Sunday, March 18, 2018

Reply To Not Represented

NewComment at WND Reply To Not Represented

    The Censors at World Net Daily frown on links, since they sat on my reply to another commentator, I am revising and extending my comment and posting it for his benefit. has an extensive library of books. Some come from Google Books, others from user uploads. All are in pdf format and most can be streamed or downloaded.  Some have text panes, others are all jpg.

I find the search engine hard to use, so I use Google: " Sahih Bukhari English pdf", substituting the title and sometimes volume number.

My blog: has a page entitled" "Library For Tracing Broken Links". There are links to various texts near the bottom of that page.

There are other sources, too numerous to recall. is a good one, you can find Tabari there and nowhere else that I know of.

Amazon has much of that stuff, some very expensive. "Reliance Of The Traveller", the shari'ah of the Shafi'i school of law, for example. 

For searches, for example ti verify quotes, try: for 50 || Koran translations for comparison and a link to corpusquran, an Arabic/English word by word breakdown with dictionary & concordance.

Hadith searches:  of cuss, it, like all the on line databases, is abridged.  Search for "regarding spears' and you will not find an English translation of the Arabic. has a powerful general search tab that returns results from the Koran, six sittah and several tafsirs, some of which i never herd of.

For the beginner: each chapter is in pdf format but there is a zip archive containing the 1000 page book. It's "In His Own Words" appendix is one of the best parts but avoid using Winn's Koran quotes 'cuz he melded five translations and they won't match up with any of the originals.

    Much vital information can be found in some of my blog posts which have been compiled in pdf format so they can be embedded in blog posts or attached to emails.  "Islam 101 For Politicians" has several of them embedded. "Islam 101 For Clergy & Congregants"  loads faster 'cuz the pdfs are linked instead of loaded. It includes two files not found in the other  Islam 101 page: "Allah Is Not God" & "Islam Is Demonic".

    Feel free to explore: Hit the Home link in the upper left corner and scroll through recent posts. The series on the impossibility of peace has many essential details:

    Feel free to comment! Disqus is enabled on the posts, but not pages.

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