Sunday, February 26, 2017

More lies, more garbage our "leaders" propagate on Islam and the adherents to it

McMaster tells NSC staff that label “radical Islamic terrorism” not helpful because terrorists are “un-Islamic”

In the above article posted at Jihad Watch, with respect to the role of Islam in the actions of “IS” and ilk and MCMaster's assertions regarding such; Robert Spencer declares, "There is going to have to be clarification of this from the Trump administration. Is it going to continue the denial and willful ignorance of the Bush and Obama administrations...?"

Clarification indeed is called for.

Where does Trump stand on the Islam issue?

Has he inquired into precisely what the “sacred texts” thereof teach or does he not bother with such “nonsensical” inquiry?

When he initiated the proposal for a temporary halt of Muslims entering our nation, was he mindful of the words he spoke, was there any reason for him asserting such a position?

If so, why then is he hiring as consultants to him those who  believe the lie we have been fed by two administrations as they flush away lives, limbs, millions operating on the belief, the lie, MCMaster  and ilk propagate on Islam and the adherents to it?

President Trump, you allegedly fired General Flynn because, according to reports, he lied to V.P. Pence.

Question, Sir: Why is Flynn's alleged lie to V.P. Pence "firing-worthy," and yet to date, MCMaster's lie to his staff, and thus to the American people, less then position-termination-earning?

Mr. Trump, step up and speak, Sir. Clarify your position on Islam and on those who cling to that faith system; so too, on those who lie and propagate lies in defense of Islam.

Lacking that clarity, Sir, you are thus affirming the accuracy in those who charge, you, Sir, are a joke.  

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