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Why Peace Is Impossible: Terrorism

Why Peace Is Impossible: Allah's Imperatives: Terrorism



[Emphasis added.]
3:151. We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they joined others in worship with Allâh, for which He had sent no authority; their abode will be the Fire and how evil is the abode of the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers).


8:12. (Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, "Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes."

8:57. So if you gain the mastery over them in war, punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so that they may learn a lesson.

Tafsir Ibn Kathir
So if you gain the mastery over them in war), if you defeat them and have victory over them in war,
(then disperse those who are behind them,) by severely punishing ﴿the captured people﴾ according to Ibn `Abbas, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Ad-Dahhak, As-Suddi, `Ata' Al-Khurasani and Ibn `Uyaynah. This Ayah commands punishing them harshly and inflicting casualties on them. This way, other enemies, Arabs and non-Arabs, will be afraid and take a lesson from their end, (so that they may learn a lesson. ) As-Suddi commented, "They might be careful not to break treaties, so that they do not meet the same end.'' So if you gain the mastery over them in war), if you defeat them and have victory over them in war, (then disperse those who are behind them,) by severely punishing ﴿the captured people﴾ according to Ibn `Abbas, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Ad-Dahhak, As-Suddi, `Ata' Al-Khurasani and Ibn `Uyaynah. This Ayah commands punishing them harshly and inflicting casualties on them. This way, other enemies, Arabs and non-Arabs, will be afraid and take a lesson from their end, (so that they may learn a lesson. ) As-Suddi commented, "They might be careful not to break treaties, so that they do not meet the same end.''

8:60. And make ready against them all you can of power, including steeds of war (tanks, planes, missiles, artillery, etc.) to threaten the enemy of Allâh and your enemy, and others besides whom, you may not know but whom Allâh does know. And whatever you shall spend in the Cause of Allâh shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be treated unjustly.

Ibn Kathir :  to threaten), or to strike fear

    At first glance, 8.57 & 60 may appear innocent. Muslims are commanded to give harsh treatment to defeated victims to tach a lesson to those behind them.  That means terrify those they intend to attack next.  Ibn Kathir adds "will be afraid.

    Muslims are commanded to maximize military power  to threaten intended victims. Ibn Kathir adds "to strike fear". That is a clue for you.  Ibn Ishaq, Moe's biographer, has another clue for you found on page 326 of Guillaume's The Life Of Muhammad.
326                             The Life of Muhammad
Then God mentions the unbelievers and what they will meet when they die, and describes them, and tells His prophet about them until He says: 'If you come upon them in war, deal with them so forcibly as to terrify those who follow them, haply they may take warning/ i.e. make a severe example of them to those that come after, that haply  they may understand. 'And prepare what strength you can against them, and cavalry by which. you may strike terror into the enemy of God and your enemy' as far as His words, 'And whatever you spend in the way of God will be repaid to you: you will not be wronged,' i.e. you will not lose your reward with God in the next life and a rapid recompense in this world.

Terrorism Rewarded

    Allah  awards Brownie Points for acts of terrorism intended to injure or enrage us.  On Judgment Day, the Muslim will stand before Allah, who will weigh his sins against his righteous good deeds. The swing of the balance will decide his  eternal destiny.
Acts  to instill terror are credited to the terrorist as righteous good deeds.
9:120. It was not becoming of the people of Al-Madinah and the bedouins of the neighbourhood to remain behind Allâh's Messenger (Muhammad  when fighting in Allâh's Cause) and (it was not becoming of them) to prefer their own lives to his life. That is because they suffer neither thirst nor fatigue, nor hunger in the Cause of Allâh, nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict any injury upon an enemy but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness. Surely, Allâh wastes not the reward of the Muhsinûn

Tafsir Ibn Kathir
nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers), by strategies of war that would terrify their enemy (nor inflict), a defeat on the enemy,

Terrorism practiced

    Allah cast terror and Moe was made victorious with terror! Note the allusion to 8.57 in the last sentence of 59.2.!
33:26. And those of the people of the Scripture who backed them (the disbelievers) Allâh brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives.

59:2. He it is Who drove out the disbelievers among the people of the Scripture (i.e. the Jews of the tribe of Banî An-Nadîr) from their homes at the first gathering. You did not think that they would get out. And they thought that their fortresses would defend them from Allâh! But Allâh's (Torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast terror into their hearts, so that they destroyed their own dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see).

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220:
 Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah's Apostle said, "I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand." Abu Huraira added: Allah's Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).

Islamic Law

    Turn back to 8.6o  and take note of the phrase "including steeds of war". Islamic law has another clue for you.  Hedaya, the fiqh of the Hanafi madhab,  tells us  the purpose  keeping steeds of war.  It's terror, Stupid!  On  pages 175 & 176 of the second volume, there is a discussion of allocation of  shares of plunder. The horseman gets a share for his horse, it makes no difference how many horses he has or what breed, Persian or Arabian.  The text is barely legible and ocr fails. I highlighted the pertinent sections.
Hedaya 2.175

Now read the last paragraph on page 176 for another clue. The act of setting out on a ghazwa inflicts terror on the infidels!
Hedaya 2.176

    Every Muslim must be an object of fear to infidels because he  is likely to attack them.  Hedaya  spills the beans in a discussion of which Muslims are authorized to issue writs of protection.  Once again, I have highlighted pertinent parts.

Hedaya 2.157


    "The Quranic Concept Of War" a strategy manual used by the army of Pakistan, describes terror on page 59.
Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end in itself.  Once a condition of terror into the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved.  It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge; it is the decision we wish to impose upon him.

Who will get a clue? Read the highlighted  clauses over and over until reality sinks in.

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Why Peace Is Impossible: Allah's Imperatives: Jihad

Why Peace Is Impossible: Allah's Imperatives: Jihad The Series:

Why Peace Is Impossible: Allah's Imperatives

    Allah's commandments are contained in 'clear verses', exemplified in authentic ahadith, explained in exegesis and codified in shari'ah.   Jihad & terrorism are the result of Believers obeying Allah and emulating Moe. [Emphasis added.]


Ordained For Muslims

2:216. Jihâd (holy fighting in Allâh's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allâh knows but you do not know.

Fight Them Until

Resistance ceases

2.193, 8.39

Only Allah Is Worshiped

   2.193, 8.39

subjugation & Extortion


2:193. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allâh) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allâh (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zâlimûn (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)

8:39. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allâh) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allâh Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allâh), then certainly, Allâh is All-Seer of what they do.
9:29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

9:123. O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allâh is with those who are the Al-Muttaqûn (the pious - see V.2:2).

    Computer programmers will recognize those as do ...until... loops. The verb is fight, the subjects are  Quraysh, Quraysh and "People of the Book", respectively. The  compound terminal conditions are h2 headers above these three verses.  The links  between headers go to the Hilali/Khan translation for context. The links in the verse numbers go to Islam Awakened for 50 parallel translations.

    Note that Jihad is not defined in the Qur'an. Recall the  verse of ordinance: 2:216. Jihâd (holy fighting in Allâh's Cause)
The parenthetical expression was inserted by the translators for clarity. Take a close look at the Arabic word  translated as Jihad.
[the] fighting

Click it and examine the dictionary & concordance; mote the numerous variants! The translators defined Jihad in their footnote to 2.190.
(V. 2:190) Al-Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah's Cause (with full force of numbers
and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on
which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established, Allah's Word is made superior, (His
Word being La ilaha illallah which means none has the right to be worshipped but
Allah), and His Religion (Islam) is propagated. By abandoning Jihad (may Allah
protect us from that) Islam is destroyed and the Muslims fall into an inferior
position; their honour is lost, their lands are stolen, their rule and authority vanish.
Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim, and he who tries to escape
from this duty, or does not in his innermost heart wish to fulfil this duty, dies with
one of the qualities of a hypocrite.
Narrated 'Abdullah bin Mas'ud I asked Allah's Messenger
" O Allah's Messenger! What is the best deed?" He replied, "To offer the Salit
(prayers) at their early fixed stated times." I asked, "What is next in goodness?" He
replied, "To be good and dutiful to your parents." I further asked, "What is next in
goodness?" He replied, "To participate in Jihad in Allah's Cause." I did not ask
Allah's Messenger anymore and if I had asked him more, he would
have told me more. (Sahih Al-Bukhiri, Vol.4, Hadith No.41).

Note the cost / benefit analysis in the footnote:
  • establishment
  • supremacy
  • propagation
    • .destruction
    • inferiority
    • dishonor
    • loss of rule & authority
    • hypocrisy
Of course, Jihad is not officially recognized as one of the five pillars of Islam, but Moe declared it to be Islam's highest peak.  I quote out of context from Sunan Ibn Majah, volume 5, page 193.
Then he
said: 'Shall I not tell you of the
head of the matter, and its pilar
and pinnacle? (It is) Jihad'

    What makes a Jihad holy?  I have not found an explicit answer, but intention plays an important role.  Holy war is undertaken for Allah's good pleasure, to earn his approbation, not for fame, reputation or fortune.
Sunan Abu DawudBook 14, Number 2513:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:

Apostle of Allah, tell me about jihad and fighting. He replied: Abdullah ibn Amr, if you fight with endurance seeking from Allah your reward, Allah will resurrect you showing endurance and seeking your reward from Him, but, if you fight for vain show seeking to acquire much, Allah will resurrect you making a vain show and seeking to acquire much. In whatever you fight or are killed, Abdullah ibn Amr, in that state Allah will resurrect you.

[No reward for the one seeking worldly advantage: Book 14, Number 2510]

    Moe told us what would profane a holy war in  Sahih Muslim  19.4294:
  • Holy war
    • fear Allah
    • be good to the Muslims with you
    • fight
      • in the name of Allah
      • in the way of Allah
      • against disbelievers
    • make a holy war.
  • Profanations
    • embezzle spoils
    • flee the battle
    • mutilate bodies
    • kill children.

Jihad An-Nafs

    But Jihad is struggle, extreme striving against the rigors of life; ego & temptation. Yeah, right. Search the six canonical hadith collections, each one has a 'book'  of Jihad. Sahih Bukhari adds 'books' of Khumus & Expedition. Show me one hadith therein  pertaining to Jihad An-Nafs!


    Moe exempted the blind and lame from Jihad.

4:95. Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allâh with their wealth and their lives. Allâh has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allâh has promised good (Paradise), but Allâh has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward;

Must a Muslim go out from his home to do Jihad An-Nafs?  Would he risk his life & wealth in the  struggle?

Legal definition

    The legal definition of Jihad is found in  Reliance Of The Traveller, Book o, Chapter 9.0 from which I quote.
Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.


    Offensive Jihad is a communal obligation, fard al-Kifaya which binds the entire Ummah until a sufficient number have  responded.  Refer to Reliance, o9.1 and suffer confusion. "The Book Of Jihad", page 19  is clear and includes a straight forward quote of the infamous fatwa of Imam Al-Shafi'i.


    Camel feces!  Will you spend three days proselytizing  an attacking enemy force before defending yourself? I quote from Reliance o9.8
The caliph (o25) makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians (N: provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4) -which is the significance of their paying it, not the money itself-
If you need more detail, go to and read the two pdf files embedded in the landing page.


    Moe is on record confirming the orders to fight.
Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 387:
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Allah's Apostle said, "I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.' And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter, then their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah." Narrated Maimun ibn Siyah that he asked Anas bin Malik, "O Abu Hamza! What makes the life and property of a person sacred?" He replied, "Whoever says, 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah', faces our Qibla during the prayers, prays like us and eats our slaughtered animal, then he is a Muslim, and has got the same rights and obligations as other Muslims have."

Sunan Abu Dawud 14.2635
    Narrated Anas ibn Malik:

    The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: I am commanded to fight with men till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Apostle, face our qiblah (direction of prayer), eat what we slaughter, and pray like us. When they do that, their life and property are unlawful for us except what is due to them. They will have the same rights as the Muslims have, and have the same responsibilities as the Muslims have.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 196:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah 's Apostle said, " I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,' and whoever says, 'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,' his life and property will be saved by me except for Islamic law, and his accounts will be with Allah, (either to punish him or to forgive him.)"

See also: Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 92, Number 388

Why Peace Is Impossible

Why Peace Is Impossible: Gladstone had part of the answer:
So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world. Holding up a Qur'an in the House of Commons; quoted in Rafiq Zakaria, Muhammad and the Quran (Penguin Books, 1991), p. 59.

John Quincy Adams elaborated on the concept. [Bold font emphasis added.]
He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST: TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE [capitals in original].
Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. That war is yet flagrant; nor can it cease but by the extinction of that imposture, which has been permitted by Providence to prolong the degeneracy of man. While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men. The hand of Ishmael will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. It is, indeed, amongst the mysterious dealings of God, that this delusion should have been suffered for so many ages, and during so many generations of human kind, to prevail over the doctrines of the meek and peaceful and benevolent Jesus…

    According to expert opinion, there can be no peace while the Qur'an has influence and until Islam is extinct.  But those opinions lack probative evidence. My case is not dependent on expert opinions, but on relevant, verifiable evidence which I intend to exhibit to you in a series of posts on this subject.

    Peace is impossible because of the existence of believing Muslims who obey Allah's imperatives and emulate Muhammad's sunnah.


8:2. The believers are only those who, when Allâh is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur'ân) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone);

8:3. Who perform As-Salât (Iqâmat­as­Salât) and spend out of that We have provided them.

8:4. It is they who are the believers in truth. For them are grades of dignity with their Lord, and Forgiveness and a generous provision (Paradise).

8:5. As your Lord caused you (O Muhammad ) to go out from your home with the truth, and verily, a party among the believers disliked it;

    The meanings of 'fear', 'spend' and 'go out'  require some contextual searching to discover their meaning and define Believers. Fortunately, we do not need to engage in that research because other verses are more explicit.
9:111. Verily, Allâh has purchased of the believers their lives and their properties; for the price that theirs shall be the Paradise. They fight in Allâh's Cause, so they kill (others) and are killed. It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him in the Taurât (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel) and the Qur'ân. And who is truer to his covenant than Allâh? Then rejoice in the bargain which you have concluded. That is the supreme success

49:15. Only those are the believers who have believed in Allâh and His Messenger, and afterward doubt not but strive with their wealth and their lives for the Cause of Allâh. Those! They are the truthful.

    Believers sold their souls to Allah for admission to Jannah so they fight in his cause,  killing and being killed.  Unfortunately, the issue is too deep and complex to settle in one blog post. Other posts in this series will delve into:
I  will add links to successive posts as they are uploaded.  Follow this blog to receive notice of new posts.

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Trump: Damned Fool In NYC~United Nazis Peace In a Pig's!

Trump: Damned Fool In NYC~United Nazis Peace In a Pig's!     President Trump is meeting with world leaders on the sidelines at the United Nazi convention. I have selected several  files from the White House. I intend to search them for lies & Moronic statements about  'Peace'. I will mark my findings with superscripts internally linked to my incendiary commentary which will follow below the horizontal line.

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

10:32 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It's a great honor1 to have President Abbas from the Palestinian Authority with us and his representatives, who have been working very hard with everybody involved toward peace2. I mean, we're looking seriously at peace, and maybe, ultimately, peace in the whole of the Middle East. And I think we have a pretty good shot -- maybe the best shot ever -- and that's what we're looking to do.3

And I just want to thank you for all of the time, all of the meetings, all of the work. It's a complex subject; always been considered the toughest deal of all. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians -- the toughest of all.

But I think we have a very, very good chance, and I certainly will devote everything within my heart and within my soul to get that deal made. Our team is expert; your team is expert. Israel is working very hard toward the same goal, and I must tell you, Saudi Arabia and many of the different nations are working also hard.

So we'll see if we can put it together. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. But I think we have a good chance, and it's a great honor to have you with us.

Thank you very much.

PRESIDENT ABBAS: (As interpreted.) I'm very delighted to be here with President Trump, and I thank you very heartfeltly for allowing us this opportunity to meet with you for the first time this year.

And if this is any proof to anything, it means -- it attests to the seriousness of Your Excellency, Mr. President, to achieve the deal of the century in the Middle East during this year or in the coming months, God willing.

And we are very certain that you, Mr. President, are determined to reach real peace in the Middle East. And this gives us the assurance and the confidence that we are on the verge of real peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

And I would not be giving away any secrets if I say we have met with your brave and active delegation more than 20 times since your ascension to power in the White House. And if this is any indication to anything, it indicates how serious you are about peace in the Middle East.

And I'm very thankful for these efforts, and you will find utmost seriousness on our part to achieve peace, because peace serves our interests and the interests of the Israeli people.

And allow me, Mr. President, to use this opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Jewish people on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah today, and to the Muslim people on the occasion of the new Islamic year tomorrow. And this is a very sweet coincidence that we can celebrate the new year together within a 24-hour period, and if this is an indication to anything it means that we can coexist peacefully together.

Once again, Mr. President, we count on you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. That's very nice of you. A very great sentiment, frankly. And I have to say, from the time I'm a little boy, I've been hearing about peace in the Middle East. And for so many years I've been hearing about peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And we're at a very important juncture -- there's a small period of time -- and we're going to see what we can do. There can be no promises, obviously. So many people have talked about it, and it's never happened.

But we're fighting very hard. We are trying very hard. We're all getting along together well. We'll see if we can do it. And if we do do it, it would be a great, great legacy for everybody -- for everybody.

So let's see what happens. Good luck, everybody. Good luck. And you have millions of people rooting for you, that I can say.

Thank you. Thank you very much, everybody.

Q Mr. President, have you decided what to do about the Iran Deal? Have you already made up your mind?

Q Is there any decision on Iran?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have decided.

Q You have?

Q You have decided?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I have decided.

Q Will you remain in the deal, Mr. President?

Q Have you decided to stay or to leave?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I have decided.

Q When will we know?

Q When's your decision?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I'll let you know. I'll let you know.

END 10:38 A.M. EDT

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

9:38 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. It's a great honor to be with the King of Jordan, who has been our partner and ally for a long time. And I think never has the relationship been better than it is right now.4

And we're working together on many problems, and some things that aren't problems that are very, very good. But we're going to make some of the bad ones turn out good.

I just want to thank you for everything you've done, in terms of the refugees and taking care of people that -- who knows what would have happened without you. So I want to thank you and I want to thank everybody involved with you, and you have done an amazing job.

Thank you.

KING ABDULLAH: Mr. President, thank you very much for having us here. And again, we've met several times this year, and I think that just shows the special relationship between our two countries and how closely we work together.

And I'm very grateful for your support to our country in these difficult times and the special bond between our two nations.

But I'd also like to extend our condolences on the victims of the hurricanes, but also how you, the government, the people, the first responders reacted to this crisis. I mean, for us sitting on the outside, looking at how the Americans came together at a difficult time, is really an example to everybody else. And we're very, very grateful for that.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much.

KING ABDULLAH: And everything that we're doing to try and solve our problems.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have a big one going right now -- I've never seen winds like this -- in Puerto Rico. You take a look at what's happening there, and it's just one after another. But I think we are doing a good job.

I have to say this about the King: He is a very fine gentleman, a very nice man. He's also a great, great fighter. Some people have to understand that, right?

KING ABDULLAH: Well, sir, we're all fighting together. We have --

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We're all fighting together.

KING ABDULLAH: Terrorism is a scourge around the world, but I think Jordan will always stand beside you and your country. And we will overcome.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Good. Thank you so much. Thank you, everybody. Thank you.

END 9:40 A.M. EDT

Lotte New York Palace Hotel
New York, New York

2:02 P.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  It's great to have Prime Minister Netanyahu with us today, a friend of mine for many years.  And it's a real honor, I have to say.  

We're going to be discussing many things; among them, peace between the Palestinians and Israel -- it will be a fantastic achievement.  We are giving it an absolute go.  I think there's a good chance that it could happen.  Most people would say there's no chance whatsoever.  5

I actually think with the capability of Bibi and, frankly, the other side, I really think we have a chance.  I think Israel would like to see it, and I think6 the Palestinians would like to see it.  And I can tell you that the Trump administration would like to see it.

So we're working very hard on it.  We'll see what happens.  Historically, people say it can't happen.  I say it can happen.

But I just want to say, Mr. Prime Minister, it's an honor to have you.  Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  Great to see you.  Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  Mr. President, it's great to see you again.  I want to say that under your leadership, the alliance between America and Israel has never been stronger, never been deeper.  I can say this in ways that people see and in ways that they don't see.  So I want to thank you for that.

Equally, I look forward to discussing with you how we can address together what you rightly call is the terrible nuclear deal with Iran and how to roll back Iran's growing aggression in the region, especially in Syria.

As you said, we will discuss the way we can seize the opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians and between Israel and the Arab World.  I think these things go together, and we look forward to talking about how we can advance both.

Finally, we're going to be speaking tomorrow at the U.N., and I want to say that under President Trump, America's position towards Israel at the U.N. has been unequivocal, it's been strong, it's got both clarity and conviction.  And I want to thank you on behalf of the people of Israel and Israel's many friends around the world.  Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU:  And also, as you well know, this is the Jewish New Year, this week.  So I want to wish you, the Jewish community of America, Jews everywhere, people everywhere, Shanah Tovah -- happy, healthy new year.  

Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  Appreciate it.

Q    Mr. President, do you plan to stay in the Iranian nuclear deal?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  You'll see very soon.  You'll be seeing very soon. 

Q    (Inaudible.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We're talking about it constantly.  Constantly.  We're talking about plans constantly.

Q    Two-state solution?

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We'll see.     

2:05 P.M. EDT 


    There is more honor in a pig's anus! Abbas is an accursed murderer, the bag man for the Munich Massacre.  Anyone who can get close enough should shoot the damned thing, not declare the meeting an honor!!  That makes it difficult to vote for Chump in '20 :)

working toward peace

    The Impeachment process just gained another supporter :(  I knew what I was voting for, but it was the lesser of evils. Chump is unworthy & unqualified for the office he holds, proving the Peter Principle.

    No GdM works for peace except through conquest. To GdM, peace is the condition of the world after Dar al-Islam completely subsumes and dominates Dar al-Harb.  Peace, to  'slimes, is the outcome of offensive global conquest. Has the damned fool bothered to read the PLO & HAMAS Charters?  Why the Hell not???!

    "From the river to the sea"; what damned fool does not comprehend that? It is the polar opposite of peace.  Arafat could have had a deal but did not want one. Likewise Abbas, death & damnation be upon him, and the sooner the better!

    Doubters, deniers & dissenters: pull your head out of your ass!!! I quote from Moe's most egregious extortion letter, which he dictated and dispatched to the rulers of a port city in  what is now Jordan.  The recipients were Christians.
You are safe. I praise Allah before
you; there is no God but He. I will not fight against you unless I write to you (in
advance). So, join the fold of Islam or [P. 29] pay the jizyah. Obey Allah and His
Apostle and the messengers of His Apostle, honour them and dress them in nice
clothes, other than the uniform of the ghazis. Provide Zayd with good clothes. If my
messengers will be pleased with you, I shall also be pleased with you. The jizyah is a
known thing. If you like that, peace might prevail over the land and sea; you should
obey Allah and His Apostle. You will not be required to pay dues you have been
paying to the Arabs and the 'Ajamis, and you will pay the dues to Allah and His
Apostle. If you send them (my messengers) back and do not please them, I shall not
accept anything from you, and shall wage war against you and make your young
ones captive and shall stay your elders.

   If you do not comprehend that, you are a damned fool, incompetent to live; remove yourself from the gene pool!



    In a pig's ass! What part of "from the river to the sea' does the damned fool not comprehend? Had he bothered to read the Unholy Koranus & Sahih Bukhari, he would know that there will never be peace while the world is infested with GdM.
    Isdamn is permanent war!  GdM are obligated to do Satan's wet work. Allah will continue to send, until Ressurection Day, someone to torment and humiliate the Jews. Who might he send? Can you get a Godblessed clue for Chrissake?!


    The same rules apply as in the case of Israel. Regional and global conquest are mandatory for GdM.. Sunni & Shi'ia fight over acquisition, retention and expansion of power. They are Arabs and  Chump is ignorant! If  the SandMaggots made peace today, the regional conflicts would continue as before.


    Abbas thanked Chump in advance for selling Israel down the river. He expects Chump to force Israel to make suicidal concessions. So do I. :(


    Abbas, AssWhole that he is, knows damn well that congratulating Kuffar on their holidays is haram. (Look it up in Bukhari's Book of Adab, i ain't gonna do all your homework for you.) It is tantamount to apostasy.  It proves that if you could crystalize his sincerity and multiply it a million times, it would still pass easily through a mosquito's ureter.


    In Hell!  Isdamn is permanent war, coexistence is impossible!!!  For the disgusting details, read this.


    To be in the presence of a two faced AssWhole who maintains a fake peace treaty for the sake of image while cooperating with terrorists and blaming their victims. Chump, you dishonor America with your ersatz diplomacy!

partner and ally

    Damned Fool alert!!! Several ayat expressly proscribe equal and inferior relations with infidels!!! Muslims are commanded not to take Jews & Christians as protectors, partners, allies nor friends.  3:28, 3:118,   4:894:1394:1445:515:5758:1458:2260:160:13  What part of that does Chump not comprehend?


    Abdullah mentions that  'cuz, like his father's, his throne is threatened by power hungry 'slimes. Does anyone remember 'Black September'?  The Islamic State is at the gates and SandMaggots are within the walls. But the King is a GdM, which makes him a terrorist. He worships a terrorist demon and follows a terrorist Profit.

    Deniers, dissenters & doubters: kindly kiss my foot, the big, deformed, ulcerated, smelly one.  The facts of terrorism should be fatal to Islam if widely understood. I have documented them for you.

No Chance

    Blessed right! There was, is and will  be no chance of peace while GdM infest the globe!  They are commanded by their demon to conquer the entire world, promised eternity in his celestial orgy if they try and eternity in his fire pit if they do not.  If a GdM believes, what will he do?!

    To GdM, Israel's restoration is the ultimate blasphemy: living proof of Allah's impotence. He promised them the world, gradually, in conquests, with none to put back his judgment. That means Umar's conquest of Jerusalem is irreversible.  But the Jews reversed it and GdM can never tolerate that.

    Deniers, dissenters & doubters: kiss my foot! I previously documented the fatal facts for you. Read'em and weep.


    Your stinking thinking will set the region afire, if not the whole world. Like Obamination, you emote instead of thinking rationally. To properly think about a problem, you must first define the problem domain and  you lack the requisite background information. Give it another try after you read the Unholy Koranus, Sahih Bukhari and Al Sayir in the second volume of Hedaya..

Chump Trumps the United Nazis~Radical Islamic Terrorism

Chump Trumps the United Nazis~Radical Islamic Terrorism

What the Hell?  Was that a UN address or a State Of The Union address??  The closing may well be the crowning glory of the mixture of feces & wisdom.   For me, the most interesting and important part of the speech is that concerning terrorism, which I intend to dissect in detail.  Jihad Watch, where I found the video embedded below, evaluates one sentence and one clause. I expect, within the limits of time and patience, to probe somewhat deeper.

    I found Chump's speech to be orders of magnitude superior to Obamination's but not good enough. 
As usual, I will mark interesting turds with superscripts internally linked to my incendiary commentary

Remarks by President Trump to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

United Nations
New York, New York

10:04 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, world leaders, and distinguished delegates:  Welcome to New York.  It is a profound honor to stand here in my home city, as a representative of the American people, to address the people of the world.1

As millions of our citizens continue to suffer the effects of the devastating hurricanes that have struck our country, I want to begin by expressing my appreciation to every leader in this room who has offered assistance and aid.  The American people are strong and resilient, and they will emerge from these hardships more determined than ever before.

Fortunately, the United States has done very well since Election Day last November 8th.  The stock market is at an all-time high -- a record.  Unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years, and because of our regulatory and other reforms, we have more people working in the United States today than ever before.  Companies are moving back, creating job growth the likes of which our country has not seen in a very long time.  And it has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700 billion on our military and defense. 

Our military will soon be the strongest it has ever been.  For more than 70 years, in times of war and peace, the leaders of nations, movements, and religions have stood before this assembly.  Like them, I intend to address some of the very serious threats before us today but also the enormous potential waiting to be unleashed. 

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunity.  Breakthroughs in science, technology, and medicine are curing illnesses and solving problems that prior generations thought impossible to solve. 

But each day also brings news of growing dangers that threaten everything we cherish and value.  Terrorists and extremists2 have gathered strength and spread to every region of the planet.  Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other nations and their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity. 

Authority and authoritarian powers seek to collapse the values, the systems, and alliances that prevented conflict and tilted the world toward freedom since World War II.   

International criminal networks traffic drugs, weapons, people; force dislocation and mass migration; threaten our borders; and new forms of aggression exploit technology to menace our citizens.

To put it simply, we meet at a time of both of immense promise and great peril.  It is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights, or let it fall into a valley of disrepair.

We have it in our power, should we so choose, to lift millions from poverty, to help our citizens realize their dreams, and to ensure that new generations of children are raised free from violence, hatred, and fear3.

This institution was founded in the aftermath of two world wars to help shape this better future.  It was based on the vision that diverse nations could cooperate to protect their sovereignty, preserve their security4, and promote their prosperity.

It was in the same period, exactly 70 years ago, that the United States developed the Marshall Plan to help restore Europe.  Those three beautiful pillars -- they’re pillars of peace, sovereignty, security, and prosperity.5

The Marshall Plan was built on the noble idea that the whole world is safer when nations are strong6, independent, and free.  As President Truman said in his message to Congress at that time, “Our support of European recovery is in full accord with our support of the United Nations.  The success of the United Nations depends upon the independent strength of its members.”

To overcome the perils of the present and to achieve the promise of the future, we must begin with the wisdom of the past.  Our success depends on a coalition of strong and independent nations that embrace their sovereignty to promote security, prosperity, and peace for themselves and for the world.

We do not expect diverse countries to share the same cultures, traditions, or even systems of government.  But we do expect all nations to uphold these two core sovereign duties:  to respect the interests of their own people and the rights of every other sovereign nation.  This is the beautiful vision of this institution, and this is foundation for cooperation and success.

Strong, sovereign nations let diverse countries with different values, different cultures, and different dreams not just coexist, but work side by side on the basis of mutual respect.7

Strong, sovereign nations let their people take ownership of the future and control their own destiny.  And strong, sovereign nations allow individuals to flourish in the fullness of the life intended by God.8

In America, we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to watch.  This week gives our country a special reason to take pride in that example.  We are celebrating the 230th anniversary of our beloved Constitution -- the oldest constitution still in use in the world today.

This timeless document has been the foundation of peace, prosperity, and freedom for the Americans and for countless millions around the globe whose own countries have found inspiration in its respect for human nature, human dignity, and the rule of law.

The greatest in the United States Constitution is its first three beautiful words.  They are:  “We the people.”

Generations of Americans have sacrificed to maintain the promise of those words, the promise of our country, and of our great history.  In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign.  I was elected not to take power, but to give power to the American people, where it belongs.

In foreign affairs, we are renewing this founding principle of sovereignty.  Our government's first duty is to its people, to our citizens -- to serve their needs, to ensure their safety, to preserve their rights, and to defend their values.

As President of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries will always, and should always, put your countries first.  (Applause.)

All responsible leaders have an obligation to serve their own citizens, and the nation-state remains the best vehicle for elevating the human condition. 

But making a better life for our people also requires us to work together in close harmony and unity to create a more safe and peaceful future for all people.

The United States will forever be a great friend to the world, and especially to its allies.  But we can no longer be taken advantage of, or enter into a one-sided deal where the United States gets nothing in return.  As long as I hold this office, I will defend America’s interests above all else.

But in fulfilling our obligations to our own nations, we also realize that it’s in everyone’s interest to seek a future where all nations can be sovereign, prosperous, and secure.

America does more than speak for the values expressed in the United Nations Charter.  Our citizens have paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom and the freedom of many nations represented in this great hall.  America's devotion is measured on the battlefields where our young men and women have fought and sacrificed alongside of our allies, from the beaches of Europe to the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of Asia.

It is an eternal credit to the American character that even after we and our allies emerged victorious from the bloodiest war in history, we did not seek territorial expansion, or attempt to oppose and impose our way of life on others.  Instead, we helped build institutions such as this one to defend the sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all.

For the diverse nations of the world, this is our hope.  We want harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife.  We are guided by outcomes, not ideology.  We have a policy of principled realism, rooted in shared goals, interests, and values.

That realism forces us to confront a question facing every leader and nation in this room.  It is a question we cannot escape or avoid.  We will slide down the path of complacency, numb to the challenges, threats, and even wars that we face.  Or do we have enough strength and pride to confront those dangers today, so that our citizens can enjoy peace and prosperity tomorrow?

If we desire to lift up our citizens, if we aspire to the approval of history, then we must fulfill our sovereign duties to the people we faithfully represent.  We must protect our nations, their interests, and their futures.  We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea.  We must uphold respect for law, respect for borders, and respect for culture, and the peaceful engagement these allow.  And just as the founders of this body intended, we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil, and terror.9

The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the United Nations is based.  They respect neither their own citizens nor the sovereign rights of their countries.

If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph.  When decent people and nations become bystanders to history, the forces of destruction only gather power and strength.

No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the wellbeing of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea.  It is responsible for the starvation deaths of millions of North Koreans, and for the imprisonment, torture, killing, and oppression of countless more.

We were all witness to the regime's deadly abuse when an innocent American college student, Otto Warmbier, was returned to America only to die a few days later.  We saw it in the assassination of the dictator's brother using banned nerve agents in an international airport.  We know it kidnapped a sweet 13-year-old Japanese girl from a beach in her own country to enslave her as a language tutor for North Korea's spies.

If this is not twisted enough, now North Korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of human life. 

It is an outrage that some nations would not only trade with such a regime, but would arm, supply, and financially support a country that imperils the world with nuclear conflict.  No nation on earth has an interest in seeing this band of criminals arm itself with nuclear weapons and missiles.

The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.  Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.  The United States is ready, willing and able, but hopefully this will not be necessary.  That’s what the United Nations is all about; that’s what the United Nations is for.  Let’s see how they do.

It is time for North Korea to realize that the denuclearization is its only acceptable future.  The United Nations Security Council recently held two unanimous 15-0 votes adopting hard-hitting resolutions against North Korea, and I want to thank China and Russia for joining the vote to impose sanctions10, along with all of the other members of the Security Council.  Thank you to all involved.

But we must do much more.  It is time for all nations to work together to isolate the Kim regime until it ceases its hostile behavior.
We face this decision not only in North Korea.  It is far past time for the nations of the world to confront another reckless regime -- one that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing death to America, destruction to Israel, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.

The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy.  It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.  The longest-suffering victims of Iran's leaders are, in fact, its own people.

Rather than use its resources to improve Iranian lives, its oil profits go to fund Hezbollah and other terrorists that kill innocent Muslims and attack their peaceful Arab and Israeli neighbors.  This wealth, which rightly belongs to Iran's people, also goes to shore up Bashar al-Assad's dictatorship, fuel Yemen's civil war, and undermine peace throughout the entire Middle East.

We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles, and we cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program.  (Applause.)  The Iran Deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.  Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States, and I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it -- believe me. 11

It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran's government end its pursuit of death and destruction.  It is time for the regime to free all Americans and citizens of other nations that they have unjustly detained.  And above all, Iran's government must stop supporting terrorists, begin serving its own people, and respect the sovereign rights of its neighbors.

The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran's people are what their leaders fear the most.  This is what causes the regime to restrict Internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot unarmed student protestors, and imprison political reformers.

Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice.  Will they continue down the path of poverty, bloodshed, and terror?  Or will the Iranian people return to the nation's proud roots as a center of civilization, culture, and wealth where their people can be happy and prosperous once again?

The Iranian regime's support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments12 of many of its neighbors to fight terrorism and halt its financing.

In Saudi Arabia early last year, I was greatly honored to address the leaders of more than 50 Arab and Muslim nations.  We agreed that all responsible nations must work together to confront terrorists and the Islamist extremism that inspires them.13

We will stop radical14 Islamic terrorism because we cannot allow it to tear up our nation, and indeed to tear up the entire world.

We must deny the terrorists safe haven, transit, funding, and any form of support for their vile and sinister ideology15.  We must drive them out of our nations.  It is time16 to expose and hold responsible those countries who support and finance terror groups like al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and others that slaughter innocent people.

The United States and our allies are working together throughout the Middle East to crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of safe havens they use to launch attacks on all of our people.

Last month, I announced a new strategy for victory in the fight against this evil in Afghanistan.  From now on, our security interests will dictate the length and scope of military operations, not arbitrary benchmarks and timetables set up by politicians.

I have also totally changed the rules of engagement17 in our fight against the Taliban and other terrorist groups.  In Syria and Iraq, we have made big gains toward lasting defeat of ISIS.  In fact, our country has achieved more against ISIS in the last eight months than it has in many, many years combined. 
We seek the de-escalation of the Syrian conflict,18 and a political solution that honors the will of the Syrian people.  The actions of the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad, including the use of chemical weapons against his own citizens -- even innocent children -- shock the conscience of every decent person.  No society can be safe if banned chemical weapons are allowed to spread.  That is why the United States carried out a missile strike on the airbase that launched the attack.

We appreciate the efforts of United Nations agencies that are providing vital humanitarian assistance in areas liberated from ISIS, and we especially thank Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon for their role in hosting refugees from the Syrian conflict. 

The United States is a compassionate nation and has spent billions and billions of dollars in helping to support this effort.  We seek an approach to refugee resettlement that is designed to help these horribly treated people, and which enables their eventual return to their home countries, to be part of the rebuilding process.

For the cost of resettling one refugee in the United States, we can assist more than 10 in their home region.  Out of the goodness of our hearts, we offer financial assistance to hosting countries in the region, and we support recent agreements of the G20 nations that will seek to host refugees as close to their home countries as possible.  This is the safe, responsible, and humanitarian approach.

For decades, the United States has dealt with migration challenges here in the Western Hemisphere.  We have learned that, over the long term, uncontrolled migration is deeply unfair to both the sending and the receiving countries.

For the sending countries, it reduces domestic pressure to pursue needed political and economic reform, and drains them of the human capital necessary to motivate and implement those reforms.

For the receiving countries, the substantial costs of uncontrolled migration are borne overwhelmingly by low-income citizens whose concerns are often ignored by both media and government.

I want to salute the work of the United Nations in seeking to address the problems that cause people to flee from their homes.  The United Nations and African Union led peacekeeping missions to have invaluable contributions in stabilizing conflicts in Africa.  The United States continues to lead the world in humanitarian assistance, including famine prevention and relief in South Sudan, Somalia, and northern Nigeria and Yemen. 

We have invested in better health and opportunity all over the world through programs like PEPFAR, which funds AIDS relief; the President's Malaria Initiative; the Global Health Security Agenda; the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery; and the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, part of our commitment to empowering women all across the globe.

We also thank -- (applause) -- we also thank the Secretary General for recognizing that the United Nations must reform if it is to be an effective partner in confronting threats to sovereignty, security, and prosperity.  Too often the focus of this organization has not been on results, but on bureaucracy and process.

In some cases, states that seek to subvert this institution's noble aims have hijacked the very systems that are supposed to advance them.  For example, it is a massive source of embarrassment to the United Nations that some governments with egregious human rights records sit on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The United States is one out of 193 countries in the United Nations, and yet we pay 22 percent of the entire budget and more.  In fact, we pay far more than anybody realizes.  The United States bears an unfair cost burden, but, to be fair, if it could actually accomplish all of its stated goals, especially the goal of peace, this investment would easily be well worth it.

Major portions of the world are in conflict and some, in fact, are going to hell.  But the powerful people in this room, under the guidance and auspices of the United Nations, can solve many of these vicious and complex problems.

The American people hope that one day soon the United Nations can be a much more accountable and effective advocate for human dignity and freedom around the world.  In the meantime, we believe that no nation should have to bear a disproportionate share of the burden, militarily or financially.  Nations of the world must take a greater role in promoting secure and prosperous societies in their own regions.

That is why in the Western Hemisphere, the United States has stood against the corrupt and destabilizing regime in Cuba and embraced the enduring dream of the Cuban people to live in freedom.  My administration recently announced that we will not lift sanctions on the Cuban government until it makes fundamental reforms.

We have also imposed tough, calibrated sanctions on the socialist Maduro regime in Venezuela, which has brought a once thriving nation to the brink of total collapse.

The socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering on the good people of that country.  This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and misery everywhere it has been tried.  To make matters worse, Maduro has defied his own people, stealing power from their elected representatives to preserve his disastrous rule.
The Venezuelan people are starving and their country is collapsing.  Their democratic institutions are being destroyed.  This situation is completely unacceptable and we cannot stand by and watch.

As a responsible neighbor and friend, we and all others have a goal.  That goal is to help them regain their freedom, recover their country, and restore their democracy.  I would like to thank leaders in this room for condemning the regime and providing vital support to the Venezuelan people.

The United States has taken important steps to hold the regime accountable.  We are prepared to take further action if the government of Venezuela persists on its path to impose authoritarian rule on the Venezuelan people.
We are fortunate to have incredibly strong and healthy trade relationships with many of the Latin American countries gathered here today.  Our economic bond forms a critical foundation for advancing peace and prosperity for all of our people and all of our neighbors.

I ask every country represented here today to be prepared to do more to address this very real crisis.  We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela. (Applause.)

The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.  (Applause.)  From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.  Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems.

America stands with every person living under a brutal regime.  Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action.  All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests, and their wellbeing, including their prosperity.

In America, we seek stronger ties of business and trade with all nations of good will, but this trade must be fair and it must be reciprocal.

For too long, the American people were told that mammoth multinational trade deals, unaccountable international tribunals, and powerful global bureaucracies were the best way to promote their success.  But as those promises flowed, millions of jobs vanished and thousands of factories disappeared.  Others gamed the system and broke the rules.  And our great middle class, once the bedrock of American prosperity, was forgotten and left behind, but they are forgotten no more and they will never be forgotten again. 

While America will pursue cooperation and commerce with other nations, we are renewing our commitment to the first duty of every government:  the duty of our citizens.  This bond is the source of America's strength and that of every responsible nation represented here today.

If this organization is to have any hope of successfully confronting the challenges before us, it will depend, as President Truman said some 70 years ago, on the "independent strength of its members."  If we are to embrace the opportunities of the future and overcome the present dangers together, there can be no substitute for strong, sovereign, and independent nations -- nations that are rooted in their histories and invested in their destinies; nations that seek allies to befriend, not enemies to conquer; and most important of all, nations that are home to patriots, to men and women who are willing to sacrifice for their countries, their fellow citizens, and for all that is best in the human spirit.

In remembering the great victory that led to this body's founding, we must never forget that those heroes who fought against evil also fought for the nations that they loved.

Patriotism led the Poles to die to save Poland, the French to fight for a free France, and the Brits to stand strong for Britain.

Today, if we do not invest ourselves, our hearts, and our minds in our nations, if we will not build strong families, safe communities, and healthy societies for ourselves, no one can do it for us.

We cannot wait for someone else, for faraway countries or far-off bureaucrats -- we can't do it.  We must solve our problems, to build our prosperity, to secure our futures, or we will be vulnerable to decay, domination, and defeat.

The true question for the United Nations today, for people all over the world who hope for better lives for themselves and their children, is a basic one:  Are we still patriots?  Do we love our nations enough to protect their sovereignty and to take ownership of their futures?  Do we revere them enough to defend their interests, preserve their cultures, and ensure a peaceful world for their citizens?

One of the greatest American patriots, John Adams, wrote that the American Revolution was "effected before the war commenced.  The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people."

That was the moment when America awoke, when we looked around and understood that we were a nation.  We realized who we were, what we valued, and what we would give our lives to defend.  From its very first moments, the American story is the story of what is possible when people take ownership of their future.

The United States of America has been among the greatest forces for good in the history of the world, and the greatest defenders of sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all.

Now we are calling for a great reawakening of nations, for the revival of their spirits, their pride, their people, and their patriotism.

History is asking us whether we are up to the task.  Our answer will be a renewal of will, a rediscovery of resolve, and a rebirth of devotion.  We need to defeat the enemies of humanity and unlock the potential of life itself.

Our hope is a word and -- world of proud, independent nations that embrace their duties, seek friendship, respect others, and make common cause in the greatest shared interest of all:  a future of dignity and peace for the people of this wonderful Earth.

This is the true vision of the United Nations, the ancient wish of every people, and the deepest yearning that lives inside every sacred soul.

So let this be our mission, and let this be our message to the world:  We will fight together, sacrifice together, and stand together for peace, for freedom, for justice, for family, for humanity, and for the almighty God who made us all. 

Thank you.  God bless you.  God bless the nations of the world.  And God bless the United States of America.  Thank you very much.  (Applause.) 

10:46 A.M. EDT


    He said he was talking to "the people of the world", but most of them were not listening. The assembled leaders of member nations should be his principal audience, but the opening of the speech sounded more like a traditional state of the union address without the litany of programs and projects.

    Obamination would have said 'citizens of the world'. At least Chump maintained the comforting fiction of national sovereignty before a body Hellbent on inflicting itself on us as global government to repress us and tax us into penury. 

Terrorists and extremists

    Only one word is needed, not two: Muslims.  Terrorism is a tactic of Islamic Jihad, ordained for Muslims in Surah Al-Baqarah 2.216, and defined by Hilali & Khan in their footnote to 2.190. Jihad is commanded in 2.190, Surah Al-Anfal 8.39 & Surah At-Taubah 9.29. Terrorism is made imperative in  8.12, 57 & 60 and a reward is promised for it in Surah At-Taubah 9.120.  Moe said he was "made victorious with terror" and two of those victories are mentioned in  Surah Al-Ahzab 33.26 & Surah Al-Hashr 59.2.

    Jihad & terrorism are normative, not extreme Islam. It's Islam, Stupid! Moe commanded and exemplified it.

in our power

    Chump seems to be channeling Obamination. He may need an exorcism.  Those statements he made do not fit in a speech whose major themes are national sovereignty,  security and liberty.  

lift millions from poverty  

    Precisely how?   Tax us and redistribute our wealth and income to millions of Africans?  International Socialism!  Economic development is a long, slow process, impossible without resources and in the presence of continuous wars. Corrupt governments retard it but are protected by the concept of soverignty.  

Raise generations

    "of children are raised free from violence, hatred, and fear".  Is his head up his arse?  What has he been drinking??  Millions of SandMaggots are inculcated with hatred & incited to violence in the schools and other institutions of Arabia precisely because they are Muslims. How can the UN put an end to that?!  Texts used in Saudi schools and many others include the infamous genocide hadith and illustrations of hand and foot amputation. What do you expect Guterres to do about it? Antonio and whose army?!

preserve their security

    Chump seems to think the UN can talk down 'Rocket Man' & the Ayatollahs. In reality, the solution is to unite against them and use kinetic force to settle their dust.  Wars are prevented by sufficient strength and will to destroy aggressors, not by palaver.

3 Pillars

        "peace, sovereignty, security, and prosperity" Must have been channeling Joe Biden.


    Nations are safer when aggressors are strong and prosperous?  Really?! Are we safer 'cuz Obamination gave a billion dollars to the Ayatollahs?  And we'd be safer if 'Rocket Man' ran South Korea rather than North?  Yeah, right :(

mutual respect

    Assumptions make asses of us!  Respect is a two way street, Islam is a one way street:: Allah's way or Hell. Allah, being superior, makes Muslims superior 'cuz they believe in him.  Muslims do not respect us. They need to punish us for not being Muslims. We need to pull Chump's head out of his arse.

strong & sovereign

    Chump assumes that liberty is linked to strength & soverignty. But  England was strong and sovereign  but did not afford liberty to its American colonists, who were driven to revolt  by the impositions of tyranny.  Strength & sovereignty are required for liberty but not guarantors of it.  

    Fullness of life intended by God?  Not  Allah!   To Muslims, this world is play and pass time,  Jannah is the real deal, where, after they die, they will spend half the day copulating with specially created houris who grow new hymens  every time and the other half binge drinking & eating. When they tire of the houris, they will sport with your wife, taken from the fire for their pleasure.

Who's up for war?

    Russia transfered Russians to conquered lands to give them a hook to latch onto when they were ready for further conquest or reconquest.  That is what Putin is doing. But the UN members are not ready to risk war to confront him.

    Likewise 'Rocket Man'. Who will bell the cat, castrate & declaw it?  Who will risk a war with millions of civilian casualties to prevent neuclear blackmail?  Not Bill Clinton, Not George Bush and not Obamination, so now we are up excrement creek.

    The same pattern fits Iran.  So, what will Chump do about that damned Iran deal?  And who would replace Bashir Assad? How would he or they be any better?  How has Libya improved ?   It is said that wise men learn by the mistakes of others, normal men by their own errors and damned fools never learn.


    Who is stupid enough to think sanctions agreed upon in consensus with his allies will stop 'Rocket Man' from completing and using the Gook Nuke?  None but a fool :(


    Iran is a predatory excrement agitator 'cuz it is run by Shi'ia Twelvers who believe that creating chaos will hasten the return of the twelvth Iman who will lead them in global conquest.  Removing Islam from Iran is the only real solution. Sanctions can't succeed and the results of kinetic action would be temporary.

    An ex-Muslim is the best Muslim; a dead Muslim is a good Muslim. Chump can not face that fact, neither can the UN, whose major voting block is Islamic.


    Insane fools who believe Muslims are committed to ending terrorism should be committed to insane asylums for our security.

confront terrorists

    Muslim and terrorist are synonymous terms. What makes a damned fool think Muslims will confront themselves?  Allah would and did cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Moe was "made victorious with terror".  "Strike terror" & "terrify thereby" are in the Koran, explained in page 326 of " The Life Of Muhammad".  There is a screen shot of that page and more probative evidence in a pdf file embedded in this blog post; scroll down to the sub head: Strike Terror::

    Chump thinks Muslim satraps will obey him instead of Allah. That is the ultimate stupidity!


    Radical is a fancy word for root.  The Koran & sunnah are the roots of terrorism. No prefixes are needed, Islam is sufficient without modifiers.  It's Islam, Stupid!  It is what Moe preached and practiced; exemplified for all future Muslims to emulate. Murder, torture, barbarian rapine & plunder. He built a bad reputation, then sent out extortion letters, followed by his army.  Get a clue for Chrissake!!!  

vile and sinister ideology

    It's Islam, Stupid!!!  It is not radical. It is not extreme. It is not perverted. It is not distorted. It is not hijacked. It is Satan's slaves who believe the Koran & sunnah of Moe.
  • What part of this do you not comprehend?
    • #KillThemWhereverYouFindThem9.5
    • #fightthoseWhoUntil9.29
    • #GoToWarOrGoToHell9.38-39
    • #FightTheDisbelieversNearestYou 9.123
    • #IWillCastTerror8.12
    • #AllahCastTerror33.26
    • #IHaveBeenMadeVictoriousBukhari4.52.220
    • #InfidelsMayBeAttackedWithoutProvocationHedaya2.141
    • #JizyaIsAPunishmentForDisbeliefHedaya2.212
    • #DisbeliefToBeRemovedFromTheWorldByDeathOrIslamHedaya2.216
    Will you suffer constant Jihad or will you cause Muslims to quit believing or quit breathing???!

it is time

    It was time, September 12, 2001, to nuke Afghanistan,Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia off the face of the earth. But we had a Shrub instead of a President :(   Accursed Traitor!  Terrorism does not stop until thee are no more believing Muslims.  Make Islam extinct or suffer the consequences. Those are your options.


    If ya got'em, smoke'em. No reservations, no sanctuary, no supply lines and no remorse. Learn the lessons of Korea, Vietnam & Mogadishu.

Syrian conflict

    We have no dog in that hyena fight. All sides are rabid. When two Muslims are fighting, pray that they'll kill each other.  Refugees my foot! They come to carry the curse of Islam and suck the welfare teat.  Save the Christians caught in the cross fire and let the Muslims fend for themselves.

    This is not a fight of right against  wrong or good vs bad governance. It is a power struggle  over who gets the loot. We should have stayed out of it!