Saturday, February 04, 2017

"Allah" swings open wide the doors for jihad in America

DOJ to defend Trump’s executive order on immigration

My comments (the latter) on the above article, posted at Jihad Watch moments ago:

“How many people from the countries banned will enter the USA while this issue is being debated? ”
Indeed, I can all but hear them now: “Quick! Quick, Abu al-Massacari!
“Grab your papers with the plots … never mind packing, as you know, the flight, in short, is to paradise, thus, you can finalize the details once you land; thus, go immediately, given “Allah” has clearly open wide the door of jihad for us, all praises to ‘Him’!”


Ben said...

Candidate Trump said he would ban Muslims. He made a good case and was condemned for it by the nattering nabobs of negativism.

Presudebt Chump chickened out. Practicing PC while ostensibly eschewing it, he shut down entry of citizens from seven countries.

Mustn't blame Muslims for what Moe told them to do! That would be discrimination, racism & unconstitutional. /sarc

If memory serves, 17 of the Magnificent Ninteen were Saudis. Saudi Arabia is not in the list of banned nationalities.

Terrorism is not a function of nationality, it is a function of belief in Allah, his imperatives, thret & promise. Muslims go to war or to Hell so we should not let them come or remain here.

Debi Brand said...

No doubt about it, Ben, a half-measured less-than-pointed approach to this problem is sure to fail in the face of certain resistance.

In brief, to aim to address the “Islam problem,” thus, the Muslim problem we face, and to do so asserting, in short, the measures we are taking to that end, basically, have nothing to do with either Islam or Muslims is foolishness.

In other words, to speak to the problem stated above and to fail to, first, establish precisely just what a Muslim is, where that qualification comes from, and then, from there, speaking fact-based on why Muslims do what they do, falls far short of the mark of addressing the Islamic problem we face.

In brief.

Ben said...

In 1778 Adams, Franklin & Jefferson went to London to learn from Tripoli's ambassador why they attacked us. I have quoted the answe in several posts. Search for First Barbary War. Anyone and anything not Islamic is automatically a target. The only wa to stop those attacks is to push the Muslims back beyond rocket range in the short term and exterminate them in the long term. No solution leaves Muslims within our borders or in this hemisphere. In the long term, anything that leaves the world infested by Muslims is no solution.

Muslims are commanded to conquer the world, promised eternity in Allah's orgy and threatened with eternity in his fire pit. This is a clue for those able to grasp one.

Muslims go to war or to Hell. Who can figure it out? President Trump: get your head out of your ass!!!!!!!!!!