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Partisan Response To The State Of The Union '17: 'Crat Shit!

Partisan Response To The State Of The Union '17: 'Crat Shit! I found a transcript of the 'crat response here.
The Democrats sent out  a folksy yet smug, smarmy AssWhole  to contradict Trump.  The Obama don't care // unaffordable care act was sold on the basis of lies and continues on the basis of lies.  Gov. Steve Beshear engaged in class warfare, dividing his audience by economic status.  But I leave all that aside to concentrate on the important concepts. I quote out of context  and insert superscripts internally linked to my comments which follow below the horizontal line.

And it taught me to embrace people who are different from me, not vilify1 them.

Another commitment now being tested is to our national security. Look, make no mistake, I am a military veteran2 myself and I know that protecting America is a president's highest duty. Yet President Trump is ignoring serious threats to our national security from Russia3, who is not our friend, while alienating our allies4 who fought with this side-by-side and are our friends in a dangerous world.

His approach makes us less safe and should worry every freedom-loving American. Instead, President Trump has all but declared war5 on refugees6 and immigrants7. Look, the president can and should enforce our immigration laws, but we can protect America without abandoning our principles8 and our moral obligation9 to help those fleeing war10 and terror, without tearing families apart11 and without needlessly jeopardizing12 our military men and women fighting overseas.

You know, another Republican president, Ronald Reagan, once said "In America, our origins matter less than our destination" and that is what democracy13 is all about.

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    That sentence is a prime example of projection: Beshear tries to vilify Trump by implying that Trump's criticism of Islamic terrorists and wet backs  is vilification of innocent people.  Terrorists have slaughtered innocent citizens, sacrificing them to Satan and wet backs broke the law by coming here and remaining here.  

military veteran

    The unstated false premise in that sentence is that military service  is a shield that confers immunity from criticism for misrepresenting a loyal president's statements and intentions.


    Russia is a potential threat, as is China. If we display weakness, they will take advantage. Bashear mentions Russia as a diversion to divert attention from the 3000+  innocent victims of Islamic terrorists sacrificed to Satan on our soil in the last 17 years. He conflates potential danger with real and proximate danger.  

alienating  allies

    France is hardly an ally. Turkey is an enemy. The free riders of NATO deserved the lecture they got.  But we need to scratch the surface so we can see through the shit to the unstated false premise embedded in the offending sentence.  

    Bashear implies, falsely, that Trump's concentration on the real and proximate threat posed by invading Muslims alienates Muslim allies.  The fact is: Muslims are enemies, not allies! Several Quranic ayat expressly forbid equal and inferior relationships with kuffar. Read'em and get a clue.  
 3:28, 3:118,   4:894:1394:1445:515:5758:1458:2260:160:13

declared war

           Declaration of war is a Congressional prerogative, the President does not declare war. Non resident aliens do not have rights under the constitution.  There is no right to come to America, that is a privilege granted to a select ew under the law.

    Congress should have declared war on Islam in '01 because Muslims are the enemy and Islam is the enemy threat doctrine.  Such a declaration would include the rapefugees & gimmigrants.


    The Syrian Muslims engaged in hijra are not refugees: they are rapefugees & gimmigrants. They have invaded Europe on a grand scale, which combines with European PC idiocy to confer immunity as they rape and riot while plundering the welfare states of Europe.  Those Syrians, with the exception of the Christian minority rejected by Obamination, flee from Syrian cities dominated by rebels 'cuz the regime is trying to bomb the rebels into oblivion.  Most of them are sympathetic to the rebels.

    The African Muslims and others from areas of Dar al-Islam not at war are gimmigrants and mujahideen engaged in hijra: demographic conquest.


    We have immigration laws and rules, let those who desire to immigrate follow them.  There is nothing immoral about building a wall to keep the wet backs from bringing drugs disease and crime into our nation.  

    Allowing Muslims to immigrate is the height of suicidal stupidity: Muslims are at war with us 'cuz we are not Muslims. We need to send them home and keep them out!

our principles

    National suicide, defeat, surrender and submission are not our values!  Victory at any cost to preserve life, liberty & prosperity are our values.  Giving sanctuary to enemy combatants disguised as refugees is not our value. Allowing terror training camps to proliferate is not our value. letting terrorists live is not our value. Worrying about their wives and brats is not our value. Hiroshima & Nagasaki reflect our values.

moral obligation

    We have no moral obligation to our enemies.  Christians feel a sense of obligation to rescue persecuted Christians suffering genocide at the hands of Muslims but this nation is secular, not a theocracy.  

fleeing war

    Syrians flee a war of their own making. Most of the so called refugees are in sympathy with the rebels. If the rebels were not trying to seize power from the Assad regime, there would be no war and no refugees.  The wealthy Gulf Emirates won't take them in 'cuz they know the score and do not want to be subverted.

tearing families apart

    This fits the pattern of the parricide who pleads for mercy on the basis of being an orphan.  If they stayed home, they would not be deport able aliens and  their brats would not be US citizens and there would be no threat of separation.  The 14th amendment  is for emancipated slaves, not Mexicans.


    Our service personnel are not jeopardized by naming and shaming the enemy, they are jeopardized by sending them into harm's way with insufficient men and material burdened by suicidal rules of engagement intended to avoid offense to the enemy.  
The grandchildren of Little Boy & Fat Man should have been sent instead.


    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on the dinner menu.  Our founders wisely gave us a constitutionally limited representative republic. Last November, we chose to restore it.

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