Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Muslims Say: "Martin Sterling Should Be Killed"

I am an active participant in a Facebook group whose name includes an obscenity not proper to be printed in family friendly media. I will abbreviate it here as
F Islam. Visit that group only if you are not easily offended, at your own discretion, it is a place where members express their detestation of Moe's War Cult in explicit terms.

Recently, an extremely offensive message was posted on the group's wall, one which violates Facebook TOS. I will reproduce it here.
This is a screen shot of the wall post.
That wall post advocates the murder of a Facebook member. It has been reported to Facebook as an abusive post.

Following the link in the wall post opens this Group Information Page:

Group Info.

The victim posted on their wall, but his post was removed. This is a screen shot of the current state of their wall as of the time of this writing.

Martin Sterling Should Be Killed: Wall

That group was reported to Facebook yesterday, but it is still up. It advocates the murder of a Facebook member because he expresses his opposition to a predatory institution which seeks total world domination through genocidal conquest. Take a good long look at their message:

The Kill Message.
Islam operates by intimidation. Facebook does not give a damn; do you? I do!!

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