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UN Human Rights Council Denies: Terrorism Is Islam ๐Ÿ’ฉ ๐Ÿ–• ๐Ÿ‘Ž

UN Human Rights Council Denies: Terrorism Is Islam ๐Ÿ’ฉ ๐Ÿ–• ๐Ÿ‘Ž UN Human Rights Council Denies: Terrorism Is Islam ๐Ÿ’ฉ ๐Ÿ–•  ๐Ÿ‘Ž

In March of 2018, UNHRC met and reaffirmed their most damnable lie: denying the obvious nexus of Islam and terrorism in three resolutions.
    Each of those resolutions contains the big lie in terms derived from boiler plate in previous resolutions.

  • Emphasizing that terrorism and violent extremism conducive to terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group, [page 1]
  • Reaffirming that terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group, [page 1]
  • 6. Emphasizes that no religion should be equated with terrorism, as this may have adverse consequences for the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion or belief of all members of the religious community concerned; [page 6]
    The nexus between Islam and terrorism is found in Islam's canonical texts. A search for terror at  turned up 172 results.
  • Results from:
    • Qur'an: 39
    • tafsirs: 126
    • hadith: 54
      • Sahih Bukhari: 6
      • Sahih Muslim: 13
      • sunan Abu Dawud: 2
    Most of those search results relate to the greatest terror: Qiyama, when Allah comes to damn sinners.  Others are directly relevant to the nexus.
  • Relevant Results; A few samples:
    • 15 Quran 33.26

      • People of the Book, and He cast terror into their hearts, [so that] you killed a part of them, and t
    • 27 Quran 3.151

      • We shall strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers for ascribing compeers to God for which He has
    • 39 Quran 8.12

      • ill the hearts of infidels with terror. So smite them on their necks and every joint, (and incapacit
    • 57 Quran 59.2

      • t, and filled their hearts with terror, so that they destroyed their homes with their own hands (or
    • 96 Quran 8.60

      • can muster, that you may strike terror in (the hearts of) the enemies of God and your own, and other
    • 99 Quran 59.13

      • nger (than they) because of the terror in their hearts, (sent) by Allah. This is because they are me
    • 6 Tafsir Al-Qushairi 3.151

      • We will cast terror into the hearts of the disbelievers; for what they have associated with God that
      • ignated our Prophet (แนฃ) to cast terror (ruสฟb) from Him into the hearts of His enemies. [The Prophet]
      • (สฟa) said: I was helped by terror (ruสฟb). He also follows this way (sunna) with His friends. He put
    • 54 Hadith Sahih Muslim Book 5 Hadith 11

      • (๏ทบ) said: I have been helped by terror (in the heart of the enemy) ; I have been given words which a
    • 70 Hadith Sahih Muslim Book 5 Hadith 7

      • meaning; I have been helped by terror (in the hearts of enemies): spoils have been made lawful to m
    • 67 Hadith Sahih Bukhari Book 56 Hadith 186

      • have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping,
    • 140 Tafsir Ibn Al Kathir 59.1-5

      • ُูˆุจِู‡ِู…ُ ุงู„ุฑُّุนْุจَ (and He cast terror into their hearts) means, Allah cast fear, terror and fright
      • tes did not deliver. Allah cast terror in the hearts of the Jews. They asked the Messenger to allow
      • miliate them and bring fear and terror to their hearts, he ordered their date trees to be cut down.
    Allah said he would and did cast terror. Allah said  Moe was more a terror in the Jew's hearts than he was. Allah commanded Muslims to strike terror and terrorize.
Allah awards Brownie Points for terrorism.   Moe said he was helped and made victorious with terror.  The God damn UN says Islam can not be equated nor associated with terror. It thereby earns our contempt and detestation!  @POTUS Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!!! #MAGA !!

    In the matter of human rights: The accursed nations declare all human rights to be interdependent. God damn them!!!
  • Emphasizing that all human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated,
  • Reaffirming that all human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated,
    No, damn you ๐Ÿ–•  ๐Ÿ‘Ž My right to expose, curse and condemn those who threaten and attack me is not dependent on anything but the grace of God, the Declaration Of Independence and the first amendment's free speech clause!!!

    President Washington said that without free speech we would be lambs for the slaughter.
"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."

    Goldwater made it crystal clear:
"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!?

  • Embeded false premises:
    • Violent Extremism
      • The words and works Islam's deity and Prophet are not extrfeme, they are normative; they set the standard for all Muslims to obey in all places, at all times. 
    • "adverse consequences for the enjoyment of the right to freedom of religion"
      • Where but in the Goddamn Qur'an, hadith, sira & shari'ah do you find the right to:
        • threaten
        • attack
        • extort
        • kill
        • enslave
        • plunder
        • rape
          • anyone because he rejects your superstition ๐Ÿ–•
      • In which article, section and clause of the Constitution do you find those rights ๐Ÿ–•
    This is a blog post, not a book. Since I have previously documented the relevant facts, I link to them instead of repeating them.

#FightTheDisbelieversNearestYou 9.123

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Trump's Iftar Idiocy

Trump's Iftar Idiocy     In 2017, President Trump wisely demurred when Muslims demanded that he host an Iftar.  This year he lost his wits and hosted an Iftar. Muslims bitched about hypocrisy, pandering and not being invited. CAIR staged an alternative "Not Trump's" Iftar in Lafayette Park. I prayed for rain.

Daniel Dale, Washington  Corespondent for the Toronto Star, tweeted a transcript. I will try to render it legible.  I used OCR to convert a jpg to text; I may have missed a few errors. My incendiary comments will follow the transcript, inter

    'l'HE PR£SIDENT:  Please sit down,  Thank you.  Good evening, and
thank you all for joining us -- this iftar dinner -- as we celebrate the
Islamic holy month of Ramadan1.  It's a great month. A lot   of friends2,  a
Lot of great friends.

     I want to thank Vice President Pence, Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary
Ross,  Secretary Chao,  Secretary Azar,  and Administrator Linda McMahon
for being with us tonight.   Thank you all very much.      Appreciate it.    We
had. a very busy day, a very successful day in Washington, D.C.  A lot of
great things are happening.  Tremendous economy -- best we've ever had.
And we have a wonderful administration; they're doing a lot of great
things.        So that's really terrific.
    I also want to thank the members   of  the Muslim community at home3
and abroad for joining us.  And a special thanks to Imam Agbere and all
of the folks at the U.S. Army.           Imam,  where are you?  Imam   very nice.                                                     
l'hank you very much for being with  us.        It's a great honor.   Thank ycu.
(Applause . )

    At tonight's dinner, we especially are pleased to welcome members
of the diplomatic corps, representing our friends and partners4 across
the globe.  And a very warm welcome to all of the ambassadors here
tonight representing Muslim-majority nations.  We're greatly honored by
your presence, and thank you very much for being here.  Some very good
friends.  To each of you and to the Muslims around the world: Ramadan

     In gathering together this evening, we honor6 a sacred tradition of
one of the world's great7 religions8.  For the Islamic faithful, the iftar
dinner marks the end of the daily period of fasting and spiritual
reflection that occurs throughout the holy month of Ramadan.  Iftars
mark the coming together of families and friends to celebrate a timeless
message of peace9 clarity, and love10  There is great love.  It's a
moment to call upon our highest ideals, and to give thanks for the many
blessings we enjoy.  Thank you very much.

    Tonight_, we give thanks for the renewed bonds of friendship and
cooperation we have forged with our valued partners from all across the
Middle East.  So many of you I spent time with not so long ago -- about
a year ago.  That was one of the great two days of my life.  That was
one of the most fabulous times, and I think we accomplished a lot

     Only by working together can we achieve a  future of security and
prosperity for all.  For this reason, I was proud to make my first foreign
trip as President to the heart of the Muslim world, where I addressed an
assembly of more than 50 leaders  of Muslim-majority countries. 
That was something. 

 The partnership11 and solidarity that we established over the past
year has only deepened with time.  So many friendships.  So many
meetings, even in the Oval Office.  And we've made a lot of progress, I
think, a lot. of tremendous progress.

  So tonight, as we enjoy a magnificent dinner at the White House,
let us strive to embody the grace and goodwill Lhat mark the Ramadan
season.  Let us pray for peace12 and justice,   and let us resolve that
these va1ues will guide us as we work together to build a bright and
prosperous future that does honor and glory to God.

   Thank you veiy much,       and enjoy your evening.     Have a veri blessed
Rarnadan .       'l'hank   you very  much  for  being  here .     lt's a great honor.
(Applause . )            (            Thank you.


    I call it Ramadamn! In that month, Moe packed some food and water and went to the cave of Hira to meditate. He hallucinated, hearing strange sounds and seeing strange sights. he thought he was going mad, becoming a seer or demon possessed. He ran home to his first wife, who allegedly convinced him that he had an encounter with an angel. Then the "Profitable Prophet Plan", as Craig Winn calls it in "The Prophet Of Doom", was hatched. Read the story in Ibn Sa'd.

    Saum, one of the "five pillars of Islam", celebrates the month in which the first "revelation" occurred. Khadija's cousin was a Gnostic Monk. When he died, there was a hiatus in revelations and Moe became suicidal. Can you connect the dots? 

     Muslim acts of piety have special merit in Ramadamn, including Jihad.  Current toll: 473 dead in 118 attacks


    The ignorant fool does not know what he is talking about! Muslims are expressly forbidden to befriend, partner, ally with or take Kuffar as protectors. Read these ayat and know what a fool we elected!  3:28, 3:118,   4:894:1394:1445:515:5758:1458:2260:160:13


    From what I have read, Trump did not invite the local Muslim community to the Iftar and many said they'd not attend if invited. They held an alternative " Not Trump's Iftar"  in Lafayette park to show their contempt for Trump.

Blessed Ramadamn!

    Has he no clue? He congratulated Muslims on the creation of the Arab Mafia that first attacked our shipping in the 18th century and more recently in several of our cities leaving  many dead and wounded.  The attack on the World Trade Center was an Islamic act of worship!!!

    Muslims are forbidden to participate in Christian celebrations or congratulate us on our holidays. We should reciprocate.


    Honoring the inception of the world's most egregious evil: Satanism embodied in an Arab Mafia disguised as a religion. Dishonorable!!! Would you honor vampires on the anniversary of Dracula's pact with Satan?  Trump has done the moral equivalent!


    What the Hell is great about Isdamn?! Jihad? Genocide? Terror? Misogyny? Slavery? It's 270*10^6 innocent victims? It's 2.5B adherents?


    What religion recruits and retains by force? What religion has in it's scripture a chapter on the spoils of war?  What Prophet was "sent with the sword" and dictated extortion letters?  Isdamn is an Arab Mafia, not a religion. The "original religion" of Isdamn is jihad! It's mission is the emolument of Moe and his caliphs.


    Peace in a pig's anus!  In Jahillia, Ramadan was one of four sacred months when fighting was prohibited. Moe broke that taboo. In Islam, peace is only after the entire world is conquered.

Charity & Love

    Isdamnic charity and love are for Brother Muslims only. Charity is not given to Kuffar unless the giver is in hopes of recruiting a convert. Muslims are commanded to shun their infidel fathers and siblings!  Trump needs to read the damned Koran!

    I wanted to make this short and bitter, not write a book. I present these links to previous posts for the benefit of those wanting more details about Isdamn.