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Moe:: Example and Muslim Role Model

Moe:: Example and Muslim Role Model I found this video at  Bare Naked Islam and  Creeping Sharoa. They report that this short video by Geert Wilders was censored by You Tube but remains on Facebook.  At first glance, it may appear to be Islamophobic but the conceptual content is true and easy to verify from authentic Islamic texts. My intention is to document each of the major points in this video.

If there is some good reason why this video should be censored, please post it in a comment! The conceptual content of the video is true!

    I have assigned a header to each concept and added images of pages from relevant texts. I highlighted the most important paragraphs. Click the images to enlarge them for legibility.

    Merkel and You Tube think this video should be censored. I think it  should be required viewing and the texts on  which it is based should be required reading.


33.21 is in the context of battle but it makes him a role model. .


Ibn Kathir explains it.
Tafsir ibn Kathir 33.21

Moe is an excellent model of conduct!  He's not nuts, he's your role model!

Ibn Kathir explains it.
Tafsir Ibn Kathir 68.4


    Allah terrorized the b. an-Nadir  so that they were displaced and exiled.  But he said that  Moe and  his army were more fear in the Jew's hearts than Allah. If Allah cast terror into them, and they were more  afraid of Moe, what does that tell us?

    Two sahih ahadith have Moe declaring that he was "made victorious with terror:. Can you believe it?

Sahih Bukhari4.140

Mass Murderer

    How else would you label one who besieged a fort for a couple of weeks, then, after they surrendered, decapitated all the men and pubescent boys of the tribe?  Estimates range from 600 to 800 victims.  He enslaved the widows and orphans. Nice guy indeed! What a great role model for Muslims to emulate! /sarc

    Sahih Bukhari tells part of the story, The Life Of Muhammad and Sunan Abu Dawud fill in the gaps.

Sahih Bukhari4.173


Sunan Abu Dawud5.44

Slave Driver

    Moe enslaved, owned, bought and sold slaves.  Zad al-Mad is a little obscure, but  is a valid source. Sahih Bukhari  exposes how Moe sold an emancipated slave.  Read'em and weep.

Zad al-Mad319
Sahih Bukhari3.410


    Aisha, daughter of Moe's bosom buddy, was six years old when Moe married her, he was past 50 and already married to Sauda.   Ishaq's Sira reveals that the old lecher lusted after an infant  he saw crawling.

Bukhari 7.57
Sahih Bukhari7.57

Belong to Islam:


    As proved above, Moe was a terrorist. Since he is the role model for Muslims, to be emulated by them, Islam and terrorism are inextricably linked.

    For more detail, click the Terrorism  paragraph heading above, it will open another recent post.


    Allah commands Muslims to "kill them wherever you find them" in  2.191 & 9.5. He sets "great slaughter" as Moe's price of admission to Jannah in 8.67 and he commands Muslims to "kill and wound" "many of them" in 47.4.  And then there was the  genocide of the b. Qurayza  detailed above in the Mass Murderer topic.


    Jihad: "war against non-Muslims" As if the genocide of the b. Qurayza was not enough. Believers are only those who 'fight in Allah's cause" as per 9.111 & 49.15.

    I am about to exhibit to you something others will not. Tafsir Ibn Kathir quotes a hadith which has been Bowdlerized from the on line data bases and  translated books. One sentence can be found,  but not the  one in which  Moe says he was sent with the sword.  The foot note says it is in Musnad Ahmad and Sunan Abu Dawud. it ain't!  I searched and found only he Arabic text, no translation. I searched the Arabic text of Musnad Ahmad and Fath al-Bari and found it.

Ibn Kathir 5784

Tafsir Ibn Kathir
Sahih Bukhari4.108

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