Sunday, December 03, 2017

President Trump: Retweet The Truth About Islam!

President Trump: Retweet This! President Trump has been widely condemned for retweeting videos illustrating Islamic violence. I want him to retweet this, which displays pages 202 & 247 of "Reliance of The Traveller" tthe Shafi'i madhhab's version of shari'ah.

    Page 602 treats of the obligation of Jihad, defined as communal and individual, in o9.1. It tells the reader what the caliph does in the regular order of business, and why, stating it's scriptural basis: Surah At-Taubah 9.29. I highlighted the relevant paragraphs for you. The caliph makes war on "people of the book" until they pay Jizya and all others until they become Muslims. Who can get a clue?

    Page 647 contains a list of the duties of subordinate rulers. The eighth item in that list is highlighted: to wage war on neighboring infidels and distribute the spoils.

    I tweeted this to President Trump because it is obvious to me that he is ignorant of Islam. I want him to know what Islam is and Muslims do so that he will share that knowledge with the public and govern our polucy accordingly.  I therefore respectfully request that you retweet this in an attempt to make it go viral.

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