Friday, February 09, 2018

U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Allah Cast Terror

U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Allah Cast Terror     The first post in this series U.N:Freedom Of Religion~You Can't Criticize Islam!, documented Allah's promises to "cast terror" into the hearts of disbelievers.

Allah Kept His Promise

    He kept it by terrorizing the Mekkan army and two Jewish settlements. He made the Mekkans perceive Moe's army as more numerous than it was. They were so terrorized that they fled. This commentary from the Ma'ariful Qur'an  is in the context of 3:150.
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Ma'ariful Qur'an 3:174

    Examine  these two verses from the Hilali/Khan translation; see that Allah kept his promise to cast terror. The united Nazis order us not to connect Islam with terror, but Moe made that connection when he revealed these verses!



Allah Is A Terrorist!

    Who knew! Now that you know, what will you do about it? Will you obey the United Nazis by remaining silent?

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