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Ultimate Deal: To Hell With Trump's Peace Plan!!!

Peace Plan Updated
Ultimate Deal: To Hell With Trump's Peace Plan!!!
    World Israel News reports that a Saudi news paper is reporting suposed details of Trumps grand plan. If there is any truth in the Arab claims, the plan must be rejected and Chump should be replaced.  Breitbart and JPost have similar articles citing Asharq al-Awsat. I found nothing relevant on their web page and no links to the cited content.

    Update:  03/01/18.
  • I have not found the original article, but I did find two new commentaries on it to share with you:
    • Prince Tahiri, an Iranian journalist, has some historical insight and analysis which whould be read. Unfortunately it is in Arabic and the Google translation is not easy reading.  But read it anyway!

  • Unacceptable elements:
    • Falestinian state
    • division of Jerusalem
    • internationalization of the Old City Of David
    • relocation of 'settlements'
    • $40B to Falestine.
    if any part of that is in the proposal, I will be voting for Senator Ted Cruz in the '20 presidential primary and will write him in in November.

    Jews are the Palestinian people. Palestine is a name imposed by Rome after a revolt. It is an insult to the Jews, renaming Israel to Philistine. There is no Falestinian people, a political invention consisting of undifferentiated Arabs who never had a state, capital or distinct culture of their own.

     King David bought the city from a Jebusite.  It was his capital and has never been the capital city of any other entity. Hussein illegally seized half the city in '48 and lost it when he attacked again in '67. It is Israel's capital city. There can be no peace without all Muslims quitting all claims to all of Israel!!!

    The location of the Temples, crucifixion & resurrection is holy to Jews and Christians. The false Muslim claim is based on a nightmare described in Sira as the Night Journey
  • Camel Shit!
    • No equine exists with wings and a human face.
    • No equine could span the horizon with it's hooves.
    • Seven heavens alludes to the seven naked eye planets: no way to get there!
    • There was no mosque in Jerusalem in Moe's lifetime!
    When asked what he wanted conquered first, Yemen or Syria, the Arrogant AssWhole said Syria, for Allah  has, on my account, taken a special charge of the people of Syria.  even if Umar's conquest could confer good title, the Orcs lost the Levant in WW1 and Hussein lost East Jerusalem  in '67. Muslims have no right title or claim to it!!!

    For reasons cited above, the internationalization of Jerusalem in the League Of Nations partition plan was invalid and irrational. Since the Muslims rejected it in favor of war, it is expired, null & void.

    Where can Jews live in peace and security except on their on land? Sharon's blunder: giving Gaza to Falestinians  is exemplary: they immediately used it as a launching pad for new attacks and continue to do so. 

   " Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute!"  What Goddamn Fool thinks that any money given to Falestinians will not be invested in further attacks against Israel? 
    Peace in a pi's Ass!!! There has been no peace since 623 and will be none while the earth is Muslim infested!!! There is no plan, deal or grand bargain that can overcome that reality. Therefore no plan should be fabricated and promulgated; a total waste of time money and effort.

    My recent series: Why Peace Is Impossible, lays out the disgusting details:

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