Monday, February 12, 2018

Mid East Peace: Chump Continues In Ignorance and Obfuscation

Mid East Peace: Chump Continues In Ignorance and Obfuscation I was alerted to Israel Hayom's interview with President Trump by an article at Christianity Today .
I want you to click through those links and read the article and the interview, there is more important information  in them than I will cover here. I have excerpted two crucial questions and answers to dissect.

Q: Obviously there is suspense in Israel about the imminent peace plan. When will the U.S. unveil its peace plan?

"We are going to see what goes on. Right now, I would say the Palestinians are not looking to make peace, they are not looking to make peace. And I am not necessarily sure that Israel is looking to make peace. So we are just going to have to see what happens."

Q: Will settlements be part of the plan?

"We will be talking about settlements. The settlements are something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace, so I think Israel has to be very careful with the settlements."

    Chump exposed his ignorance while being cagey and obscure.

The Aggressors

    It ain't "Palestinians"!  Only Jews are "Palestinians"!  The Arabs who pretend to be "Palestinians"! are invaders and occupiers, neither victims of aggression nor refugees.

The Enemy

    Falestinians are not the enemy, they are a subset of the enemy: Ummah al-Islamiyya. Muslims are enemies of the remainder of the human race. Muslims prey upon the remainder of the human race. That is what Islam is; what Muslims do.


    Islam is what makes Muslims inimical: Allah's imperatives, threat & promise: they are explained in a recent series on 'Why Peace Is Impossible".

Make Peace

    Only Muslims can make peace without exterminating the Muslims. Israel wants peace but is unwilling to exterminate Muslims.

    Muslim rejectionism is explained in my series on 'Why Peace Is Impossible". Read it and share what you learn with Chump.

    Muslims can make peace by apostatizing, quitting all claims to Israel and stopping inculcation of hatred & incitement of violence. They never will! 


    Chump is emulating Shrub & Obamination by screwing Israel! No friend of Israel will do that


    King David bought it from a Jubusite long ago. It belongs to Israel. It was never the capital city of any other entity. Muslims have no interest in or claim to it other than Moe's nightmare and Umar's conquest, which convey no right or title.

Obstacle To Peace

    Only Islam! Not Jerusalem. Not settlements. Not Israel. Only Islam!

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