  will be primaried and Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein and their accomplices investigated and prosecuted.

    This sordid affair is a prime example of what our founding fathers strived to prevent: tyranny!!!  It must be terminated and recurrence prevented.  My prediction: the price of terminating the rogue persecution will be impunity for Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Mueller & Comey.  Trump and Giulian must refuse to pay that price.

Gohmert Mueller UNMASKED by True Pundit on Scribd

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