Wednesday, March 15, 2023

International Day to Combat Islamophobia

Is March 15 2023 and every succeeding year.  Please do not waste it, combat Islamophobia by becomeing an Islamorealist. 

     The canonical texts of Islam have been translated to English and uploaded to the internet archive.   They can be found with Google's domain search function, run these searches:

"archive Reliance Of The Traveller English pdf"

"archive Risala English pdf"  

"archive Hedaya Volume II English pdf"

"archive The Religious And Moral Doctrine Of Jihad English pdf"

 Those searches will find Islamic law, search within the books for jihad. 

     Next, search for this: "archive Sahih Bukhari Volume 4 Arabic/English pdf:"   and within it, read the books of Jihad and Khumus.  Note page 108, "What is said regarding spears"  which tells us how Muhammad made his living.  Search for that  in every on line hadith database you can find. At you will find the Arabic with no translation.  At you will not find it.  Return toi the archive and download the English only edition, you will not find that story in it.  Return to quranx and search for "The Benefits Of Iron", Read the tafsir slowly and carefully.  

     Other books to search for "Ibn Sa'd" (Waquidi's sira)  "The Noble Qur'an"  and "The Life Of Muhammad"