Tuesday, February 07, 2017

' short of the mark, still pretending

As provided in President Donald J. Trump’s executive order,“PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES, the declaration is,  in essence, made, as indicated therein, to protect our homeland from terror attacks such as 9/11, San Bernardino, Orlando and the likes, the ineptness of the declaration is noted in the very title to it.

It addresses “Foreign Terrorist.” What’s more, much energy, time, as well as capital, is being spent in defense of this declaration.

But what about the core reason for the said “terrorist”?

What about the fact that that which makes a Muslim believer a Muslim executor of terror or a supporter thereof is the doctrine they hold dear? A doctrine preached, taught, practiced by millions here in our nation? Preached in every mosque, taught in every Islamic school.

Why are we, in this supposed effort to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the terrors of, as mentioned, 9/11, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and only God knows all where else, why are we shooting, again, short of the mark? Why are we asserting, the said executive order has nothing to do with “religion”? Has nothing to do with the adherents to a specific faith?

Why do we remain pretending, Islam--as the alleged prophet of it preached it, explained it, lived it--is not the reason for 9/11, not the reason for San Bernardino, not the reason for Orlando, not the reason for “Paris”? Not the reason for, in short, all bloodletting, marring and maiming, property and life taking by the hands of Muslim believers?

Why are we doing that? Why?

Only willing fools buy the spill that these measures presented in the said order are somehow meaningful and thus will effectively deal, to our favor, with the “Allah” and Muhammad obedient.

In a recent on-line conversation with my dear friend and my mentor in my quest to know and understand Islam, former Bangladeshi, former Muslim, Abul Kasim, the truth we shy from he stated: “It is [an]Islam problem.”

He added to that, “ No Western authority, including the US dares to confront Islam.”

Therefore, he affirms, “As long as this is not done, Islamic terrorism will flourish.” Will do so, he affirms, because, as anyone who has spent any effort studying Islam knows, “ Islamic terrorism emerges straight from the basic tenets of the faith.”

Those are basic facts we shy from. 

Thus, we remain, pretending Islam is something other than what its “sacred texts” show it to be.  We remain pretending that the adherent  to that faith system is other than an adherent to that faith system.

With respect to the said “travel ban,” Abul further states as follows:

I see that America is wrong again. George Bush was wrong, Obama was wrong, and now Trump is totally wrong. The reason is simple> The Islamists are miles ahead in cunningness and shrewdness. The Islamist terrorists do not queue for US visa. They do not need to enter the US. They are already in the US, in every government wing. They cleverly hide in various organisations [sic] and charitable works. The era of Osama bin Ladin is over. The new breed of Islamist terrorists are more sophisticated and crafty than 10 years ago. They do not need to migrate to the Western world. Because they are already there sharpening their terrorist skills.

Indeed, my  Friend. Well stated.

We already have here in our nation, living, thriving, planning, plotting, biding their time, using the weapons of patience and deceit, the “Allah” and his Messenger obedient. Thus students, products, children of the Imams of the Qur’an and Sunnah--and we have yet to pointedly addressed that fact, which is, as stated above, the reason for every terror act done in the name of “Allah.”

I commend President Trump for at least indicating he is possibly willing and courageous enough to address the reasons for the killing in the way of Allah. But I pray, he finds and exercises the wisdom and the courage to deal not with the results of Islamic terrorism but deal with the source that commands it.

That source is Islam.


Ben said...

Thank you or this excellent post, Debi! My answers are in my new post, immediately above this one.

Debi Brand said...

Thank you, Ben.

And additionally, for you pointed in-depth response posted.