Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another Attack on the Ban Islam!! Group

A group styling itself Anti Freemason and Illuminati sent a representative to the Ban Islam!! group, where he posted this:
Anti Masonic post on Ban Islam!!'s wall.
The significant text reads as follows: "

Islam is a religion of peace. Islam have an enemy. Islam invaded the Illuminati city of Constantinople. And now we shall burn the city to the ground..."

Does that seem like a threat to you? It does to me. I followed the link and found this on their wall:
Original wall post
The text reads as follows: "

A sister calling us to launch attack at a group called "Ban Islam" how manhy of you united Anti-Masons of the world shall do so? Even if it means "Ban Christianity" we must spread the truth "BAN ILLUMINATI And FREMASONRY".. How many of you agree?"

That is a great question; how many of their 17,081 members will join the jihad against the Ban Islam !! group? So far, it appears that Muhammad is the only member of his group to spam the wall at Ban Islam!!. He has pretty well filled up the page with malicious malarkey.

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