Monday, June 21, 2010

JCPA Dreaming

I usually confine the use of the ironic "yeah, right" to commentary on the foibles of Muslims. Not this time. I received an email appeal which I have reproduced below, unedited. Iran is about to join the nuclear club, probably within the next three years.

The theory is that we can slow Iran's nuclear development by reducing their income by reducing our reliance on imported oil. There is only one practical way to reduce that dependence on imports: by increasing domestic production & refining. That process has a long lead time, about ten years. In three years Iran has nukes; in ten we throttle their oil revenue. Yeah, right.

Obamination has cut off domestic offshore exploration and production. The next five year MMS plan got canceled. Get a clue already! It ain't gonna happen. If we had increased domestic exploration in 1995, we could be enjoying the benefits now. But Slick Willy vetoed it.

Ahmadinejad needs nukes. Give him a few. That will solve his problem and ours, immediately & permanently.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations on nuclear non-proliferation. How ironic is that?

Nobody is fooled by President Ahmadinejad's attendance. Iran's intentions are abundantly clear and his nuclear ambitions threaten his neighbors, Israel's existence, and our national security. Iran is closer than ever before to obtaining nuclear weapons. Are you doing all that you can to help prevent a nuclear Iran? Join us now!

You can play a key role in stopping Ahmadinejad and Iran by helping to reduce the United States' reliance on foreign oil.

Iran receives up to $100 million a day in oil revenues, which is an astonishing $1.8 trillion over the next forty years. That is $1.8 trillion that Iran can use to further their support of Hezbollah. $1.8 trillion that Iran can use in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. $1.8 trillion that Iran can use to threaten the region and meet its stated goal of eliminating Israel from the map.

It is an imperative that we act now! Join us in stopping Iran by shutting down the funding. Help us prevent Iran and other dangerous regimes from supporting terrorism and spreading the world's most deadly weapons. Sign and circulate our petition today.

Rabbi Steve Gutow
President, Jewish Council for Public Affairs


Unknown said...

Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty but has no nukes and is being sanctioned. israel has nukes but has not signed the npt and receives billions of dollars in aid. no double standard there.

Ben said...

We lack proof that Israel has nukes and Iran does not.

Copious evidence of Iran's intent exists, all of it pointing to nuclear accession.

Iran's leaders make no secret of their intention to comit genocide against Israel.

If Israel has the capacity and has not done it, what does that tell us about the two sides?

Unknown said...

We lack proof that Israel does NOT have nukes because Israel will not let the U.N. in to see if they have nukes.

The FACT remains that Iran DOES NOT have a nuke.

Copius evidence exists that Israel has nukes.

Why has Israel not signed the NPT?

Unknown said...

In the whole history of the world the United States is the only nation to have ever used a nuclear weapon against another. What does that say about America?

Ben said...

Dear Khalid,

You are, in effect, demanding that Israel comitt national suicide.

Moe is on record saying that you can't swing open the gates of Paradise until you hunt down and kill the last Jew.

Sahih Muslim 41.6985

Jews are outnumbered. They need technological superiority to continue surviving.

Ben said...

Dear Khalid,
It says that we took in the best Jewish mathematicians & physicists who escaped from Germany and put them to good work so that we got the bomb first.

Old Harry saved hundreds of thousands of American lives by ordering the use of Little Boy & Fat Man.

Unknown said...


How am I demanding Israel commit national suicide? I am merely pointing out a gross double standard.

Again, stop with the Hadith. In the Quran God states-

"Surely those who believe; and those who are Jewish, and the Nazarenes, and the Sabians, whomever of them believes in God and the Last Day and does good work; they will have their reward with their Lord, with no fear over them, nor will they grieve."

Your logic is skewed.

Unknown said...


Harry may have "saved thousands of American lives" but he also killed millions of Japanese citizens (not military targets)- and this was after Germany had surrendered. The war was already over.

Sounds like overkill to me but hindsight is 20/20.

Iran Nuking Israel makes absolutely no sense. The "Holy Land" would be destroyed and the response would result in Iran's destruction. No one wins in that scenario.

Ben said...

Dear Khalid,

If Israel drophs her arms, there will be no Israel. If the Muslims drop theirs, there will be peace.

You demand that Israel surrender her supposed strategic advantage so that she can be overrun.

2:62 has been abrogatged by later revelations. Look up the science of naskh in Brill's encyclopedia on line. If you search deep enough, you will find a link in one of my blog posts.

Ben said...

Dear khalid,

From a Western viewpoint, Islam does not make sense. It arose out of a tribal culture in a region where water and food were scarce, more easily stolen from someone else than procured by hard labor.

Iran is run by Twelvers, a Shi'ite sect that believes they have a duty to pave the way for Armageddon.

They do not care how many or who they kill. They will not be deterred, nothing will stop them short of death or apostasy.

Literalism, absolutism, supremacism & triumphalism combine to make Islam a deadly disease.