Saturday, September 11, 2021

13 Died And Biden Lied Islam Is Neither Religion Nor Peaceful

Thanks and a tip of the hat to What You thought Went away for finding the disgusting video in which the illegitimate President asserts that Islam is a peaceful religion, which it is not. Joe repeated the lie previously told by Shrub & Hitlary. This is what politicians really do when they open their lie holes.
Islam is not a religion, it is a perpetual war machine cleverly disguised as a religion. After the death of his first wife and boss, the Profiteer was left with no visible means of support. When he fled to Yathrib, he subsisted on charity before raiding caravans. Clear ayat and ahadith, one of them expurgated from the on line hadith databases, make it obvious that the mission of Islam is mercenary.

Islam's Mercenary Missi... by Kab Ashraf


On page 108  of the fourth volume of Sahih Bukhari, Arabic/English ed., we find Ch. 88 What is said about spears.  Try to find it at sunnah or quranx, at sunnah you will, after diligent search, find only the arabic.  In Aisha Bewley's translation, you will find it in chapter 60.  In tafsir Ibn Kathir, find it in "The Benefits Of Iron".  Try finding it in any of the sources it mentions. Moe's provision was under the shade of his spear. The foot note says simply "War booty".  Who are the spoils for?  Who got the fifth?  


     What religion recruits and retains by force?  What are the three options in Sahih Muslim 19.4284?  What is the penalty for apostasy in "Reliance Of The Reliance Of the Traveller" book o, chapter 8? 

     What is the hallmark of the Believer, what does he do? It is revealed in 9:111 & 49:15.  Jihad fi sybil Allah! What is the commerce that will save you from a paiful punishment? It is revealed in 61:9...12.  Can you guess? 

     What is the best deed with the best rewards?  Who are Muslims commanded to fight until only allah is worshipped altogether and everywhere and Kitabees are humbled and  pay the jizya?  The meaning of 8:39 & 9:29 is confirmed in Islamic law; Reliance, recognized by the sheikhs of Al-Azhar U as accurate and authentic, book o, chapter 9.8 & 9.9, can you guess what it is? Exactly how is that peaceful? 

Jihad Defined and Exemplifi... by Kab Ashraf


     Is Terrorism islamic or not? Is it a function of extremism, fundamentalism, zealotry or perversion, or is it normative Islam?  How did allah and his Profiteer cast terror? If I did not include a quote from page 59 of "The Quranic Concept Of War", search QCW59 and you should find it in another post in this blog. Terror is at once ends and means, the condition they wish to impose. 


Who said "I will cast terror"?  Who said "I have been made victorious with terror"? 

Terrorism by Kab Ashraf