Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Moron: Radical Islam Is Not Islam!

Moron: radical Islam Is Not Islam
"Radical Islam is not Islam."

The quote above is from a a French interview, quoted in a Gatestone post, click through and read the entire article. I decided to concentrate on one Moronic quote from  the President of France.

April 15. President Emmanuel Macron, in a two-and-a-half-hour television interview, said that radical Islam "is one of the greatest challenges facing our nation" and must be confronted by means of "a work of reconquest." He warned French citizens against "Islamophobia," which he claimed feeds on misconceptions about Islam: "Radical Islam is not Islam." Critics might disagree. Macron also said that Europe is facing an "unprecedented migration phenomenon that will last." Due to migration and demographics, he said, "Europe's destiny is tied to that of Africa."

It's Islam, Stupid!

    You need to get rid of it by ridding France of Muslims. Reconquer France, one Muslim at a time. Send them home!!! Secure your borders and keep them out!!


    Radical means the root. The Qur'an is the root of Islam. It defines Islam, hadith & sira exemplify it and sharia codifies them.  Jihad, genocide & terror are not exceptional, they are normative. Moe preached and practiced them. I present links to previous posts instead of reinventing the wheel.
    Terrorizing infidels is not a novelty, the use of modern weapons is the noverlty. Moe would have used them if he had them.


    Phobia denotes irrational fear. Fear and loathing of Muslims is entirely rational. Islamic law states that every Muslim must be an "object of fear" to Infidels on account of "his liability of attacking them".


  • "Islam is a religion"
    • "of peace"
    • "Abrahamic"
    • distorted
    • perverted
    • hijacked.


  •     "Radical Islam is not Islam."

    • Qur'an
    • hadith
    • sira
    • sharia
      • not Islam?!
        • And the Pope ain't Catholic, he's a damn Muslim, too. 🙄
    What the Hell is Islam if not what Moe preached and practiced?!

African destiny

    Africa has been ruined by tribalism and Islam. The Trumpism: "shit holes" fits.  Macrone & Merkle want to import that?!  Population replacement! Replace workers with welfare bums... who will pay the taxes to fund their salaries and the welfare state?!

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