Thursday, January 25, 2018

Eight Part Series: Why Peace Is Impossible

My 8 part series on the impossibility of peace between Dar al-Islam and Dar al-harb began in October of '17. I am posting this because the series is not easy to find. this list begins at a high level of abstraction and drills down into increasing depths of detail. In these posts you will find quotes from and links to authentic Islamic source texts.

     Muhammad created Islam to fund his livlihood and support his family & followers after his death by perpetuating war. This fact is fully documented in Islam's Mercenary Mission. Read it and curse Islam for it is evil. 

      Jihad is Islamic holy war, ordained for Muslims. Those who decline to engage in it will be burned. Those who do will not touch the fire. Instead, they will be admitted to Allah's celestial orgy.  How do wi wknow it is qital, not an-Nafs? By the exemption of sheiks, blind and crippled Muslims from the fard al-kifaya!

     In the posts linked above, you will find links to compiled blog posts with further details to establish the fatal fact: Peace is impossible because Muslims believe what Moe preached and emulate what he practiced.

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