Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Online Petitions

New petitions have been added to the campaign.
  • Congress Debate the Koran calls on the House of Representatives & Senate to hold televised hearings into the Qur'an & Hadith and the consequences of the doctrines therein enshrined & exemplified. Now is the time, prior to the Senate Judiciary Hearings scheduled for Oct. 25 '05! Please send a link to your Rep. & Senators.
  • U.N. Investigate the Koran is based on CDK only aimed at the U.N. Security Council.
  • Target: Mecca asks President Bush to designate Mecca as default target for retaliation in the event of any further terrorist attack on our homeland or diplomatic soil. In view of the increased threat level and the bombing at Norman OK, now is the time to put on some pressure. Deterrence must be pre-emptive; it has no retroactive effect.
If you have not yet signed those petitions, please do so and promote them as widely as possible!!!

Other new resources are available at Crusader's Armory :
  • The Noble Qur'an, Hilali & Khan translation. (Qur'an & Hadith are searchable Windows Help Files.)
  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Abu Dawud
  • Malik's Muwatta
  • URLGenerator: inputs Surah & Ayat or Book & Ahadith Number; returns URL to that verse at U.S.C. Windows freeware to simplify hyperlinking to Islam's canonical books.
Crusader's Armory also has several tri-fold flyers which you can print and distribute. These flyers make heavy use of the Noble Qur'an & Hadith. Titles include:
  • Is This Muslim dangerous? A Simple Oral Examination You Can Administer
  • Target: Mecca a Petition to President Bush for Effective Deterrence of Islamic Terrorism
  • Congress: Debate the Koran a Petition for Investigation & Delegitimatization of Islam
  • Islamic Misogyny
  • Can Islam Be Valid?
  • Is Islam Peaceful?
  • Clinton Lied & Thousands Died!!
  • Thousands Died & Bush Lied !! Islam is the Enemy Terrorism Is Their Tactic!
  • Can Islam Be Reformed? Can Terrorism Be Removed From Qur'an?
  • Situational Scripture Proves That: Muhammad Was A Ventrilloquist & Allah Was His Dummy!
  • When I'm Dead & In My Grave No More Terror Will I Crave!
  • Embrace Islam And You Will be Safe. Safe From What ?