Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why Jihadists Kill “Gays”

Why Jihadists Kill “Gays”

On the above article posted this morning at Jihad Watch, here follows, my comments posted thereat:

.. very briefly here, in short, revered works of tafsir provide, alongside the prohibition for men to see more than the one needed eye of potentially marriageable females is the prohibition for them to look at the beardless boys.

Why? Because as is so with the female, if the Muslim “man” sees the eyes, the hand, the feet, God forbid, the forearm and so forth, there is danger of lust.

So it is with the beardless boy, according to the works of the revered scholars of Islam.

Therefore, the prohibition comes under the Islamic tenet of prevention–barring the way and means to the final act of sin, by making illegal and “sinful” as the final act of sin all actions that lead to it.

In brief, as hadith provides, “Allah curses the ogler and the ogled at.” (as spoken to in Vol. 2 of the highly revered Comprehensive Qur’an Commentary, Ma’ariful Qur’an, p.458.)

As the same source provides on the just-cited hadith, “It means that the curse of Allah falls on anyone who looks at someone in an evil way, someone who is a non-Mahram; that is, someone outside the count of those in the family he is permitted to see because marriage with them is forbidden for ever.” (Ibid.)

 It goes on, providing, “this is why such a nazir, the onlooker of the other, comes under the curse of Allah. As for the manzur ilaihi, the one looked at lustfully, the same curse will apply subject to his or her having deliberately and invitingly caused such a look to be cast.”

What’s more, with respect to “Allah’s curse,” Surah Al-Nisa provides, “…the one whom Allah curses you shall find no helper for him.” (Vs. 52.) Exegesis on the said verse, by the same stated source above, and others, states, hadith provides, the Messenger of Allah said, “ Cursed is he who does what the people of Lut used to do.” It adds on that, the hadith was “Narrated by Razin and appearing in Mishkat, the reference is to the male homosexual.”

 But hadith, as the same source and others provide, also includes the female in the above said curse, as we read in the following hadith and others:

The Holy Prophet has cursed the effeminate from among men (who, in dress and looks, emulate women – like transvestites) and he has cursed the masculinized from among women (who, in dress, looks and ways, act man-like), And he said: ‘Expel them from your homes’” (Bukhari, from Mishkat) 

 And the same revered work provides, on those who earn the curse of Allah, “’la ‘nah” being the Arabic Qur’anic word. “la ‘nah’ (translated as ‘curse’ in absence of a more exact equivalent) means being far removed from the mercy of Allah, extremely debased and disgraced.” It continues, “For such accursed ones admonitions are very stern.”

 It continues, providing, “The Holy Qur’an says: (The accursed, wherever they be, are to be caught and killed massacre-like.) (33:61) This is their disgrace in the present life.”

 Therefore, “Orlando.”

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