Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Name calling is a first resort of brats on the playground and the Democrat Party. Democrats call President Trump a racist and the media dance around the fire chanting it without end. President Trump told the truth about the Mexican invaders, that a significant number of them are murderers, rapists, robbers or drunk drivers. So, according to Democrats, he must be a racist. But he did not say "all Mexicans", he wants to exclude the criminals, so immigrants must come in through the legally established process, not through gaps in the fence. President Trump said we should ban Muslim immigration until we "figure out what the Hell is going on". So, according to Democrats, he must be a racist. Is Islam a race? What race is Islam? are all Muslims members of the same race? Do apostates and converts change their races? If President Trump had read the Qur'an & hadith he would know that Jihad and Hihrah are going on. Muslims are engaging in a war of attrition and demographic conquest. Stating those facts is not racist. Excluding citizens of a handful of Muslim countries that can not or will not provide their provenance is not racism, it is common sense. Racism is the conceit that your race is superior and others are inferior. Trump supporters are intelligent enough to know that there is a bell curve that applies to all races. Individuals of all races can excel over Morons such as AOC. As the founders declared, "All men are created equal"... . Some of them denigrate themselves by worshiping a deity who requires them to conquer the world and licenses them to kill us and plunder our goods. Condemning them is not racism, it is common sense. Others denigrate themselves by eschewing honest labor in favor of a life of crime. Condemning them is not racism, it is common sense. Still others drive after consuming sumptuary substances resulting in the death of innocents. Yet others assault & rape. Condemning them is common sense, not racism. Seeking to sort the earnest from the evil and exclude the evil is not racism, it is good public policy!! So now comes AOC claiming that the Electoral College is racist!!! The over educated Moron either never learned about, forgot about or does not want to accept the fact that compromises were needed to get the Constitution drafted and ratified. She seems not to know that the 13 liberated colonies who had successfully rebelled against their oppressor, were jealous of their prerogatives. The inland colonies with small populations feared being screwed over by the larger colonies on the coast. The federation was 13 states, Moron, not 13 people; states, not Blacks, Reds & Whites. The electoral College is a compromise recognizing the federal nature of the union as well as the rights of the people. Without it, candidates for the Presidency would only campaign on the coasts, neglecting the rest of the states. Those of us in "fly over country" would be screwed over!!! #Racist #Racism #Race

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