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Why I Curse th United Nations and Islam

Why I Curse th United Nationsand Islam Wherein I explain why I curse Isdamn  and the United  Nations, damnation be upon them! President Trump did the write thing at long last, withdrawing from UNESCO.  Now he must quit the UN entirely!


Posted: 11 Oct 2017 06:17 AM PDT

Technical assistance for implementing the international conventions and protocols related to counter-terrorism
[ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ] - 5 pages

    This  curseworthy boilerplate from previous resolutions was included in page 2 .[Emphasis added.]

Reaffirming that terrorism in all its forms and manifestatatations cannot and  should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group,

    In exhibiting proof  of the accursed lie, I link first to on line Quran, air and hadith. Islam Awakened displays 50 parallel translations which you can compare. I will also post screen shots of actual pages from printed texts. Click them for enhancedlegibility.

United Nations Be Damned!

They lie!

"Terrorism ... cannot be associated with any..."

Allah, in his book,  associated terrorism with Islam

Moe claimed victory with terrorism

They shield evil from critics

    The attempted prohibition of ascribing terrorism to Islam  is an attempt to prevent exposure of the world's worst evil. It is an extension of the series of resolutions 'combating defamation of religion'.

Why Terrorize?

    To render us incapable of mounting an effective defense.

Mariful Qur'an 2.255

Terror End & Means

    This page from the Quranic Concept Of War tells it as it is !
Quranic Concept Of War

Terror: Method

    Moe cast terror by assassinations, raids, threats and burning date palms. For more details, refer to:
Mariful Qur'an 8.374

Terror: Commanded

Surah l-Anfal 8 &  8.60 are not explicit  enough. Ibn Ishaq's Sira explains them for you.

Moe: bragged about Terrorism!

Sahih Bukhari4.140

Allah Awards Brownie Point to Terrorists!

    When  the world ends, Allah will Judge each Muslim by weighing his sins against his righteous good deeds. The swing of the balance will determine where the Muslim will spend eternity: the orgy or the fire.  
  • Damnation be upon
    • Allah
    • Moe
    • Muslims
    • United Nations
      • Because strategies designed to terrorize us are "righteous good deeds". 
        • any step taken to  injure or enrage us earns Brownie Points
Tafsir Ibn Kathir

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