Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Turd from the Violent Extremism Summit

More turds More turd from The White House Summit to Counter Violent Extremism Ministerial Meeting Statement:

violent extremism

       The founder's words and actions are normative, not extreme; they define and exemplify the institution.
    Allah commanded Muslims to terrorize intended victims by maximizing military power and harsh treatment of defeated victims. Moe said that Allah made him victoious with terror. Allah said that Moe and his army scared the Jews more than he did.

    Inflicting terror is about weakening our ability and will to mount an effective resistance. Here is how Moe did it.
  • Moe terrified his victims by murder and rapine, building a well deserved reputation for barbarism.
    • He sent assassins to murder Kab Ashraf & Asma bint Marwan. For the disgusting details, turn to Ishaq's Sira, I reproduce only the conclusions here.
      • "Our attack upon God's enemy cast terror among the Jews, and there was no Jew in Medina who did not fear far his rife." 368
      • The day after Bint Marwan was killed the men of B.Khatma became Muslims because they saw the power of Islam. 676
    • Here is a sample of poetry recited by one of Moe's companions quoted by Ishaq on page 409.  It illustrates how Moe built his reputation.
      • We made liquid to run from your arses
        Like ,he ordure of camels that have eaten 'asal.
        when you took to your heels in the pass
        and fled like sheep one behind the other;
        When we attacked you boldly
        and drove you you the bottom of the mountain
        with companies like  vast objects (?) in the plains
        whoever meets them is terrified.
        The pass was too narrow for us when we traversed it
        And we filled its heights and depths
        With men you cannot equal
        Strengthened by Gabriel's help who came down
        We conquered at Badr by piety,
        Obeying God and believing the apostles.
        We killed all their chiefs
        And we killed every long robed noble.
    The Book of Jihad lists on page 163  certain sunnah of the Profit; this one stands out from the rest: "To employ each and every method that would terrorize the enemy".


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yuppieyorkie said...

Islam is not a wonderful religion of peace and love that has
been hijacked and perverted by a few bad apples: the evil Islamic fascists, Islamic militants, Islamic fundamentalists, jihadists, Wahhabism, etc. There has been no hijacking, no perversion. These demented souls are following only
the teachings of the Koran; they are walking in the footsteps of the Prophet. The truth is that Osama bin Laden is an ideal Muslim, who is only following the Koranic teachings of Islam as expected of every Muslim. Muslims are responsible for 99% of present day slave trading. Child soldiers and
sexually abusing young girls is part of their sick cult.