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U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Terrorism Defined

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U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Terrorism Defined The U.N. commands us to keep silent on the connection between Islam and terrorism. But what is Terrorism? What does the Qur'an meam when it says "terror"?

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    To the United Nazis:  the impudent digit of contumacious defiance:

    To you, the fatal facts of Isdamn.


    The Hilali/Khan translation of the Holy Qur'an  includes 7 instances of "terror".
  1. 3:151
  2. 7:116
  3. 8:12
  4. 21:103
  5. 27:89
  6. 33:26
  7. 59:2
    The four citations marked with red font color are direct references to casting terror, without defining it. Those have been cited in previous installments of this series.  The two marked with blue font color are references to "the greatest terror". I have linked them in the list so that you can read them. The reference is to being cast into Hell on Judgment Day.
    The best description of the greatest terror is in Sahih Bukhari. I exhibit a page from volume 8 which describes children turning white haired, pregnant women aborting and men staggering as if intoxicated. A variant in vol. 4 adds nursing mothers abandoning their infants.

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Sahih Bukhari #6530

    Terror means intense fear such that the terrorized will have no escape, no relief, no help and no hope. A state of damnation! Knowing that Allah is about to damn you; you are going to burn and there is nothing you can do. Knowing that Moe's army is attacking and there is no defense.

    The idea is to render you incapable of defending yourself against Islamic attack; to make you surrender without resisting.

    The ultimate expression of that concept is in a Pakistani strategy manual.  Terror is both ends and means: the conditions Muslims seek to impose. Read it and curse Isdamn for it is evil!!!

The Quranic Concept Of War

    Pull your head out of the sand, wipe the dust from your eyes and get a clue!  The element of terror is intrinsic to Jihad!  Allah will and did cast terror. Moe was made victorious with terror. It matters not whether a military base or a city is attacked. Whether they blow up a battleship or frag a churrh or shoot up a queer night club, it's terrorism. Every Islamic threat and attack is terrorism!!!

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