Thursday, February 09, 2017

It's Islam, Stupid! Say it, General Flynn, If You Really Want To Win!

It's Islam, Stupid! Say it, General Flynn, If You Really Want To Win! Robert Spencer, at Jihad Watch, titles his post:

Flynn: “If we can’t tackle enemy doctrines that call for our domination or extinction, we aren’t going to destroy their jihadis”

    Spencer links to and quotes from a N.Y. Post article by Paul Sperry.

Paul Sperry, quoting General Flynn in the N.Y. Post:
“It’s long past time for us to denounce the many evils of Radical Islam,” he writes, while highlighting the many defeats of ISIS and al Qaeda to show potential recruits that “the Almighty has changed sides in the holy war.”

Radical refers to the root. The root of Islam is the Qur'an.  The stem  and branches are not grafted, they grow from theroot, leafed out by the sunnah.  Our ideological counter attack must begin with the Qur'an. First, undermine its claims to divine origin & perfection. Our propaganda must exploit the Qur'anic contradictions, errors and imperfections.

A visit to  to search for "was revealed" will yield plenty of proof of situational scripture. A search for "I feel that your Lord" will turn up the smoking gun of situational scripture.  Moe's favorite child bride called him out!

    The evils of Islam include but are not limited to:  misogyny, supremacism, triumphalism and genocidal conquest.  Which of those should be our priority?  Will anyone support concentrating on genocidal conquest?  Has anyone read and pointed out Moe's extortion letters?  I did not know they existed until a Muslim  posted this link in a PalTalk chat room where I was lurking years ago.

    Defeats? They lost a few battles, so what?  They have a ready supply of cannon fodder.  You must hit them hard, with shock and awe on a Hiroshima scale, and then ask "where was Allah, why did he not protect you from us as he promised?".

    Every Muslim is obligated to participate in Jihad, it is fard al-kifaya when they are attacking and fard ayn when we invade Dar al-Islam.  Read page 18 of "The Book Of Jihad" and get a clue. Compare that to "Reliance Of The Traveller" o9.1.

   The Almighty is not now and never was on their side!  Never imply that he was!  Allah Is Not God!  Islam Is Demonic! Did the God who so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son to save us create the Black Race "for the fire and I don't care"?  Would he take Muslims out of Hell and replace them with Christians?

    Sperry quotes Flynn as saying:
“a complete reformation of the Islamic religion”

    Reforming Islam is a fool's errand. Only an ignorant tool considers it possible. Islam is perfected for Muslims. Allah's words can not be changed! Not convinced yet?  The evidence is documented in this pdf file.

    Here is the money quote:
“The political and theological underpinnings of their immoral actions have to be demolished.”

It's Islam, Stupid!!!  So long as  men believe in Allah, his imperatives, threat & promise, they will continue to wage Jihad.  Our leaders must devise and implement tactics for destroying the Ummah's Iman; inducing mass apostasy.

    Flynn wants our schools & social media to contradict Islamic propaganda.  There is a name for that: 'Islamophobia'.  Exposing the Qur'an and hadith in any school where Muslim students are present would result in CAIR dragging the school administration into court.  

    Telling the truth about Islam is considered slander in Islamic law, a death penalty offense. The Pact Of Umar explicitly forbids teaching the Qur'an to the children of Dhimmis.  Teling the truth about Islam can get one banned from Face Book and Twitter. In the E.U., it can get one arrested and prosecuted.

    Will you tackle Islam, General Flynn?  Will you expose Allah as Satan using the Sira and two Sahihs?  Will you expose Moe as a false prophet who 'revealed' situational scripture to give  his sexual proclivities the imprimatur of divine sanction?  Will you tell how he molested Aisha and raped Safiya?  Will tell how he had Safiya's husband tortured to death?  Will you expose how Moe prayed for prey; praying to 'The Lord of the Devils and all into error they throw" for "the good of this town and all that is in it" before every ghazwa?  Will you tell about the murders of Kab Ashraf, Asma bint Marwan, Umm Qirfa and Rafi?

    Will you bring a panel of experts together with Mel Gibson to prouce one of the screen plays based on Ishaq's Sira, dub it into the languages understood by most Muslims and distributed globally?  Will you give Secret Service protection to the cast and production crew?  Will you do the same for production and distribution of a follow up series of mini docudramas for television?  

    Or will you  continue to practice PC while pretending to abandon it and piss on the periphery of the fire while continuing to fuel it?  Will you  take the battle to Islam on the intellectual plane or will you allow it to continue tormenting us until it finally triumphs?  

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