Monday, June 14, 2010

Atlas Shrugs Hassled by Paypal

Paypal has threatened to cut off Atlas Shrugs and related sites for "hate speech", while continuing to allow Islamic hate sites to collect donations through their service.

The link above displays an email Pamela Geller received from Paypal plus links to genuine hate sites that use Paypal. This is not a First Amendment issue, it is private, not governmental. It is safe to assume that Paypal received complaints from Muslims, who agitated for cutting off Geller's service. This is a matter of intimidation tactics and corporate hypocrisy, not a matter of federal law.

Revealing the objective truth about Islamic doctrine & practice is not hate speech. Geller is not urging her readers to vandalize Mosques nor assault Muslims. Neither are advertisements offering information and assistance to apostates hate speech.

Here is a direct link to Geller's blog, read it and judge for yourself: .

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