Wednesday, May 18, 2016

UK: Muslim McDonalds worker planned jihad mass murder attack at Heathrow Airport

The follow article among the many today posted at Jihad Watch:

UK: Muslim McDonalds worker planned jihad mass murder attack at Heathrow Airport

Regarding the assertions made in that article, it is fair we ask: is Minh Phan a convert to Islam who is unaware of the doctrines and teachings of Islam, thus, as he claims, innocent of the said charges against him, thus, wrongfully, and unfairly charged?

Or is  Minh Phan one more example of a devout Muslim aiming to obey Allah? Thus resolute to, to the best of his ability to do so, obey the teaching and commands of Qur'an--teaching and commands far too many of our "Leaders" beg we pretend are not? 

Allah's Book asserts, “The worst of all animals in the sight of Allah are those who disbelieve … ” Anfal (8: 55, Tafsir Al-Jalalayn.)

It commands “ So if you come upon such people in war, make a harsh example of them (to mark them out by punishment in order) to deter (and admonish) those coming after them so that perhaps they will pay heed. (ibid.8:57.)  

Speaking to the same, the venerated among his peers, "The Imam, scholar of jurisprudence, skillful scholar of Hadith, renowned Faqih and scholar of Tafsir," Ibn Kathir, provides this exegesis on the just cited verse:

Allah states here that the worst moving creatures on the face of the earth are those who disbelieve, who do not embrace the faith …. This Ayah commands punishing them harshly and inflicting casualties on them. This way, other enemies, Arabs and non-Arabs, will be afraid and take a lesson from their end. (Ibn Kathir, Tafsir.) 

As stated above, regarding the assertions made in that article, it is fair we ask: is Minh Phan a convert to Islam who is unaware of the doctrines and teachings of Islam, thus, as he claims, innocent of the said charges against him, thus, wrongfully, and unfairly charged?

Or is  Minh Phan one more example of a devout Muslim aiming to obey Allah? Thus resolute to, to the best of his ability to do so, obey the teaching and commands of Qur'an--teaching and commands far too many of our "Leaders" beg we pretend are not? 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Petraeus makes the case for our need of, "...namely, Muslims."

Yesterday morning, at Jihad Watch, Spencer posted the following article: Petraeus calls for self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims.

In the article, Patraeus warns those who write or speak on Islam and the adherents to it and do so using verses, analysis, and/or citations that often arouse in the reader or hearer of such, anger, passion, or hostility.

He warns against such action, stating, he has “grown increasingly concerned about inflammatory political discourse that has become all too common both at home and abroad against Muslims and Islam.”

He warns, if the practice is allowed to continue, it will undoubtedly incur to us lasting harm, as well as “compound the already grave terrorist danger to our citizens.”

Thus, he warns us against what he calls this “blanket discrimination, against people on the basis of their religion.” Put in other words, he warns us against thinking, regarding, or treating followers of Islam as though there is a distinct difference between those who follow Islam and those who do not.

Speaking to the offences and dangers Patraeus cautions us against, revered scholar and teacher of Islam, Qadi Iyad, in his renown work, Ash-Shifa, provides the following clarifications on the matter:

“Know that all who curse Muhammad, may Allah bless and grant him peace, or blame him or attribute imperfection to him in his person, his linage, his deen or any of his qualities, or alludes to that or its like by any means whatsoever, whether in the form of a curse or contempt or belittling him or detracting from him or finding fault with him or maligning him, the judgment regarding such a person is the same as the judgment against anyone who curses him. He is killed.1

Buttressing that established Islamic precept, the same source asserts, “This is the consensus of the ulama and the imams of fatwa from the time of the Companions until today.” (Ibid.)

From the same regarded source, Ibn al-Qasim asserts in “the ‘Utibiyya,’ “Anyone who curses him, reviles him, finds fault with him, disparages him is killed …. Allah made it obligatory to respect the Prophet and be dutiful to him.” (ibid, P. 374.) Hence, Abu ‘l-Musab and Ibn Abi Uway, state, “they heard Malik say, ‘Anyone who curses the Messenger of Allah … reviles him, finds fault with him or disparages him is killed, be he Muslim or unbeliever.” (Ibid.)

So too, anyone who shows contempt or “lack of respect for the Messenger of Allah…His blood is permissible.” (Ibid, P. 375.)

Therefore, as Qadi Iyad provides, “the fuqaha of Andalusia gave a fatwa that,” the scholar of Toledo, ibn Hatim, “be killed and crucified” because someone testified the man had “made light of what was due the Prophet.” (ibid.)

Clearly, just as Patraeus is warning us of, it is a dangerous act, for one who studies Islam, and in that study finds fault in the doctrine of Islam, to voice that fault found. Therefore, Patraeus warns all against doing so.

Thus, mindful of the above spelled-out basic tenets of Islam, as I read the counsel of Patraeus, I could not help but think, “You know, Islamically speaking, Patraeus is so right.”

Moreover, as Robert accurately points to in his intro of the article, Patraeus here is clearly speaking to the Temporary ban of Muslim Emigration that Trump called for. Chastening, warning, both the man who made the call and the people who supported him in it.

(Patraeus failed to speak to the fact that many in Islam are prisoner to it, held in it because a basic tenet in Islam demands the execution to those who leave it. He likewise failed to speak to the fact that many women subjected to men who live guided by Islam live deprived of much basic freedom and dignity.

He also shied from stating, many of the so-called Muslims of which he speaks, who, fought or fight alongside our troops, with us, for our cause and not for the only cause and reason the Muslims is Allah and Allah’s Messenger allowed and ordered to fight for; for so doing, have been slaughtered.

Slaughtered at the hands of the Allah-obedient. Slaughtered according and in obedience to the tenets of the Islam Patraeus begs we refrain from showing in a less than honorable light.

In addition to the above worthy-of-addressing issues, Patraeus likewise shied from speaking to the fact that the lion’s share of the aforementioned at threat from the basic tenets of Islam; they pray, hope, or wish for Non-Muslims to find the backbone, the courage, the fortitude to address Islam for what its “sacred texts” show it is. Bring into light the realities of that faith-system. Thus help, save, free those suffering, those marred, those marked for slaughtered because of what is written in the established text of Qur’an and Sunnah.

Indeed, practicing what he preaches, Patraeus refrained from mentioning what one typically notes in articles posted at Jihad Watch: seemingly daily, someone is, oftentimes many are, by the hands of “believers” threatened, marred, dismembered, or slaughtered in obedience to the guidance and the tenets of Islam.)

What’s more, Patraeus is also pointing to the fact, that, as I mentioned above, from the Islamic perspective, as in from the Qur’anic and Sunnah guidance, it is not only “wrong,” thus, trouble-inviting (as in terror-hits-inviting) for Trump to make such a call, but for Trump to even voice such a thought ran through his mind, that itself is problematic.

It calls to mind “offences” to the “Prophet, and punishment for such, spoken to in Qur’an, Sira, ahadith, and tafsir. Offences and punishments, or as the revered Qadi Iyad states it, “the verdict regarding anyone who does not fulfill what” the “stature” of the “Prophet” of Islam “demands.” 2

As Patraeus speaks to in the above article, we all would do well, as far as our role in possibly limiting, reducing, or annulling the threat of Islamic terror against us, to learn the ropes and rules of Islam. Thus, come to appreciate, and, as Patraeus and others state it, if indeed we wish to limit our loss of lives in this war, recognize our need of the followers of Muhammad.

As is clear by the guidance of Qur’an and Sunnah, and of Patraeus, the sooner we learn the ropes of Islam, fall in line with the “Guidance,” the sooner we will limit, reduce, perhaps annual the potential for terror from those ranks perpetrated against us.

Therefore, we can only hope, if Trump becomes our next President, he will take this “correction” and fair-warning from Patraeus for his “wrong” Islam-offending “suggestion” (perhaps, claim, it was only madness, nonsensical speech uttered in a foolishly spent moment, perchance, suffering from the dementia), repent, apologize, and learn how to act non-offensive to Islam, its prophet,” its adherents. Submit himself, and us too, to our due correction.

In other words, learn to regard “Allah” as Lord.

Part of that regard, regarding that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger, and thus, acknowledging and regarding, since the advent of Islam, no one has the right to be praised but Allah, and no one has the right to be followed but Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad.

As Qadi Iyad speaks to in Ash-Shifa, should Trump do so, there is yet hope for Trump, and for us too, as the following excerpt shows:

As for someone who forges lies against Allah … denies that Allah is his Creator or his Lord … or speaks nonsense along these lines while he is drunk or in a fit of madness, there is no dispute that anyone who says such things or claims them while his intellect is sound is an unbeliever…. However, his repentance is accepted, as is generally understood, and his regret helps him and saves him from execution so he should express it. However, he is not safe from severe punishment.

The chastisement is not lightened for him so that people like him will be deterred from uttering such things and he will be prevented from repeating his disbelief or his ignorance. If he repeats such things, it will be known that he made light of his retraction …. In that case he becomes like the zindig who inwardly does not believe. We do not accept further retraction.

The judgement [sic] is the same whether a man is drunk or sober, but in the case of a madman or imbecile, such people do not know what they are saying in their state of dementia and total absence of discrimination, so no attention is paid to what they say. If they say anything of this kind when able to discriminate, even if they do not have full possession of their intellect and are not considered responsible, they are punished for it so that they will refrain from doing it again, in the same way that such people are disciplined for any reprehensible actions they do. They continue to be disciplined until they stop doing it just as an animal is trained to curb bad character until it becomes docile. 3

Thus, as we learn to follow Patraeus’ counsel ,and the same of Qur’an and sunnah, thus learn to speak of Islam and its “prophet” and those who follow the way of Muhammad, only in ways that bring honor and praise to them, this book of Qadi Iyad's will prove to be an invaluable sources to have at hand.

For the reasons cited above as well as for the reason stated on the back cover of the said book, which provides the Islamic regard and value of the content in the book. There we read as follows:

This work was so highly admired throughout the Muslim world that it soon acquired a sanctity of its own for it is said: “ If Ash-Shifa is found in a house, this house will not suffer any harm, … when a sick person reads it or it is recited to him, Allah s.w.t. will restore his health.” 

Thus, just imagine, if Ash-Shifa “is found” in the White House, in your house, in my house. For a nation learning how to become docile to Islamic guidance, I know of no better book—because, as said above, it speaks to what Patraeus, like Qadi Iyad, warns against: those who “denigrate Islam.”

Because, as the same provides, “Ash-Shifa gathers together all that is necessary to acquaint the reader with the true stature of the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, with the esteem and respect which is due to him.” It likewise, as mentioned above, provides “ the verdict regarding anyone who does not fulfill what his stature demands or who attempts to denigrate his supreme status—even by as much as a nail pairing.”


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