Sunday, September 28, 2014


Expel,Exclude,Eradicate Islam E3ISIS,HAMAS,IS,Fatah,PLO, al-Qaeda,Tehrik-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool,al-Nusrah Front,Boko Haram,
                                      Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis,Ansar al-Shari'a,Army of Islam, Jundallah,Harakat-Ul Jihad Islami, etc. et al

  • Expel
  • Exclude
  • Eradicate.
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Islam entails terrorism: 

  • I will cast terror
  • To strike terror: 8.57
  • To terrify thereby: 8.60
  • Allah cast terror
  • Terrorism is a righteous good deed: 9.120
  • Moe:  terrifies Jews more than Allah: 59.13
  • Allah rewards acts of terrorism: 9.120
  • Moe: made victorious with terror

Muslims must obey Allah Moe

  • Obey Allah and his Messenger:  8.1
  • Selectivity is not allowed: 2.85
  • Moe is their role model: 33.21

Muslims are threatened with Hellfire if they do not wage war

Muslims are promised Paradise if they wage war

Islam is violent; Muslims are violent:

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