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U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Terror In Sharia!

U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Terror In Sharia! In the previous installment, you discovered the meaning of terror as it applies to Islam. U.N:Freedom Of Religion~Terrorism Defined. In this final installment of the series on U.N. Ass Wholliness,  you will see that, besides the Islamic terror nexus previously documented:
Islamic law confirms what we already know: terrorism is intrinsic to Islam!  Terror is associated with Islam by Islamic scripture, exegesis, oral tradition , biography and law.

    In "Defense Of The Muslim Lands, Abdullah Azzam discusses fard al-kifaya and fard ayn. In that discussion, he quotes a Jurist of the Hanafi school of Islamic law as ruling that at least lne mission must be sent out in every year to terrorize infidels. 
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Defense Of The Muslim Lands

    I do not find an explicit call for terrorism in "Reliance Of The Traveller", but two quotes declare  terrorizing or frightening a Believer (Muslim) to be an impermissible enormity. No mention of doing it to an infidel!  That means it is permissible to terrorize an infidel who is not under a treaty of protection.

986 w52 List of Enormities

(362-65) attacking anyone under the state's
protection in order to kill him, rob him, rape his
wife, terrorize or frighten him;

763    r28
r28.1 (Nahlawi:) To make a believer fear other
than disobedience or coerce him to do something
he is averse to, such as giving a gift, marrying, or
selling something-all this is hurting him, and
hurting a believer is unlawful. The Prophet (Allah
bless him and give him peace) said,
"Whoever frightens a believer, it is incumbent
that Allah not protect him from the terrors of
Judgement Day as a fitting recompense."
Najm al-Ghazzi says in Husn al-tanabbuh,
"Among the works of the Devil is frightening,
annoying, or alarming a believer, all of which is
unlawful" (ibid., 157-58).

    A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence has a juicy tidbit:  property abandoned by terrorized infidels is fei!

A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence 476

    Reliance is not the only handbook of Shari'ah. The Maliki's Risala does not mention terror but the Hanafi's Hedaya does, twice. Recall that, in 8:60, horses are kept to terrify the enemies, known and unknown.  This comes up in a discussion of distribution of spoils: the horseman gets a double share, one for him and one for his steed. 

     The first Excerpt, from the top of the page, reveals the purpose of keeping horses and sending infantry. The second, from the bottom of the page, reveals that it is the going out on an expedition that "impresses terror upon the infidels".

Hedaya 2.176

    Big deal, right? So horses are kept to terrorize infidels and going out to attack does it.  But wait! There is more!  UncleVladdi, of wised me up to a page I had overlooked. On page 154 and subsequent pages there is a discussion of granting letters of protection. Such letters are valid only if issued by a believing Muslim who is free to engage in Jihad. That is because the object of fear is the  source of protection and every Muslim must be an object of fear to infidels because he is liable to attack. 

    No, damn it! I did not make this up and I did not edit it. I only added some arrows to the excerpt to point out the critical clauses. Hedaya is poorly scanned an in an archaic font, with archaic  and arcane vocabulary & syntax.  It ain't easy reading. I provide a link so you can verify it.

    This is part of the code that governed the Ottoman Empire and India.

Hedaya 2.154

    The United Nazis reaffirm that: "Terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion"  I tell the United Nazis: Go to Hell and tell it to Allah & Moe!!! They made the association! Their Qur'an, hadith, exegesis, sira confirm it and Sharia codifies it. Islam is terrorism!!!

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