Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Innocent Prophet full Release

 In this viewer's  opinion, an hour is not sufficient to plunge the depths of the life of Muhammad.  Perhaps too much time was spent on his childhood and not enough on his prophetic career. 

    Concerning brigandry before 610, I recall seeing nothing to suggest it.  Running Kahdija's camel caravans and trading should have kept him too busy for that.  The brigandry began after the hijira, with the Battle of Badr.

    As for Moe convincing Kahdija that he was a Prophet, I find it to be a reversal of the story told in the generally accepted sources.  He was terrified by the encounter in the cave and ran home to hide under her skirt.  His wife comforted him with assurance that he had encountered an angel, not a demon in the cave. 

    The issue of mercenary motivation should have been given more detail as it was in this blog post on the subject:  .

    The issue of false prophecy deserves detailed exposure. Moe's child bride gives us an earful in Sahih Bukhari 6.60.311. Those and other issues received more detailed coverage in my documentation of "The Innocence of Muslims":    .See also: .

    The curious viewer who wishes more detailed information about the life and works of Moe should read at least one of the following books.

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