Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sewer Dwelling SPLC Denizens Vomit Again

Sewer Dwelling SPLC Denizens Vomit Again One of my Google Alerts linked to a Hate Watch post.  What I found was a hate filled smear of high profile critics of Islam.  Their premise seems to be that all objection to Jihad must be hate, bigotry and Islamophobia.  They demand that reders reject all factual and logical arguments because they have smeared us. I ask that you read Islam's canonical texts and judge for yourself who is telling it as it is.

    The AssWholes who dominate the comments on that page exemplify logical fallacy, always responding to facts with insults. Their unwarranted assumption of intellectual and moral superiority is second only to that of Muslims.

  • An empty link. How telling.
    • https://www.youtube.com/edi...
      • The link is to one of my videos.  Production values are less than perfect, but the facts presented are real and verifiable.  I clicked the link, not knowing it was to my channel and watched my own video. The video displays screenshots of Qur'an & hadith pages and explains how they form a pattern which proves that Islam is evil by design.

  • Oh aren't you adorable, actually citing youtube as a reputable source!
    • The link is to a specific video, not to YouTube. The video displays and cites canonical texts of Islam. 
  • Are you just stupid, or stupid and crazy?
    • Argument ad-Hominem: logical fallacy; personal insult ignoring the facts presented in the video because  RenaultRetainer is not able to refute the facts.

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