Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump & Netanyahu: Two Fools On A Suicide Mission

Trump & Netanyahu: Two Fools On A Suicide Mission

Settlement freeze

World Israel News displayed this video clip from the joint press conference with Netanyahu. President Trump starts  this off by carping about "settlements".  
“I’d like you to hold off on settlements for a little bit.

    Trump ignores the fact that settlements and their natural growth are not obstacles to peace.  Islam is the obstacle to peace, the dragon in the room that nobody dares to recognize or acknowledge.

    "for a little bit"  falsely implies a short duration construction freeze. Last time it was for a year and no negotiations resulted.  Abbas  farted around for 11 months, then the President demanded an extension.  Wise men can learn from a cartoon strip: Lucy always snatches the ball away from Charley Brown's foot at the crucial moment.  These fools can't learn. Instead, they engage in fudging, waffling & Islamopandering.

Two State Solution

“I’m looking at two-state and one-state, and I like the one that both parties like.”

    Anything that leaves Muslims within rocket range of Israel is part of the problem, not a solution!  Muslim aggression, motivated by Islamic doctrine is the obstacle to peace.  

    The only function of a Falestian state is a launching pad for further aggression against Israel. Sovereignty means an army & importing weapons including larger, more powerful, more accurate rockets with which to attack Israel.

    There is and can be no deal, President Trump!!  Muslims can not tolerate Jews & Israel. Israel is the ultimate living blasphemy: proof of Allah's impotence. No Muslim can ever tolerate that!!!  Their irredentism is permanent and unwavering.  Read the relevant Qur'an verses1 and pull your head out of your arse!!!

    They seem to dream  about alliance with Sunni Arabs against Iran and for an end to the reconquest of Israel.  Have they no clue?  Leon Uris has a clue for the clueless!
“So before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; and the tribe against the world. And all of us against the infidel.”  ― Leon Uris, The Haj

T\hat means: 'All of Us against the Jew!'  Furthermore, Allah explicitly forbids equal and inferior relationships with infidels: Islam must be superior!  Read'em and weep, suckers!  3:28, 3:1184:894:1394:1445:515:5758:1458:2260:160:13


perpetual war on Jews

    Allah will continually send  someone to torment and humiliate the Jews. Who will he send?

    Tafsir Ibn kathir confirms it, and prophesies the final conqest. Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Eternal Humiliation Is Placed Upon The Jews

    The gates of jannah will not open for Muslims until they kill the last  Jew.

love & hate for Allah's sake

    Allah hates Jews 'cuz they reject Islam. Muslims must therefore hate Jews.


    Allah gives the land  to Muslims through conquests and there is none to put back his judgment. But Israel regained some of the land  stolen by Umar in 638.  Muslims have tried and failed four times to reconquer that land. Allah is an impotent idol!!! Israel is an intolerable thorn in the Muslim's butt!  




Uncle Vladdi said...

Perfectly (and irrefutably) put, as usual, Dajjal!

Ben said...

Thanks for the kind words, Unk! Unortunately, those who really need to view the vital information in this post will not. I tweeted it to President Trump and tagged him in my FB share.

Could and would he see the connection between Moe's statement that those who disobey his orders were humiliated and the references in various translations of 9.29 to humiliation or being subdued?

Can any politician grasp the fact that Muslims hate Jews 'cuz they are not Muslims and can never tolerate the existence of Jews or Israel?

It is being reported that Amb. Niki Haley is asserting adherence to the 'two state solution', in apparent contradiction of Trump's remarks.