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Aisha and Muhammad: The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam; See it Here!

Aisha and Muhammad: The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam

Aisha and Muhammad: The Dramatic Life of a Little Child Married to the Prophet of Islam

    YouTube & Vimeo pulled it down. Vimeo accused it of harassment, inciting hate or excessive violence. 
  • Who does it harass?  Viewing is voluntary, offended viewers can stop the video and close the browser tab.
  • Who would viewers hate? The persons depicted in the drama have been dead for more than 1300 years.
  • What violence? Is anyone assaulted, killed or injured in this drama? 
  • Veiw an image of the notice from Vimeo here:  If the embed code fails, watch the video here:
    I found a mirror at livingscoop and grabbed the embed code to insert here.
New embed from Islam Watch:
In case that mirror is pulled down, there are two alternatives where the video can be viewed: 
    For doubters, dissenters & deniers: Chapter 13 THE PEDOPHILE PIRATE of Craig Winn's The Prophet of Doom goes into detail beginning on page 289 of the text, page 322 of the pdf file.  Topical quotes on Moe's lust  begin on page 930 of the pdf. 

    If you need a second opinion, turn to Ibn kathir's The Life of the Prophet,Volume 2, page  95 [page 119 in the pdf]  If you need a third source, The Sealed Nectar is as close as you can get to an authorized and accepted biography of the profit. It can be found on several Islamic web sites. The section on the Profit's household on page 216 confirms what we already know: Aisha was married at six and bedded at nine.  Read it and weep, creep.

    The original review of the video with links to hadith and Sira citations is here:

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Muhammad and Aisha: Prophetic Pedophillia

Muhammad and Aisha: Prophetic Pedophillia     Breaking News!! Vimeo pulled down "Aisha and Muhammad" , evidently they succumbed to political pressure. Islam Watch has the video, but there is no embed code. Here is the link:
There is nothing objectionable in this video unless you oject to the truth about Islam and its Profit as recorded in the hadith and sira. . My slow internet connection and severe hearing loss impaired enjoyment of the audio.  The imagery is of reasonably good quality, at least it satisfies me.  The incklusion of biographical material about Moe's birth and childhood slows down the drama considrably. 

    Muslims will tell us that Aisha was 17 or 18 years old at the time of her marriage. Those of us able and willing to do our own research know better.  Muttawir ahadith  state her age as six years at marriage and nine years at consummation. One hadith gives her age as seven.  Two of the relevant sayings are noted in the video and linked below.

    This video dramatizes the numerous texts which document the fact that Moe was a pedophile who married a six year old girl and bedded her after three years of frotism.

    Imran was kind enough to send a copy of the script with the source citations.  I have picked out most of those citations and listed them below. I will supply links to source where possible.

    The video does not display genital nudity or copulation scenes, leaving that to the imagination of the viewer. YouTube took it down, presumably under political duress. I viewed it today at Vimeo and included a direct link and embeded the video below.

    Muslims are commanded to emulate Moe: Surah Al-Ahzab 33.21. Because he married a juvenile, taking child brides is sunnah. The Qur'an contemplates marriage, consummation and divorce of girls who have not yet reached puberty in Surah At-Talaaq 65.4. Islamic law allows a Muslim to compel his pre-pubertal virgin daugher to marry. I have provided a link to it below.

    Given a little artistic licence, the conceptual content of the video is true and easily verified from authentic Islamic sources.  This video will piss off Muslims because, to our modern moral sensibilities, it puts Moe in a bad light. In their point of view, he was the best and greatest of men; the perfecr role model for everybody to emulate.

    There is a sidelight. not revealed in the video: In the second volume of Hayat ul-Qulub, a Shi'ia Sira,  Moe is depicted as telling his dieing first wife that she will have several sister wives in Paradise. Moe directs her to extend his greeting to them when she arrives.  Mary, Mother of Jesus is one of them, Aisha is not, her marrieage came after Khadija died.

Ibn Babawayh has narrated that when Khadija was near her
departure to the eternal world, the Prophet visited her and said, “To me it is a heavy
burden to see you thus, but when you reach your place in Paradise give your companions
my salutation.”
“Who are they?” she inquired. He replied, “Maryam, daughter of Imran, Kulthum, sister of
Musa, Asiya wife of Firon, all of whom, with yourself, will be my wives in Paradise.” “May
the union be blessed,” added Khadija.

Aisha and Muhammad - Full Movie (By: Imran Firasat) from David Santiago on Vimeo.

Muhammad: [Muhammad’s first notable encounter with Aisha; Abbott, Nabia (1942). Aishah – The Beloved of Muhammad, p. 2] “don’t cry, don’t cry, my little niece”. (Then turning) “Who beat our little Aisha? She is crying so hard!

  • ·         Khawlah (pausing and thinking for a moment): (Al-Tabari, 9:129) “What about this? You marry Aisha.
  • Profit's prophetic dream about AishaL claiming divine sanction for pedophillia:

  • Aisha lost her hair before consummation Bukhari 5:58:234
  • Shorter version: Muslim 8:3311
  • Quranic provision for marriage, consummation & divorce of pre-pubescent girls:  Quran 65:4
  • Islamic law allows a Muslim to compel his pre-pubescent virgin daughter to marry: Reliance of the Traveller m3.13.
  • Brotherhood: religious, not fraternal, so the marriage is allowed Bukhari 7:62:18
  • Marriage to infidels proscribed:  Quran 2:221
  • Breakin off with Jubair on account of religious difference: Al-Tabari 9:130
  • Male dominance:  Quran 4:34
  • Best of peoples: Quran 3:110

  • Fatwa 41409  I have seen the original fatwa, it appears to have been scrubbed. The links below include archived text and relevant videos which confirm the awful truth. This material is not for juveniles or overly sensitive souls.

    • The Little Green Book...
      • (Reference 2) Ayatullah Khumeini, ‘Tahrir Al wasila’, 12:241: It is legal for an adult male to thigh a young girl, not yet ready for sex.]

  • [Aisha:Prophet visited her house every morning and evening. (Bukhari 5:58:245)]
  • “Pledge of Women” (Ibn Ishaq, p. 198
  • Abu Bakr: “Don’t worry about that, apostle. (Al-Tabari 39:173: “Abu Bakr gave him the bridal gift, twelve and a half ounces of gold”; also see Ibn Sa’d 8:63)
  • Tabari 9:130: Aisha was playing on the swing

  • (Tabari 9:130: Aisha said: No camel, no goat was slaughtered.)
  • [Tabari 9:130]These are your relatives. May God bless you with them and bless them with you!
  • (At the time of consummation, Aisha was nine years old

  • Bukhari 1:6:298: Aisha: The Prophet and I used to take a bath from a single pot after sex. During menses, he used to order me to put on my lower garment and used to fondle me
  •  [Quran 2:222: Menstruating women are unclean… don’t approach them.]

  • ·