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Trump's Peace Plan: Of By And For Damned Fools

Trump's Peace Plan: Of by and For Damned Fools The foolishness runs to 181 pages, click the link if you want to waste your time reading the whole damned ball of crap. I will  place critical excerpts in block quotes and explain their worst faults.

A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People

    Yes, I am criticizing the sub title! "Palestinian people" is a Goddamn lie of the worst sort. Palestinian means Jews and those who falsely claim the title are not Jews, they are Arab Muslims.  Concern for the welfare of Falestinians is a fool's errand. To Muslims, this word is play and pass time, Jannah is the real deal: perpetual orgy. Open a Koran and read Surah At-Taubah. To accelerate matters, click this link. Increasing their prosperity would only enable them to spend more on rockets and other weapons for attacking Israel.

The principles set forth in this Vision for Peace, Prosperity and a Brighter Future (collectively, this “VISION”), are designed
for the benefit of Palestinians, Israelis and the region as a whole. This Vision addresses today’s realities, and provides the
Palestinians, who do not yet have a state, with a path to a dignified national life, respect, security and economic opportunity
and, at the same time, safeguards Israel’s security.
A realistic solution would give the Palestinians all the power to govern themselves but not the powers to threaten Israel.
This necessarily entails the limitations of certain sovereign powers in the Palestinian areas (henceforth referred to as the
“Palestinian State”) such as maintenance of Israeli security responsibility and Israeli control of the airspace west of the
Jordan River. This Vision creates a realistic Two-State solution in which a secure and prosperous State of Palestine is living
peacefully alongside a secure and prosperous State of Israel in a secure and prosperous region.

     Benefiting the enemies of Israel and the human race is stupid beyond description. Prosperity can only free up resources for accruing greater arsenals  with which to attack Israel.  Giveing Falestinians a state and safeguarding Israel's security are totally incompatible. Any plan including a Falestinian state is counter productive.  You can not limit the sovereignty of a state, Attempting to do that is counter to the definition of nation state. A Falestinian state would soon militarize without your approval and out of your control.

We do not believe that the parties in the region are fated to live in eternal conflict because of their different ethnicities and
faiths. There have been many examples in history of Jews and Arabs, and Jews and Muslims and Christians, living in relative
harmony in this region. Our hope is that this Vision inspires a future in which all the peoples in the region live together in
peace and prosperity.

    I vastly over estimated Chump's intelligence!! I covered this in an earlier series of blog posts, read them and learn. I doubt that Kushner & Trump can get a clue, they are so stupid!
While Muslims live and believe there will never be peace because of Allah's threat & promise. Go to Jihad or go to Hell!!! Morons like Trump can not comprehend that.
While we are respectful of the historic role of the United Nations in the peace process, this Vision is not a recitation of
General Assembly, Security Council and other international resolutions on this topic because such resolutions have not
and will not resolve the conflict. For too long these resolutions have enabled political leaders to avoid addressing the
complexities of this conflict rather than enabling a realistic path to peace.

    Did the negotiation attempts of Carter, Clinton & Bush produce peace? Why not?  There is only one path to peace, it winds through the Muslim cemetery.  To make peace, eliminate the warmongers. Peace is not a function of government form & structure, prosperity, health, education or welfare. Peace is a function  of not war. Peace  can result from the absence of warmongers  or overwhelming  force and will  on behalf of their intended victims.  Permanent peace requires ridding the world of warmongers.

Both Israelis and Palestinians have long-standing negotiating positions but also must recognize that compromise is
necessary to move forward. It is inevitable that each side will support and oppose aspects of this Vision. It is essential
that this Vision be assessed holistically. This Vision presents a package of compromises that both sides should consider,
in order to move forward and pursue a better future that will benefit both of them and others in the region.

     How do you compromise with an existential foe?  Muslims can not tolerate Israel because it is living proof of Allah's impotence. Allah commands them to fight Jews. Allah commands them to reconquer lost territory. Moe comm anded them to kill Jews. There is no compromise, there is only extinction. Who should be made extinct: predator or prey?

A peace agreement will be forged only when each side recognizes that it is better off with a peace agreement than
without one, even one that requires difficult compromises. Peace between Israelis and Palestinians will lead to
significant social and economic improvements, stability, and security for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

    For Muslims, it is not a question of welfare, it is a question of avoiding Hell. If they do not perform Jihad, Allah will damn them.  If they perform Jihad, he will admit them to his eternal orgy. Get a clue for Chrissake: read the blog posts linked in the outline above!!

Reciting past narratives about the conflict is unproductive. In order to resolve this conflict, the solution must be
forward-looking and dedicated to the improvement of security and quality of life, while being respectful of the historic
and religious significance of the region to its peoples.

    Jews need to live in their ancient homeland, free from pogroms, attacks and threats. Muslims need to exterminate  Jews and destroy their state.  The conflict is existential, it can not be resolved; it can't be compromised.

    Jerusalem is of historical and religious significants to Jews, not to Muslims. Muhammad never visited Jerusalem. There was no mosque there in his life time. Isra & Miraj are malignant fantasies. Read the dertails in Waquidi and Bukhari.  Islamic interest in Jerusalem is purely proscriptive: to exclude jews from it.

While the Palestinians have never had a state, they have a legitimate desire to rule themselves and chart their own
destiny. Any workable peace agreement must address the Palestinians’ legitimate desire for self-determination. This
Vision addresses these legitimate concerns through, among other things, the designation of territory for a future
Palestinian state, strengthening Palestinian institutions of self-government, providing Palestinians with the legal status
and international standing of a state, ensuring solid security arrangements, and building an innovative network of
roads, bridges and tunnels that enables freedom of movement for the Palestinians.

    "Palestinian People" is camel shit! Falestinians are undifferentiated Arabs with no separate language, currency, religion or culture. There is no just cause for them to have a state other than the Arab states their ancestors migrated from seeking prosperity generated by Jews. Their patronyms indicate the cities they belong to; send them home.

They do not want a state, they had their chance in '48 and opted for war. They want a wiliat in a new caliphate, not a state.

The State of Israel suffers from extraordinary geographic and geostrategic challenges. Simply put, the State of Israel has no margin for error. As dangerous as Gaza, run by Hamas, is to the State of Israel’s safety, a similar regime controlling the West Bank would pose an existential threat to the State of Israel.  It is essential that a Palestinian state created under a peace deal be a state that has the tools to succeed and that it is  peaceful and secure, rather than a platform for instability and conflict.
    It's Islam, Stupid!!!  Israel's antagonists are Muslims!!! What part of that can you not comprehend?  Any state populated and governed by Muslims is inimical to Israel. No other outcome is possible!  Statehood is the only difference between Gaza & PA and your damned fool's dream state.

controlling the West Bank would pose an existential threat to the State of Israel.
It is essential that a Palestinian state created under a peace deal be a state that has the tools to succeed and that it is
peaceful and secure, rather than a platform for instability and conflict.

    That paragraph is more than sufficient to cause me to reject and curse the plan! Land for peace is proven  idiocy.  Terrorism is a function of Jihad, which is an intrinsic sacrament of Islam. You can not have Muslims without Jihad nor jihad without terror. Only ignorant fools think it possible.

    I have read as much of that camel shit as my eyes and my temper can tolerate. I will read no more of it. I condemn and curse the entire plan in all it's aspects as the product of demented fools.

    The plan is not realistic. It's authors do not understand Islam, which motivates the enemy. Having previously documented the relevant details of Jihad and terrorism, I present links to the relevant documents which contain quotes with links to source texts. Read these and learn!



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