Monday, June 21, 2010

CAIR: Inconsistency

Dan Fanelli ran two humorous and dramatic campaign spots for the Republican nomination in Florida's 8th District. CAIR immediately reacted with a press release and a video.

Rick Barber, running in Alabama's 2nd district, created an ad about the Cordoba House project. Barber let it all hang out.
  • "we were attacked by Islamic jihadists"
  • "in the name of Islam nearly 3000 Americans have been murdered"
  • "Jihad threatens our freedom, our families and our way of life."
  • "Under the name of Islam, American soldiers and civilians have been tortured and murdered"
  • "Islamic jihadism poses a clear and present danger"
  • "there is a difference between tolerance and surrender"
  • "recognize the enemy, call them by name and stand up against them"
After nearly a month, CAIR remains silent. Why is CAIR ignoring Barber's explicit statements after blasting Fanelli's innocuous skits? Is it because what Rick Barber said is true and impossible to refute? Or is CAIR afraid that criticizing Barber would give publicity to his run off campaign for the Republican nomination? Perhaps the law of multiple causation applies.

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