Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obamination: Imagining Moderation in the Party of Allah

Rush Limbaugh alerted me to the existence of a Reuters article about how John Brennan would like to boost "moderates" over "hard-liners" among Hezbollah. Since Brennan is a university graduate, I must attribute his attitude to treachery rather than stupidity or ignorance.

Did F.D.R. seek out Moderate Nazis or Kamikazes to counteract their more aggressive brethren? Brennan says that Hezbollah has evolved from pure terrorism to militancy and membership in the Lebanese parliament & cabinet. He appears to think that Reuters readers are not intelligent enough to understand that terrorism & militancy are the same thing and not entirely inconsistent with seeking power through the parliament. Granted, some purists may reject the latter method, but most are willing to operate on parallel tracks. We need to recognize that those tracks run to total conquest; to the concentration of temporal and spiritual power in Muslim hands.

Shi'ia or Sunni, they're all Muslims. They all read from the same Qur'an, which issues a demonic mandate to conquer and dominate the entire world through intimidation and aggression. The main difference is who should rule, a direct descendant of Moe or a popularly chosen caliph from the ummah. So they differ over muta, al-taqiyya & making shrines of graves. Big deal. They all want us dead or enslaved. They all want Israel eradicated. So what if some of them have issues of pragmatism, tactics and scheduling?

So long as Muslims believe that Allah said "fight them" and meant it, as recorded in the Qur'an, a significant number of them will attempt to obey that command, with resulting death and destruction. Anyone who thinks that "moderate", or less aggressive Muslims have the ability and will to stop their more zealous brethren from acting on Allah's word needs psychiatric help.

Asserting that "moderate elements" exist within Moe's War Cult can only be attributed to treachery. Islam is a war cult; war is what Muslims do. They have been waging war for nearly 1400 years, what would make anyone believe that they are about to stop? They are promised victory and great rewards in this life and the next if they wage war. They are threatened with disgrace in this life and damnation in the next if they abstain from waging war. But the likes of Brennan & Obama won't get a clue. They don't want one; they want Islam to triumph over Western Civilization.

If you think that Islam is a "great religion of peace", "hijacked", "twisted"," perverted" or "distorted" by a "tiny minority of militants:, then you are sadly ignorant of the doctrines of orthodox Islam; you have not read and comprehended my blog posts on that subject. I have some clues for you.
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