Monday, July 09, 2007

The Hiatus

I generally do not post frequently. When the Muse pokes me with her magic wand or some evil or idiocy provokes me I post. A change in the software caught me unawares, and left me unable to to gain access to my blogs. Some times things come slowly to old farts; it took a while to figure out how to get back in.

In the mean time, other participants at the Victory Caucus forum asked me to contribute to their blogs. The result was a 14 part series titled Know Thine Enemy followed by a continuing series which presents an egregious ayat & links to it in Ibn Kathir's Tafsir. Here is a sample:

Myth Fact
Islam: Religion of peace. 3:160 If Allâh helps you, none can overcome you; and if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allâh (Alone) let believers put their trust.
Tafsir: 1 2

I have retained the html source for both series and will be happy to provide it to other bloggers.

There is more than one way to expose evil. It can be done directly, with its own scripture, as I have done, or indirectly, in prose, poetry or drama. Today I was informed of a simple script which features three Muslims: 'moderate', 'mainstream' & 'radical' who have candid discussions of Islamic law & practice. It was published at Political Mafioso, by Tony GOPrano. HJS may not make it to Broadway, but his dialog is consistent with Islam's canon of scripture, and entertaining enough to keep me reading.


Read it now, and share it with your friends!!


Roger W. Gardner said...

Ben, thanks for posting your thoughtful comments on radarsite. I have read some of your things.
Actually, since writing that piece just a short time ago, I am beginning to agree with you more and more. In one of my recent comments somewhere I quoted Dr. Walid Pharris: "Those closest to the teachings of the Prophet are the terrorists; to the Islamists, the so-called "moderate Muslims" are considered apostates." At least I think that was Dr. Pharris's phrase.
So you see, just in this short period of time my position has hardened and I think I would write that article a little differently today.
Thanks again for your hard work.
It's appreciated.
Drop me an email any time --
Have a great day.

SweetLibertyBelle said...

I had the same problem...logged out and couldn't get back into my blogs...crazy!

Islam encourages peace only to other Muslims and it encourages intolerance, violence and annihilation to every non-believer. How transparent do we need to paint the picture before people wake up?