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Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” take hostages in restaurant

This morning,  among the line up of articles posted at Jihad Watch, the following article (access by clicking on article title below):

Ramadan in Bangladesh: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” take hostages in restaurant

Welcome to today’s big screen episode of the Qur’an in living color.

Today’s episode, courtesy of the followers of Sunnah, specifically featuring, as is so in many such episodes of late, the soldiers of the “ Khaleefah of the Messenger of Allah,” soldiers of IS. (As-Sallaabee, P. 236, as cited in text.)

Troops, it must be noted, operating under “the caliphate-based system of rule.” Which is the only rule, and guidance, and governing Allah allows his ummah to operate under, be governed by, or  render loyalty to.

As we read in the following:

The caliphate-based system of rule is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and both of these sources teach us ….

Through the caliphate-based system of rule, the person that is chosen to lead the Muslim nation is known as the Khaleefah….Muslims scholars unanimously agree that it is the obligatory duty of Muslims of any given era to appoint someone to be their Khaleefah. It then becomes that Khaleefah’s duty to oVersee [sic] the affairs of his nation, to apply the teachings of Islam among his people, to establish justice throughout his realm, to provide for the needs of his people, to establish the geographical boundaries of his nation, to defend those boundaries against foreign empires and countries, and to spread the message of Islam to foreign peoples.

The Qur’an, the Sunnah, and Ijmaa’ (consensus of the scholars of any given generation)—these Islamic legislative sources all confirm the collective obligation of Muslims to appoint a Khaleefah to rule over them, and to then obey him. Allah said:

“O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey that Messenger (Muhammad), and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority.” (Qur’an 4:59) (Ibid, P.238.)

Words, first on then from the first Khaleefah of the Muslims ummah, Abu Bakr, “Kahleefah of the Messenger of Allah”:

The scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jammaa’ah, both from the past and present, all agree that, after the death of the Prophet, Abu Bakr was more deserving than anyone else to become the overall ruler and Khaleefah of the Muslim nation. Not a single Companion abstained from making a pledge to recognize Abu Bakr as his leader and Khaleefah. This is significant in that it establishes the clear validity of Abu Bakr’s caliphate, since Allah would not unite the Companions upon misguidance. (Ibid, P. 235.) 

Without a doubt, Abu Bakr was the most knowledgeable of all of the Prophet’s Companions. He adhered closely to the Prophet’s company through every stage of the Prophet’s life….(Ibid, P. 240.)
It was clear that Abu Bakr was not going to invent a new way of ruling the Muslim nation; rather, he was going to adhere closely to the blueprint that was left behind by the Prophet—his sayings, deeds, and legal rulings…. Abu Bakr did not deviate from the Prophet’s methodology by more than even the span of the hand or, for that matter, the width of a stand of hair. This is why we find that, during the early days of his rule, Abu Bakr made key decisions that were exactly in keeping with the methodology and known wishes of the Prophet ….(Ibid, P. 241.)

Therefore, these orders to his commanders, as sent and part of the letter sent to, “in short, the intended audience of … every single inhabitant of the Arabian Peninsula.” (Ibid, P. 390.) The contents of that letter, as stated, for that specific audience, but also, as the Qur’an bears out, that example provided for the ummah for posterity.  

Because it was, as stated above, after the order of the methodology of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Therefore, the following, from the one Islam calls the “First of the Four Rightly Guided,” as he adheres snugly “to the blueprint that was left behind by the Prophet—his sayings, deeds, and legal rulings”:

Verily, I have sent to you so-and-so ….I have ordered him not to fight any person or kill any person until he first invites him unto Allah. Whoever answers his invitation, and performs good deeds, then that will be accepted from (i.e, we will not fight against him), and the one I sent will help him (practice his religion). As for the one who refuses to answer his invitation, I have ordered the one I sent to fight him for that reason, and to leave no such person or such persons alive if they are captured. Furthermore, I have ordered the one I sent to burn such people with fire, or to kill each and every one of them; and take their women and children as slaves. The only thing that will now be accepted from people is Islam…. (Ibid,  P.P. 389, 399 in order.)

As stated above, welcome to today’s episode of Islam, on our screens, in living color.

There, courtesy of the Soldiers, citizens, and patrons of Muhammad’s ummah.

Courtesy also of a world and their featured “Leaders” who fail to call the threat we are all up against daily now, in our homes, our schools, our churches, our malls, our nightclubs, our Christmas Parties, our marathons, our sports events, our dining places, our airports, our subways, our highways, our-name your-places: Islam.

Islam, of which, all those with ears to hear, hear daily, across this globe in every nation, the steady cadence of the soldiers thereof.  Marching, marching, openly or covertly, bearing their din to its Allah-assured ascendency.

Yet even now, I hear, “This is not Islam.” Love, kindness, peace, turning the other cheek, guided by other than Allah and his messenger, this is Islam.

To which I simply state, Fools! Only fools make the above sunnah-of- the-prophet-absent peaceful claims of Islam, only fools believe such.

Nonetheless, keep on if you are so hell-bent to be either too lazy or too cowardly to learn the facts on Islam. Keep on thus believing such lies.

Keep on buying and selling such lies. Keep to your suicidal ignorance and cowardice. 

Keep on empowering your imaginary “Moderate Islam” and the “Moderate Muslims” born of that Islam, and soon you will hear the sound of your boss, your mayor, your governor, your President, as he/she begs those who trust him/her for their safe-keeping, beg, “Citizens, please, shelter in place.”

Work cited 

(As-Sallaabee, The Biography of ABU BAKR AS-SIDDEEQ, By Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad Muhhamad As-Sallaabee, Translated by Faisal Shafeeq, Supervised by, Abdul Malik Mujahid; DARUSSALAM, First Edition, 2007. ISBN: 9960-9849-1-5; Riyadh. [DARUSSALAM: Global Leader In Islamic Books. Riyadh, Jeddah, Sharjah, Lahore, London, Houston, New York.])

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